Winning Chess Games in the Opening – GM Rafael Leitão

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The opening is the most critical phase in chess. If you are an extremely aggressive player, from the very first moves striving to place pressure on your opponent – you will thrive in the opening and achieve great positions early in your games.

However, if you are a passive player and prefer to build a solid position before creating threats against your opponent’s position, you will never achieve good positions in the opening because your opponent will have a free reign to seize the initiative and start attacking you.

If you want to be a strong chess player, it is absolutely essential to deeply understand basic opening rules (control the center, develop your pieces, create threats).

It’s not just about memorizing openings!

Many chess players prefer to memorize certain opening schemes and move orders, believing that if they can just make it out of the first 10 moves with an equal position in a middlegame set-up they feel comfortable with – then they have played a successful chess opening!

This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Playing the opening well means that you are constantly striving to develop your pieces and create threats, that you are dedicating much of your energy to your opponent’s plans so that you can figure out how to best take advantage of the defects in their moves.

Think about the games of some of the best opening players in the history of chess – Garry Kasparov would always aim to create huge amounts of tension as early as possible in the game, applying maximum pressure on an unwary opponent.

Bobby Fischer is another great example, as not only was his opening preparation very deep – he was also flexible and willing to shift his strategy if an opponent played inaccurately. In this 3.5 hour chess DVD, you will vastly increase your understanding of the opening phase in chess as Brazilian Champion Grandmaster Rafael Leitão explains various instructive examples to illustrate how exceptionally important an aggressive and attentive attitude is in the beginning phase of the game.


1. Introduction
2. Opening Myths
3. Disasters in the Opening
4. The Importance of Development
5. Don’t Delay Castling
6. Surprise Your Opponents
7. Practical Advice On Building a Repertoire

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3 reviews for Winning Chess Games in the Opening – GM Rafael Leitão

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Calvin Hori

    There are many DVDs on “How to Win in the Opening”, but in this one, GM Leitão delivers a home run. He breaks down the lecture into the most common themes. The themes may seem obvious such as “Don’t Delay Castling” but you will be surprised at how many players (myself included) neglect many of the golden rules of the opening phase. I would say this DVD is more geared to the beginner/intermediate player.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Johana Lopez

    If something, starts wrong ends wrong. I can’t believe I was making so many mistakes in just the opening. This DVD helps me a lot.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Charlie K

    I usually buy books to learn what I need about the chess but a friend told me I can learn FASTER and EASILY with a DVD, I didn’t believe until I did it. I can’t believe how easy is learn chess with this DVDs!!!

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