VECO – Vol#11 The Najdorf for White

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ichessclub sicilian najdorf for white

In an opening as sharp as the Sicilian Najdorf, tactical bloodbaths are commonplace and the player who knows where the weak points are, and how to exploit them, wins.

veco najdorfThe asymmetrical pawn structure gives rise to a multitude of tactical shots and ideas with Black’s play generally focusing on the queenside while White tends to play on the kingside.

By understanding how these attacks come about, which sacrifices work and how to deal with your opponent’s threats, you’ll be the one coming out on top.

In this course, International Master Robert Ris will give you advice on how to face the Najdorf with White and succeed!

robert risAbout the Author: 

Robert Ris is a Dutch International Master.

Ris learned how to play chess from his father when he was eight years old, and started playing in SV Amstelveen. In 2002 he started playing for SC Utrecht, and, later, in other clubs.

In the same year, he also won the Open Dutch Youth Chess Championship, which he had also won the D category (up to 12 years) in 1999. Ris has been an international chess coach since 2007. He was also part of the selection of Young Orange.

How is this course going to help me?

Fear no more! IM Ris will give you the tools to come out on top no matter the variation. IM Ris covers all the options Black can throw at you.

  • Rapid Attacks. Timing is everything. Burst out of the blocks with Robert’s rapid development tips.


  • The b2 Bait. Our early Bg5 move leaves b2 undefended and Black usually captures the pawn after …Qb6. This is the infamous “poisoned pawn” variation and it can be good for either side. IM Ris shows you how to lock Black’s queen out of the action while opening up devastating lines of attack against the abandoned king!


  • Stunning Tactics. Watching these videos will build your intuitive feel for your attacking options, and when and where to chase your opponent’s pieces. This makes it easy to set up jaw-dropping tactics.

..and more!

7th move alternativesPLUS over 100 GM games in the Najdorf…

We’ve put together a 100+ game PGN of recent (2017-) games in the Sicilian Najdorf – the perfect resource for finding new ideas once you’ve mastered everything in this course.

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Chapter List

Chapter 1. 7th Move Alternatives

Chapter 2. Be7 Setup

Chapter 3. Gelfand Variation

Chapter 4. Bg5 and Nbd7

Chapter 5. Poisoned Pawn Variation

Chapter 6. Delayed Poisoned Pawn