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The Ultimate Video Encyclopedia of Chess The iChess Vault 

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Would you like to own the best and most complete video encyclopedia of chess available worldwide?

We’re talking about more than 1,500 hours of premium coaching from the world’s top Grandmasters and coaches – covering every aspect of chess from openings and tactics to middlegame mastery, endgames, and chess psychology.

This super-collection includes all courses ever produced by Intuition Navigates Chaos, Lemos Deep Dive, Empire Chess, Master Method, 80/20 Tactics Multiplier, Polgar’s University, Masterclass, Endgame Renaissance, and more.

What makes this collection unique?

The iChess Vault represents a unique collection of chess instruction featuring high-quality coaching from top players like GM Simon Williams (aka GingerGM), GM Susan Polgar, GM Judit Polgar, GM Daniel Naroditsky, GM Sam Shankland, IM Nazi Paikidze, GM Damian Lemos, GM Bryan Smith, IM Valeri Lilov, GM Rashad Babaev, IM Eric Rosen, and many others.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced players will find exceptional value in this huge chess DVD collection.

General Outline

The Master Method Collection (580+ hours)

mastermethod megabundle

This award-winning chess collection consists of 38 courses on chess strategy, chess tactics, and more. The courses are presented by high-level players and coaches such as Judit Polgar, Sam Shankland, Daniel Naroditsky, and dozens more.

Running time: 500+ hours

Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Mega Bundle (35+ hours)

veco bundle product image

Whether you want to learn a new chess opening or refine your existing opening repertoire, the Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings is for you. The world’s top chess players and trainers show you the main ideas and the latest theory on openings like the English Opening, the Nimzo-Indian Defense, the King’s Indian Defense, the Open Catalan, and the Reti, and more.

Running time: 35+ hours

Intuition Navigates Chaos Collection (66+ hours)

inc bundle product image

This series is intended for the player who is serious about breaking through to the next level in their chess, with comprehensive training from the world’s top chess coaches and players.

Running time: 63+ hours

Lemos Masterclass Collection (56+ hours)

Masterclass Bundle (vol 1 – 6) – Gm Damian Lemos

The Lemos Masterclass Collection includes a masterclass on 6 of the most important topics in chess: attack, positional chess, strategy, tactics, middlegame and endgames.

Running time: 56+ hours

80/20 Tactics Multiplier Collection (120+ hours)

8020 Tactics Mega Bundle Product Image

In this Chess Tactics Training Mega Bundle, US Chess Champion GM Sam Shankland, GM Bryan Smith, IM Valeri Lilov, IM Eric Rosen, IM Irina Bulmaga, IM Levy Rozman, GM Mihail Marin, GM Niclas Huschenbeth, GM Marian Petrov and IM Lawrence Trent will give you a complete understanding of the most common tactical patterns in some of the most aggressive openings in chess.

Running time: 120+ hours

Endgame Renaissance Collection (42+ hours)

endgame megabundle1 300x300 1

This mega pack is entirely focused on the type of positions you encounter in real endgame play.

You will learn how to think in the chess endgame; how to make progress in tricky positions and how to coordinate your pieces like a real master.

Each one of the courses in this mega bundle has been designed with the competitive player in mind, showing you how to maximize your results and stop gifting half-points to your rivals.

Running time: 42+ hours

Lemos Deep Dive Collection (150+ hours)

Gm Lemos’ Deep Dive Collection (vol. 01 – 15)

GM Lemos will provide you with the basic knowledge on each one of the chess openings that he covers in this series, once you have that level of understanding, Damian goes into each variation, explaining how to counter every idea and revealing all the options you have available to you.

And this doesn’t involve never-ending variations either; each idea is demonstrated with examples from Super GM play so you learn how the very best players overcome the toughest obstacles.

Running time: 150+ hours

Lilov Chess Institute (66+ hours)

Lilov Chess Institute Megabundle (vol. 01- 04)

If you’re a club player looking for a systematic approach to improving your game then the Lilov Chess Institute series is the ideal solution.

Presented by super coach IM Valeri Lilov, each volume gives you the training you need to succeed in competitive chess – or just enjoy the game at much deeper level. With a total running time of 66 hours and a big discount on the individual pricing, the LCI Mega Bundle delivers incredible value.

Running time: 66+ hours

Empire Chess Series (320+ hours)

Empire Chess Mega Bundle

In little over a year, the Empire Chess video series became the most popular chess DVD series of the 21st century with 117 DVDs featuring the best players and coaches in the world!

Now our extended series of chess videos present an incredible collection of footage containing more than 320 hours of premium content from a variety of well-known players.

