Winning with the Modern London System: Part 1

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Winning with the Modern London System: Part 1
Winning with the Modern London System: Part 1 Front Cover

In this book, the Modern London System opening is presented using all of the most important games with thorough comments. Through which the readers will have the opportunity to understand the essence of this opening. Which in my opinion has a future ahead of it and a lot of space for growth and development.

I would like to mention that the book comprises the most important parts of this opening, and also the ideas reached through the experience of playing games in tournaments. As well as the positions analyzed in collaboration with Grandmaster Ferenc Berkes. But there should always be room, if a player chooses this opening, for some new interesting idea during the game itself. Because either side (both White and Black) can encounter something new and unexplored in a relatively early phase of the game. Therein lies the beauty of chess: creativity, freedom to mix things up, and an abundance of possibilities and ideas for a game of high quality.

“Thanks to my good friend Nikola, by 2008 I already knew that 2.Bf4 was more complex than its reputation. Since the Olympiad in Dresden that year I have played it regularly — and with success. I was always amazed by how creative Nikola was during this period, discovering many new ideas. I can wholeheartedly recommend this extremely good and user-friendly book to anyone that wants to learn lesser-known but complex structures.” –GM Ferenc Berkes (Best ELO 2706 in 2011)

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