Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings: 350+ Hours of GM Opening Instruction

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Chess Openings Encyclopedia: 350+ Hours of GM Opening Instruction

Chess Openings Encyclopedia: 350+ Hours of GM Opening Instruction
Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings: +350 hours

Would you like to own the ULTIMATE chess learning library?

We’re talking more than 350 hours of premium grandmaster coaching that covers every aspect of chess from openings, tactics and middlegame mastery to “weird” subjects like psychology and dramatically improving your blitz play!

This mega-collection includes two of the largest series ever produced at The Lemos Deep Dive Mega Bundle and the Empire Chess Mega Bundle.

Lemos Deep Dive Mega Bundle

Chess openings knowledge is crucial in competitive chess. Between equal players, it often makes the difference between winning and drawing.

However, until now, most opening instruction has been very general – good enough so you know what you’re doing but without the detail required to give you the competitive edge in tournaments.

GM Damian Lemos has addressed that with his acclaimed Deep Dive series.

As the name suggests, Damian gives you the deep knowledge you need to outplay your opponents in specific openings, teaching not only the necessary theoretical moves you need to know but also making sure you understand the ideas and concepts behind each opening so that you can still play confidently when your opponent goes off-book.

Empire Chess MegaBundle

This is the largest collection of high-quality chess videos anywhere!

The iChess team started producing the Empire Chess DVD series in October 2012.

In little over 1 year, the Empire Chess video series became the most popular chess DVD series of the 21st century with 101 DVDs featuring nearly 2 dozen Grandmasters!

Now our extended series of chess videos present an incredible collection of footage containing more than 250 hours of premium content from a variety of well-known players.

The series is intended for chess players of all levels, as the content is extremely diverse and covers a wide range of topics from specific chess openings to general topics like positional sacrifices and developing tactical awareness.

What makes this collection unique?

Chess Openings Encyclopedia: 350+ Hours of GM Opening Instruction
Empire Chess Mega Bundle Volumes 1-103

When we created the Empire Chess series, our primary goal was to destroy the obstacles standing between chess improvers like yourself and your true chess potential.

We aim to give you a genuine chance at mastery with our unique content:

Coaching from many strong GMs and IMs – Save years of hard work by learning directly from proven masters and seasoned professionals.

All key topics covered – Become stronger in the opening, endgame, tactically and strategically with
hundreds of hours of master-level coaching.

Chess Openings Encyclopedia: 350+ Hours of GM Opening Instruction
GM Damian Lemos Deep Dive Collection

And to make things even easier for you, you can work your way through the Empire Chess library at your own pace, focusing “buffet style” only on the areas you most want to improve at any given time.

In the Deep Dive collection, GM Damian Lemos provides you with everything you need to know to play chess openings with confidence. Once you have a good level of understanding, Damian goes into each variation in more depth, explaining how to counter every idea and revealing all the options you have available to you.

And this doesn’t involve never-ending variations either: each idea is demonstrated with examples from Super GM play so you learn how the very best players overcome the toughest obstacles.

Here are some of the openings you’ll be able to master:

  • The King’s Indian Defense.
  • The London System.
  • The Accelerated Dragon.
  • The Double Fianchetto system (b3 and g3).
  • The Sicilian Taimanov.
  • The Chigorin Defense.
  • The Petroff Defense.
  • The English Opening.
  • The Scandinavian Defense
  • The Slav Defense
  • The King’s Gambit
  • 1.e4 e5 Beating Sidelines & Gambits with Black

By the time you have completed each course included here, you will be playing at a level far superior to any of your rivals.


Chess Mastery Secrets: Endgame Renaissance Mega Bundle
Endgame Memorization Shortcuts

In addition to all the value already contained in our Chess Openings Encyclopedia, that’s more than 300 hours of premium chess instructions from world-class IMs and GMs. We’ve also included “Endgame Memorization Shortcuts from the 2018 US Champion – IM Nazi Paikidze“.

In this 6 hour course, 2018 U.S. Women’s Chess Champion IM Nazi Paikidze trains you in the skills needed for success in the endgame.

Instead of theoretical positions, this course focuses entirely on the type of positions you’re actually likely to encounter in real games.

Get familiar with the key endgame principles, master imbalances, learn how to transition to a favorable endgame and much more.

IM Paikidze has had a brilliant chess career. She has won twelve medals at the European Youth Chess Championships, World Youth Chess Championships, and World Junior Chess Championships, including six gold medals, in various age categories.

How is this going to help me?

You will not only learn the ¨best¨ and ¨most accurate¨ move orders in the early opening, but you will also be instructed on the reasons behind the moves in the opening.

Our extensive team of Grandmaster and presenters have made a point to focus on a holistic approach to learning chess. Studying openings will increase your understanding of the game and improve your rating, but the material must be presented in a comprehensive manner with respect to other phases of the game.

In Volumes 1-10 of the Empire Chess DVD Series, viewers of all skill levels (Beginner, Club/Intermediate, and Advanced) can find DVDs that are relevant to their current rating.

The star-studded cast of presenters includes Grandmasters Gregory Kaidanov, Sam Shankland, Leonid Kritz, Eugene Perelshteyn, Damian Lemos, and Michal Krasenkow.

Enjoy this massive chess video collection!

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