The series is intended for chess players of all levels, as the content is extremely diverse and covers a wide range of topics from specific chess openings to general topics like positional sacrifices and developing tactical awareness.

Running time: 320+ hours

Other Series (86+ hours)

Enjoy some of the mini series of iChess: Scholastic Chess, The King Hunt, The Henley Files, and Style Bender: Magnus Carlsen’s 50 Best Games! Chess for beginners, attacking chess, and chess openings, all in one!

Running time: 86+ hours

Intuition Navigates Chaos Collection

The whole point of this series is to show you how to handle the critical moments, to get the BIG decisions right every time.

This is a complete training on the REAL Jedi Force powers that Grandmasters use to effortlessly dominate mere mortals.

Every club player knows they need to improve their calculation, work on their evaluation and so on… but how many know how? Virtually zero.

Here’s some of what you’ll get with this collection:

Accelerate your Chess – GM Simon Williams “GingerGM”

gingergm quotes2

Following on from his two hugely popular Master Methods, “GingerGM” Simon Williams has produced a 15-hour course designed to take you to the next level in your chess.

Simon has collected the games that led to breakthroughs in his own development, and takes you through each one in such a way that you make the discoveries for yourself – a far more powerful method of teaching/learning than simply giving you the answers.

Each lesson works on at least one of seven areas: Strategy, calculation, prophylaxis, forcing moves, navigating chaos, pattern recognition, and converting advantages – the key skills you need to succeed at the highest levels.

Club Player’s Manifesto 2K – GM Damian Lemos


Are you ready to finally smash that 2000 FIDE barrier?

After “how can I get better at chess”, the next most-heard question is “what do I have to do to hit 2000 FIDE?”

Only 5% of serious (rated) chess players ever reach the 2k level. It’s a major accomplishment, one that places you in the most-respected group of players.

Not everyone has the huge amount of spare time required to hit IM or GM-level, but GM Lemos firmly believes ANY reasonably smart, ambitious person can reach 2000 FIDE… with the right training.

The 12-hour Club Player’s Manifesto 2k is all about developing the skills and understanding needed to find strong moves in any position.

Super GM Skill Set – GM Sam Shankland

2700 Club Member Sam Shankland is back! In his course on the Intuition Navigates Chaos series he takes an approach like no one else, combining on each lesson his own games and those of his elite colleagues.

Sam’s premise is that while knowledge is important and useful, it’s your skills that decide how well you can play the game – a distinction missed by many players.

The SuperGM Skill Set helps you develop your skills to an advanced level by testing your decision-making and evaluation ability as though you were playing against a top GM.

Prophylaxis = Control – GM Aleksandr Lenderman

Infiltrate the enemy mind, steal their secrets… and make victory certain!

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

INC Control

Chess is a battle of ideas.

And no matter how good your position is, your opponent still has ideas of their own… otherwise they would resign.

How many thousands of points have been lost because players were blind to their opponent’s resources?

Don’t make the same mistake.

Korchnoi INC

Former World Youth Champion and Team USA coach Alex Lenderman teaches you the art of prophylaxis in this outstanding 3-hour course.

Integrate Lenderman’s thought-process and you will eliminate blunders, eradicate your opponents’ counterplay, and execute your own plans flawlessly.

Take control of the game – and keep control until victory is assured.

Forcing Moves Force Wins – IM Kostya Kavutskiy

When it Counts

Tactics training is just that – training.

Finding the risky winning sacrifice in a high-stakes game – and having the guts to play it – that’s what counts.

Forcing Moves Force Wins – IM Kostya Kavutskiy 30min

And whilst solving 1000s of random puzzles will definitely sharpen your skills… its main benefit is building up your pattern recognition.

Come up against one of the millions of positions you haven’t seen before, and things are trickier.

That’s when you need the tools IM Kostya Kavutskiy teaches in his incredible Forcing Moves Force Wins

Is this course for me?

Whereas many pro players can find good moves but can’t explain how they found them, IM Kavutskiy knows what works and how to teach it.

It doesn’t matter if you have never seen a position like it before.

It doesn’t matter if the clock is ticking and spectators are breathing down your neck.

It doesn’t matter if the winning line is longer than 99% of players can visualize.

Armed with Kostya Kavutskiy’s tactical methods, you will smack down the winning moves with unshakeable confidence.

Prophylaxis = Control – GM Fabien Libiszewski

Few things delight the soul more than seeing your biggest rival blunder against you.

Prophylaxis Control Libiszewski Product Image 1

So why not make it happen more often?

It doesn’t even have to be a blunder – watching their growing frustration as you force them to play weak move after weak move is even more satisfying!

