IM Valeri Lilov Collection ChessLecture

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Chess DVD Collection: ALL Valeri Lilov Courses from Chess Lecture

Im Valeri Lilov Collection Chesslecture

IM Valeri Lilov Collection ChessLecture

If you are tired of being stuck at the same old rating then get a complete library of chess instruction and accelerate your progress.

Whenever you struggle with a specific opening or need new ideas in attack, you can just watch a lesson from IM Valeri Lilov and start playing more powerfully in your very next game.

This Chess Lecture DVD Collection is guaranteed to improve your chess tournament results with high-quality chess video production and very recent analysis combining the strongest chess engines available with dozens of top players.

This Chess DVD collection from Chess Lecture and IM Valeri Lilov represents an invaluable guide to learning chess openings, based upon deep understanding rather than shallow memorization.

The ChessLecture video series also provides instruction of more general concepts including middle-game strategy, long-term positional understanding, tactical awareness, and endgame mastery.

About the Author:

IM Valeri Lilov (aka Tiger Lilov), is a professional chess coach and lecturer renowned for his personalized approach to training students and professional players from all over the world.

Lilov was born in 1991 in Varna, Bulgaria, Valeri first learned to play chess at the age of three. Having been an active tournament player all his life, he has won many international open tournaments and championships including the European Individual School Chess Championship U10 (Moscow, 2000) and the Kulaga Memorial International Open (Minsk, 2007).

His achievements to date have earned him the International Master title, as well as an official FIDE rating of 2438. IM Valeri Lilov’s chess training career started over a decade ago when he was first giving lessons in Bulgarian and then in English over the internet.

Is this product for me?

As the name suggests, this bundle gives you a complete set of chess lectures by Valeri Lilov with the purpose of helping you increase your play to master level.

Each of the volumes features great content from IM Valeri Lilov revealing the mistakes club plays make before giving you the master approach and specific strategies you can use to win.

By refining every phase of your game, you will see the quickest improvement in your results and rating too.

Here are some of the most important things you’ll be able to learn:

Positional Chess

Im Valeri Lilov Collection Chesslecture

Positional Chess – IM Valeri Lilov

Positional chess is how to maneuver to weaken the opponent’s position. Knowledge of the foundation of tactical chess is the root of good positional play. Smyslov, Botvinnik, Jose Capablanca, Tigran Petrosian were all practitioners.

Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player

IM Valeri Lilov examines a sharp repertoire for both black and white. A complete system you can employ in your own games!

Valerie’s take on theory is both aggressive and based on sound strategic principles. Valeri examines White 1.e4 and one good line of play for all of the blacks possible responses with the Budapest Gambit.

The strategy of Piece Play

IM Lilov teaches you how to make your own plans for dealing with ineffective pieces, creating effective pieces, generating power plays and planning your game from the start.

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1 review for IM Valeri Lilov Collection ChessLecture

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Tanya Noakes (verified owner)

    5 out of 10. Good instruction and well paced. The budget friendly series for the beginner who knows how the pieces move but can’t figure out how to improve. Presenters include IM Lilov, NM MacKenzie, FM Monokroussos, IM Vigorito and IM Bryan Smith. They all present the course content well, do not mumble or have hard to understand accents. However, the screen features a board only, not a split screen with board and presenter as other videos offer, and there are no extras such as puzzles, written summaries, very few PGN’s of the games and they are not annotated and this affects viewer attention and memory. Also, since the chapters are numbered, not descriptive, the viewer has to take notes and hand write out an index in order to find a particular topic or game fast. There is no fun factor. The lectures do not use upbeat music, just a strange bong as if you are a patient in an emergency ward. Beginner viewers may find the tips offered helpful, as it might take years to figure out some of these positional ideas on ones own. It should be noted that more advanced chess players may be more inclined to view videos from Grandmasters instead.

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The ChessLecture DVD Collection is guaranteed to improve your chess tournament results with high quality chess video production and very recent analysis combining the strongest chess engines available with dozens of top players.

*The ChessLecture video series features an impressive line-up of presenters including Grandmasters Eugene Perelshteyn, Leonid Kritz, Roman Dzindziashvili, Jesse Kraii and International Masters Valeri Lilov, Bryan Smith, Bill Paschall, John Watson, John-Paul Wallace, Mark Diesen, David Vigorito, Attila Turzo, and FM Dennis Monokroussos.