Understanding and Exploiting Weak Squares – GM Niclas Huschenbeth



Understanding And Exploiting Weak Squares – Gm Niclas Huschenbeth

Understanding Weak Squares in Chess – GM Niclas Huschenbeth

Understanding And Exploiting Weak Squares – Gm Niclas HuschenbethGM Niclas Huschenbeth has just recorded a brand new course “Understanding and Exploiting Weak Squares.

GM Huschenbeth recorded all of his lessons in a way that you will love them, using Improve My Chess’ signature pause technique and interactive way of learning.

No one has ever demonstrated the weak squares as well as Niclas and perhaps nobody ever recorded a whole course dedicated to all types of weak squares!

Not only will you understand and recognize the weak squares in chess, but you will learn how to create weak squares in your opponent’s camp and how to exploit them!

About the Author:

Niclas Huschenbeth is a young and talented German chess grandmaster. Huschenbeth obtained his grandmaster title at the start of 2012.

His most notable success to date was becoming the youngest German champion ever, at the age of 18 in 2010. He also represented Germany at the Chess Olympiads of 2008 and 2010. He is currently studying psychology on the East Coast of the United States, where he plays on his university team.

How is this course going to help me?

Understanding And Exploiting Weak Squares – Gm Niclas HuschenbethThere are certain strategic concepts and ideas that every chess player needs to understand. These concepts are essential because they occur over and over during every game.

Not knowing these concepts is like being lost in the middle of the ocean, not even knowing which direction to swim. That’s the reason why GM Niclas Huschenbeth is here to show you how to understand and take advantage of the concept of weaknesses.

You will learn what weaknesses are, weak squares, and weak pawns. You will also learn how to create weaknesses in your opponent’s position, and how to exploit them, and at the same time avoiding creating weaknesses in your own position.

Here’s what GM Huschenbeth is going to teach you in this course:

  • 01 – What Are Weak Squares
  • 02 – Fixing and Exploiting Weak Squares
  • 03 – Trading Defenders of Weak Squares
  • 04 – Using Weak Squares for a Mating Attack
  • 05 – Exploiting Weak Square Complexes
  • 06 – Creating Weaknesses with Positional Sacrifice
  • 07 – Exploiting Weaknesses on Both Sides of the Board
  • 08 – Avoiding and Getting Rid of a Weak Square

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