GM Fabien (“Libi”) Libiszewski’s 3-hour course shows you how to take away all your opponent’s good options… forcing them to dance to your tune.

The late, great Mark Dvoretsky insisted that prophylaxis – the art of preventing your enemy’s plans – was the true sign of a player’s strength.

In just over 3 hours, Fabien has packed in all the information you need to become ruthless at preventing your opponents’ plans.

What you’ll learn from this course:

  • INC LibiAnalysis of 3 brilliancies by World Champions, showing you how prophylaxis wins games at the highest level.
    3 chapters on the process of prophylactic thinking, including specific advice for the opening and in attacking play.
    Active training with challenging exercises taken from real games.
  • Beauty. If you don’t find White’s formation here beautiful…(Diagram) well, I don’t know what to tell you. Everything coordinated and controlled, pieces ready to spring into action in any number of ways… all while preventing Black from doing anything meaningful. Libi reveals how Karpov was able to achieve such positional domination over one of the best players in the world.
  • Maximum Power. Even when thinking strategically, calculation is required. Evaluation and considering your opponent’s resources will clue you into what you need to do, calculation will reveal the best way to do it. Fabien shows you how to combine the 2 modes of thinking so your rivals have no wriggle room.
  • Opening Control. Stop your opponent developing their pieces in the way they want to and their position will be a mess for a long time. Fabien explains how to make things difficult for your opponent from move 1.

What’s included:

3 hours of video lessons on the art of controlling the game PLUS the complete PGN file, a PDF of puzzles, and a course summary.


The Master Method Collection

The Ultimate Video Encyclopedia of Chess - The iChess Vault The Master Method series lets you hear the secrets of success from some of the world’s best players and coaches, giving you access to all the resources you need in order to become a chess master.

Each Master Method features a world-class presenter providing exclusive chess lessons, proven training tips, and shortcuts to help you become a chess master.

Each of the volumes, which ranges from 5-15 hours in running time, lays bare the most efficient ways to improve at specific chess topics, enabling you to benefit from the presenter’s hard-earned experience.

With 39 courses (each with an average running time of 15 hours!) including extras such as the PGNs and PDF summaries, this is the perfect opportunity to get the specific training you need to achieve your chess goals.

Here’s just some of what’s included:

The Nigel Short Method

The Short Way To Mastering Tactics (the Nigel Method)

Nigel Short has been competing at the top level for 5 decades and counting. During this time, he’s beaten every World Chess Champion from Karpov to Carlsen.

He is also the only Englishman to have challenged for the title, taking on Kasparov in their controversial 1993 match.

His razor-sharp creative tactical ability has been a major factor in his success. And now you can learn how to improve on chess tactics from Nigel himself in his stunning 15-hour Master Method.

Drawing on 40 of his most instructive games – and humbly including a few losses – Nigel reveals how rich, tactical positions are created and how to calculate the winning lines.

Nigel has split his chosen games into 7 categories, including Attacking the King, Tactical Awareness, Defensive and Endgame Tactics.

The Arkadij Naiditsch Master Method

Naiditsch’s Tournament Preparation Guide – The Naiditsch Method

GM Naiditsch begins with a deep exploration of the Najdorf, an extremely sharp and powerful opening, showing how rich it can be, and how many creative options Black has as their disposal.

Next, GM Naiditsch analyses some of the greatest attacking games of recent memory, from a beautiful queen sacrifice from Radjabov to Caruana’s daring pawn rush. You’ll pick up some of the key attacking ideas being employed by the world’s best.

Many players understand the general opening principles and learn basic endgame tactics, but often fall apart in the middlegame. How do you find a plan in this crucial part of the game? By examining 7 recent masterpieces, GM Naiditsch reveals the nuances of the middlegame, unveiling the positional and strategic ideas you can employ in your games. Turn those tense close games into victories!

What good is all this master-level material if you struggle to think straight in the important, stressful games? Building upon his Tournament Preparation Guide, GM Naiditsch uses four of his own games to teach useful tips and advice for preparing for that last round game.

The Judit Polgar Master Method

Judit Polgar’s Secrets Of The Sicilian – The Judit Polgar Method

In this course, Judit Polgar will transform you into a Sicilian Defense master player whether you’re playing with the white or black pieces. She’ll go over her masterpieces, including some beautiful games against Garry Kasparov.

You’ll be able to discover the secrets of the Sicilian Defense directly from one of the opening’s greatest experts, the strongest woman ever to have played chess, Judit Polgar.

In this 15-hour course, Judit reveals everything she learned from an entire career spent playing both sides of the always-dangerous Sicilian Defense.

