VECO – Vol#12 The Triangle Slav for Black

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ichessclub The Triangle System for Black free

For an opening with a reputation for being super-solid, the Slav somehow manages to be one of the most dangerous “defenses” around.

Vishy Anand used it to stun Aronian in one of the most brilliant games ever played, and legendary attacker Alexei Shirov is a career-long devotee.

With 18-year-old phenom Alireza Firouzja winning games with the Triangle System recently (pawn triangle on c6-d5-e6) it’s a great time to add it to your repertoire.

IM Robert Ris presents his 3-hour VECO (Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings) course on the Triangle Slav, covering the Noteboom and Stonewall variations plus the fascinating Marshall Gambit.

Ready to follow in Shirov and Firouzja’s footsteps?

About the Author:


Robert Ris is a Dutch International Master.

Ris learned how to play chess from his father when he was eight years old, and started playing in SV Amstelveen. In 2002 he started playing for SC Utrecht, and, later, in other clubs.

In the same year, he also won the Open Dutch Youth Chess Championship, which he had also won the D category (up to 12 years) in 1999. Ris has been an international chess coach since 2007. He was also part of the selection of Young Orange.

How is this course going to help me?

There are tons of ways for Black to win the game early and it’s much easier for Black to play than White!

  • Triangle SlavMayhem in the Marshall! With the Marshall (4.e4) White gives up the valuable e-pawn to get the b4 bishop and dominate the dark squares. Incredibly, Black can emerge ahead in both material (2 pawns!) and development with seemingly anti-positional moves like Bd7 and putting BOTH knights on the edge of the board! (Diagram).
  • Playing for Keeps. In most variations we’re going to take on c4… and hang on to the extra pawn! Our c4 pawn becomes a real thorn in White’s side, restricting their development and activity. Of course, there are tactical tricks you need to be aware of – and Robert covers those in chapter 1.
  • Switching to the Stonewall. Some of your more positional opponents are going to play an early e3, protecting their c4 pawn. In that case, Robert recommends taking advantage of their lack of play in the center by smacking …f5! on the board! This Stonewall Dutch formation gives you central control and tons of attacking opportunities. Learn more in chapter 3.

The Triangle Slav is a must-have for your opening repertoire, it’s solid, it’s sharp, and believe it or not, it’s flexible!

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Chapter List

Chapter 1 – Noteboom Variation

Chapter 2 – Slav Triangle System

Chapter 3 – e3 Stonewall

Chapter 4 – The Marshall Gambit Part I

Chapter 5 – The Marshall Gambit Part II

Chapter 6 – The Marshall Gambit Part III