Every chapter covers a different theme, each one illustrated with fantastic, instructive games from the likes of Tal and Fischer. How to handle the hole on d5; when to play the e5 advance and how to create winning chances with spectacular sacrifices.

On top of that, Judit analyzes her games against her biggest rivals, including Kasparov, Anand, Topalov, and Ivanchuk.

Secrets of the Sicilian teaches chess, not opening theory, and is a fascinating insight into the world of top-level chess.

The Master Method Mega Bundle gives the serious chess player everything they could need to achieve success and become a chess master.

From openings to endgames, tactics to strategy – everything you could possibly imagine is in here.

And all taught in-depth, with crystal clear language, practical examples, PGNs, puzzles, Q+A videos with the presenters, brilliant bonus footage… it’s the ULTIMATE training resource for any serious chess player.

Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Mega Bundle

veco bundle product image

Whether you want to learn a new chess opening or refine your existing opening repertoire, the Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings is for you.

The world’s top chess players and trainers show you the main ideas and the latest theory on openings like the English Opening, the Nimzo-Indian Defense, the King’s Indian Defense, the Open Catalan, and the Reti.

Here are just some of the openings covered in this Mega Bundle:

VECO – Vol#11 The Najdorf for White

veco najdorf

In an opening as sharp as the Sicilian Najdorf, tactical bloodbaths are commonplace and the player who knows where the weak points are, and how to exploit them, wins.

The asymmetrical pawn structure gives rise to a multitude of tactical shots and ideas with Black’s play generally focusing on the queenside while White tends to play on the kingside.

By understanding how these attacks come about, which sacrifices work and how to deal with your opponent’s threats, you’ll be the one coming out on top.

In this course, International Master Robert Ris will give you advice on how to face the Najdorf with White and succeed!

The Ruy Lopez Arkhangelsk Variation

The Arkhangelsk Defence was popularized by Soviet players from the city of Arkhangelsk such as GM Vladimir Malaniuk.

This line often leads to sharp positions in which Black wagers that the fianchettoed bishop’s influence on the centre and kingside will offset Black’s delay in castling.

The King’s Indian Defense

kid ichess club video bundle product imageYou will learn all the subtleties of the KID, playing against the Four Pawns, the Averbakh, and the Sämisch Variations!

  • GM Lemos’ recommendations for black:
    Challenge White’s center with …c5! This gambit smashes open the position in our favor – suddenly our Bg7 is breathing FIRE down the long diagonal, our queen is pressuring c3, all our pieces jump into position, and we’re ready to attack the uncastled king.
  • Play on both sides of the board. White attacks on the queenside, Black on the kingside, right? Get better results by taking on White directly on the queenside while staying ready to pounce on the kingside.
  • Trusted setup. Keep things simple by sticking to similar setups against every variation. By learning this system inside-out, you will develop your intuitive feel for any position you end up in. Of course, you need to learn the exceptions too – and they are covered in the lessons.

The English Opening

GM Damian Lemos shows you the ideas behind the opening and teaches you how to treat the English Opening as a Reversed Sicilian (with an extra tempo!)

Then Mihail Marin (family friend of the Polgars and the guy Jeremy Silman described as “one of the world’s finest chess writers”) takes over, giving you the in-depth theory that is going to help you dominate your rivals this year.

Black can go for very different structures, depending on their 5th move choice. You need to know how to meet 5…Nf6, 5…e6, 5…d6 and 5…e5.

The Caro-Kann Defense

ekaterina atalik caro kannThinking about taking up the Caro-Kann (1.e4 c6)? Or maybe you’re having trouble breaking down this rock-solid opening? Either way, this new VECO (Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings) course will give you a ton of new ideas and insights into some of the most popular lines.

Your crack Caro-Kann team includes GM Damian Lemos, IMs Ekaterina Atalik and Robert Ris… showing you how to play both sides of:

  • The Advance variation (3.e5)
  • The Exchange Caro (3.exd5)
  • The Two Knights (2.Nf3 d5 3.Nc3)
  • The 5.Nxf6+ line

The Caro-Kann is a chess opening where Black often plays …c6 then …c5; where White can have pawns on f4, g4 and h4 by move 8; where Deep Blue sensationally crushed Kasparov in just 19 moves…

You get the idea.

Whichever side of the Caro-Kann you play (or intend to play), our new VECO course (+3 hours) will make sure you’re armed with a pro repertoire in these critical lines.

Lemos Masterclass Collection

Masterclass Bundle (vol 1 – 6) – Gm Damian Lemos

You must have heard about the super-special Masterclass series which covers EVERYTHING about chess under the sun.

Starting from unstoppable attacks to stifling positional play…

From endless endgame maneuvers to grandmaster level strategy…

This exclusive training system is a “must-have” for every serious chess player.

Here’s part of what you’ll see in this collection:

Damian Lemos’ Attacking Masterclass

Discover the secrets of attacking play!

GM Lemos dissects 14 attacking masterpieces to reveal the most effective methods of attacking the king, whether in the opening or the middlegame, and no matter where the king is or how many pieces are desperately trying to defend him!

Positional Chess Masterclass

Through the analysis of 16 carefully chosen games, Damian explains how we can build winning positions, move by move, without our opponent having to make a tactical mistake!

Every aspect of positional play is studied, including GM methods for consistently improving your pieces, building unbearable pressure and targeting a weakness.

The techniques you learn in this course will enable you to win in any type of position and notice the strongest ideas at a glance – perfect for blitz games!

Chess Strategy Masterclass

With an insightful analysis of 15 carefully selected games, GM Lemos explains what to do at the board to properly plan and create well-constructed, winning positions.

Every aspect of strategic play is studied, showing you how to effectively mobilize your forces while working to restrict and create weaknesses for your opponents.

Confidently evaluate a position, create the right plan and find the right moves – even in games where the best plan isn’t always easy to see.

Find the winning moves in any type of position with the Chess Strategy Masterclass!

80/20 Tactics Multiplier Mega Bundle

The Ultimate Video Encyclopedia of Chess – The iChess Vault The 80/20 Tactics Multiplier Mega Bundle includes all 10 volumes of the chess tactics video series, exclusively from

If you want to master an opening, you must become familiar with its typical positional ideas and remember the most important theoretical lines. But this is really not enough.

Every opening has its own stock of tactical motifs. Therefore, you also have to know the typical tactical patterns that frequently recur in your opening.

The 80/20 Tactics Multiplier series helps you get the most from your study time by combining learning openings with training the most common chess tactics that can arise from those openings.

Some of the things you will learn in this special series:

80/20 Tactics Multiplier: Positional Sacrifices – GM Bryan Smith

Positional sacrifices are rarely seen at club level… but you find them everywhere in Grandmaster games.

That should tell you a lot about high-level positional play. Club players value material above nearly everything. GMs value space, activity, and the quality of the pieces.

positional sacrifices gm bryan smith

In this groundbreaking 8-hour course, top American Grandmaster Bryan Smith details the many types of positional sacrifice, including how to tell when they will work and what to do afterwards to get that win.

Unlike tactical sacrifices where you deliver checkmate or win back the material fairly quickly, positional sacrifices require an understanding of imbalances and positional play… the high-level skills that Bryan teaches in this course.

GM Smith has hand-picked 31 lesser-known classics from luminaries such as Kasparov, Kramnik, Botvinnik, Tal, and Alekhine, each one revealing a new secret of positional play and sacrifices.

Take your positional understanding to a whole new level with this masterclass on imbalances and dynamism.

Tactical Ideas in The Grunfeld Defense – GM Sam Shankland

80/20 Tactics Multiplier Mega BundleThis course will teach you one of Black’s most exciting openings through the lens of Grandmaster tactics!

The ultra-sharp Grunfeld was a favorite weapon of both Kasparov and Fischer, famously used by Bobby to win the Game of the Century – one of the many games covered in the course.

Sam strives for the highest quality in everything he does and this course is no different.

Study it and not only will you have a high-level understanding of the Grunfeld without having to memorize theory, you’ll also vastly improve your calculation, tactical eye, and intuition for dynamic play.

Tactics in The King’s Indian Defense – GM Bryan Smith

GM Bryan Smith’s course on the essential chess tactics in the King’s Indian Defense gives you a complete understanding of typical tactical patterns for both sides.

Even if you only play the King’s Indian as Black, it’s important to know the opportunities available to White so you can prevent them!

The KID is a complex and rewarding opening where White enjoys more space but Black has a number of surprising methods to lay siege to the enemy position, often resulting in brilliant wins.

GM Bryan Smith explains the mechanics behind some of the most powerful tactics in Grandmaster play before giving a detailed commentary on some of his own games.

The London System – IM Eric Rosen

80/20 Tactics Multiplier Mega BundleThe London System is a flexible opening that White can use against virtually any of Black’s setups. This makes it the perfect choice for players who prefer to understand key strategic and tactical ideas instead of having to memorize an endless number of theoretical variations.

With this DVD, you’ll gain a high-level understanding of the typical themes of the London System, and you’ll be able to really cement this knowledge in your long-term memory with the included practical tests.

If you’d like to learn all the typical tactical ideas that can arise from the London System, then IM Eric Rosen has got you covered.

This course is specially designed to give you the best return in terms of chess tactics training, covering the following areas:

  • Mastering some of the most aggressive chess openings by observing games from some of the strongest players in the world.
  • Understanding the most common tactical patterns.
  • Improve your calculation skills.

Patterns alert you to possibilities, calculation makes them a reality.

Learn How to Play Against the Paulsen Sicilian

paulsen sicilian dvd cover product imageKing’s pawn players of the world… listen up! The Paulsen Sicilian (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 a6) is only one small pawn move different from the Najdorf, but frees the dark-squared bishop… sometimes with deadly effect.

The c3 knight gets pinned, e4 comes under pressure… it’s easy to get into a real mess.

You need to know how to keep Black responding to your threats… and this 8-hour course shows you how.

The author, GM Rashad Babaev, is from the same Azerbaijani School of Chess that produced Kasparov, Radjabov and Mamedjarov.

Like Kasparov, he was trained by the legendary Oleg Privorotsky.

His approach is centered around analyzing games to see what works and why – ideas first, theory later.

And that’s what you need to beat the Paulsen, and it’s why it’s the perfect opening for the 80/20 Tactics treatment – White’s strongest ideas are tactical in nature.

Play “ordinary” opening moves and you’ll be in for a tough game.

Instead, be prepared to put knights on the rim, retreat bishops, and place pieces en prise!

These weird moves will bring you brilliant victories by the truckload.

Endgame Renaissance Full Collection

The Ultimate Video Encyclopedia of Chess – The iChess Vault 

This mega pack is entirely focused on the type of positions you encounter in real endgame play.

You will learn how to think in the chess endgame; how to make progress in tricky positions and how to coordinate your pieces like a real master.

Each one of the courses in this mega bundle has been designed with the competitive player in mind, showing you how to maximize your results and stop gifting half-points to your rivals.

There are too many club players who limit themselves by failing to develop a good chess endgame strategy understanding and technique.

It is this one area that keeps 90% of players firmly in the club player bracket when they are capable of so much more.

Many players are unable to surpass the club player level, simply because they don’t take their chess endgame training seriously. This bundle will arm you with exactly what you need in order to move forward.

Here are just some of the courses included in this incredible bundle:

Practical Chess Endgames for Club Players – IM Valeri Lilov

IM Valeri Lilov will arm you with the skills you need to squeeze every last half-point from your endgames with his 6-hour Practical Chess Endgames for Club Players.

Here’s how this course will help you:

Endgame Renaissance Mega Bundle

All about the activity.

You may have heard that activity is more important than material… IM Lilov teaches you to actually think this way with a lucid explanation of some miraculous wins.

Timing beats speed.

Don’t rush in the endgame… until you have to! Valeri reveals how to prepare, build, then strike like a cobra!

Power up your pieces.

Want the magic formula for powerful pieces? Think worst pieces, best squares, least number of moves. IM Lilov explains how to make this work in practice.

As you can see, these skills are invaluable in any situation. But it’s easier to master them in the endgame first.

Converting Imbalances for Club Players – IM Keaton Kiewra

Endgame Renaissance Mega BundleIM Kiewra provides you with valuable guiding principles that will serve you well during chess games for years to come.

In this 5-hour course, experienced chess coach and 9-time Nebraska Champion IM Keaton Kiewra will train you in the skills needed for you to succeed in chess endgame strategy.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Fortress building blocks.

IM Keaton Kiewra reveals the 3 things you need to build an unassailable fortress – keep these in mind and you’ll save a ton of otherwise lost positions.

The Rook vs. Queen setup.

Don’t get ground down in a major piece ending – look for ways to sac queen for rook + pawn and set up a fortress. Keaton shows you some must-know patterns like this one – White moves the rook along the 3rd rank and Black can’t make progress.

Fake fortresses fall.

Keaton analyzes an Alekhine classic to see how a well-timed counter sacrifice can make those fortress walls tumble and transform the position into a winning ending.

Anna’s Essential Endgames Course – IM Anna Rudolf

Chess Mastery SecretsWhether you love or hate endgames, serious chess players need this endgame knowledge in order to improve…and Anna’s Essential Endgames Course is the simplest way to cram the ideas into your brain and begin using them immediately.

This is the strong endgame foundation you need and will support you for the rest of your chess playing life.

This course makes things simple for you with IM Anna Rudolf shedding light on the endgames every serious chess player absolutely must know.

Mastering these techniques, you’ll soon be converting fundamental endgames with a well-practiced mastery.

Can you convert with a Bishop and Knight vs Lone King? You’re covered.

Can you assess the coming King and Pawn ending, even while there are still lots of pieces on the board? Sounds impossible, but there’s a simple trick making it easy in any position.

Join IM Anna and you’ll quickly be saving the toughest Rook Endings, winning the most drawish Opposite Color bishop endings, blocking dangerous passed pawns, and much more…

Lilov Chess Institute Megabundle

If you’re a club player looking for a systematic approach to improving your game, then the Lilov Chess Institute series is the ideal solution. Presented by popular coach IM Valeri Lilov, each volume gives you the training you need to succeed in competitive chess – or just enjoy the game at a much deeper level.

The Ultimate Video Encyclopedia of Chess – The iChess Vault 

With a total running time of 66 hours and a big discount compared to the individual pricing, the LCI Mega Bundle delivers incredible value.

What do you get?

Firstly, a complete repertoire for both colors. Never be stuck again spending half an hour during your first 10 moves and still getting in trouble. IM Lilov has produced a repertoire that allows you to play for the win, regardless of your opponent’s first move or subsequent replies. Designed to be easy to learn and remember, you’ll be fully prepared whilst also having enough options to make it near impossible for your opponents to prepare for you.

Next, you get that rare find: an explanation of the strategic ideas behind the openings. More than just recommended moves, this course reveals why certain moves are better than others in relation to the position on the board. While each lesson focuses on a particular variation, what you’re really learning here is master-level strategy.

But it doesn’t end there – next, in Middlegame Mastery, IM Lilov teaches you what to do once you come out of the opening…  you’ll learn the most useful skills for coming out on top in this critical phase of the game: planning, calculation, positional evaluation, and practical play. Your thinking will be quicker, you’ll focus only on the best ideas and you will be able to impose your will on your opponent, giving you an enormous edge.

GM Damian Lemos Deep Dive Collection

The Ultimate Video Encyclopedia of Chess – The iChess Vault Chess openings knowledge is crucial in competitive chess. Between equal players, it often makes the difference between winning and drawing.

However, until now, most opening instruction has been very general – good enough so you know what you’re doing but without the detail required to give you the competitive edge in tournaments.

GM Damian Lemos has addressed that with his acclaimed Deep Dive series.

As the name suggests, Damian gives you the deep knowledge you need to outplay your opponents in specific openings.

No prior knowledge on an opening is required as Damian begins each course with a comprehensive overview of each one of the chess openings that he covers, explaining the ideas behind the opening and the plans for each side.

Here are just some of the openings you’ll be able to master:

Here are some of the openings you’ll be able to master:

The Ruy Lopez Vol 2 (6 h)

Deep Dive Ruy Lopez Vol 2
Deep Dive Ruy Lopez Vol 2

After locking himself in his study for a few months of repertoire research and analysis, he emerged a few days ago, bleary-eyed but smiling.

And he was not empty-handed!

Cradled under his arm like a newborn baby was his trusty laptop, filled with the files for Part 2 of his Deep Dive into THE classic chess opening, the Ruy Lopez.

The Queen’s Gambit Vol.2 (Deep Dive Vol. 22)

And now it’s time for Volume 2 of the Queen’s Gambit, covering complex lines that you will face in your tournament games when Black wants to surprise you using lines such as the Baltic, Austrian and Chigorin Defenses, the Albin Counter-Gambit, and the Stonewall.


Start your game the right way with the Queen’s Gambit (1.d4 d5 2.c4). The Queen’s Gambit is one of White’s very best options: Dynamic but secure, full of rich possibilities while giving White an element of control.

It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence chess engines like AlphaZero make it one of their preferred openings. In this second volume of his Deep Dive into the Queen’s Gambit, GM Damian Lemos covers the other variations you need to know about.

Discover innovative ways of dealing with the sharp Baltic (2…Bf5) and Symmetrical (2…c5) Defenses, the tricky Albin Counter-Gambit (2…e5), the positional Chigorin (2…Nc6), as well as Black’s popular transition to the Stonewall Dutch (2…e6 3.Nc3 f5).

GM Lemos explains the ideas for both sides in each of these systems, analyzing fantastic games from giants like Kasparov, Kramnik, and Carlsen to make the different strategies stick in your mind.

The Queen’s Gambit Vol.1 (Deep Dive Vol. 21)

damian lemos chess videoThe Queen’s Gambit is probably the most well-known opening on the planet now, thanks to a certain TV show… It was written about in the first-ever chess book over 500 years ago…

So it was about time to launch a Deep Dive on it! But the Queen’s Gambit complex is such a massive topic so it will be split over a few courses.

In this training, we’ll look at the Queen’s Gambit Declined (1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6) from White’s perspective, focusing on the Tarrasch (3.Nc3 c5) and Exchange (3.Nc3 Nf6 4.cxd5) variations.

In the Tarrasch (Black plays an early …c5), we get to play against an isolated pawn in most cases.

With the Exchange (we play an early cxd5), we’ll benefit by swapping a wing pawn for a center pawn.

Both of these will give you a positional edge… and GM Lemos will show you how to exploit it to the MAX.

GM Lemos spent nearly a year analyzing instructive games (both classic and recent) and testing modern novelties against old favorites.queens gambit

… also, in the last few years, AlphaZero REdiscovered it and loved it, choosing it as one of the best ways for White to play for a win (diagram).

Ready to learn the secrets of one of the TRUE chess openings?

A lot of players get put off by the sheer amount of theory they need to learn.

…or, they think they need to learn.

The new Deep Dive gives you a clear strategy to win with the Queen’s Gambit.

The King’s Indian Defense.

Follow in the footsteps of Fischer and Kasparov and become an attacking legend, racking up points as Black, no matter which variation White plays!

The London System.

The perfect choice for players who don’t have much time to spend on openings. Play it against nearly anything Black comes up with and decide whether you want to subject them to a positional queenside squeeze or a terrifying kingside attack.

The Accelerated Dragon.


Get positions you love with Damian’s system based on rapid development and seizing the initiative the moment White makes a natural-looking mistake!

The Double Fianchetto system (b3 and g3)

This system is quickly becoming a favorite of players like Vladimir Kramnik. Incredibly flexible, full of attacking potential and very easy for your opponent to slip up against.

The Sicilian Taimanov.

Sidestep all the Najdorf theory – and your rivals’ preparation – with lines that blunt White’s attack and give you great counterplay early in the game.

The Chigorin Defense.

2…Nc6! takes your opponent out of their comfort zone and onto your battlefield. The Chigorin has easy to learn plans, is positionally sound and full of dynamic attacking chances, like this “ordinary” position which can lead to White’s resignation in just 4 more moves!!

The Petroff Defense

The Petroff Defense, also known as the Russian Defense, was a favorite opening of both Karpov and Kramnik. The Petroff is as solid as a rock, easy to learn and offers a ton of ways to turn the tables on those 1.e4 players!

The Petroff is starting to come back in a big way with Fabiano Caruana just one of the top GMs who relies on it when it matters.

The English Opening

Gm Lemos' Deep Dive Collection (vol. 01 - 15)Playing the English Opening can be a vital alternative for all 1.e4- and 1.d4-players who are tired of repeatedly entering the highly theoretical terrain of all the main lines Black can choose from.

The English Opening allows the White player to immediately take the opponent out of his comfort zone by playing a move which is not as frequently played as 1.e4 or 1.d4.

In contrast to White’s two main moves 1.e4 and 1.d4, White takes control over the center (especially the d5-square) by moving a flank pawn. The fight for the d5-square is paramount in the English Opening.

1.e4 e5 Beating Sidelines & Gambits with Black

1.e4 E5 Beating Sidelines & Gambits With Black (deep Dive Vol. 14)

At club level, you’ll need to face openings like the King’s Gambit, Vienna, Danish Gambit and other bone-chilling attacks and gambits…and against a strong tactical player, this could end in disaster.

But, not for you.

This very course is dedicated to crushing these openings and features Grandmaster Damian Lemos calmly dismantling each one of them — showing you exactly how to do the same in your games.

No need to fear the King’s Gambit. Nor the Danish. None of these 19th-century fossil openings.

GM Lemos has a complete blueprint for beating them and proves it via instructive sample games, cutting-edge theory, sophisticated middlegame plans and much more in 6 and a half hours of professional lessons.

The French Defense

Not only is the French Defense considered one of the most successful openings for Black, it is also an opening that does not force you to learn an endless amount of theory. You can play it if you understand the key strategic ideas and plans.

GM Damian Lemos is here to give you that crucial knowledge in this 7-hour Deep Dive into the French Defense.

This is an opening you can use for the rest of your chess life with good results, and it is flexible enough that you can play it in the style you prefer – solid and resilient, or dangerous and attacking!

Empire Chess DVD Grandmaster MEGA BUNDLE

The Ultimate Video Encyclopedia of Chess – The iChess Vault 

This is the largest collection of high-quality chess videos anywhere!

The iChess team started producing the Empire Chess DVD series in October 2012.

In little over a year, the Empire Chess video series became the most popular chess DVD series of the 21st century featuring the best players and coaches in the world!

Now our extended series of chess videos present an incredible collection of footage containing more than 250 hours of premium content from a variety of well-known players.

Here’s part of what you’ll get:

Classical King’s Indian Defense – GM Marian Petrov

classical kings indian defense product image

Kasparov and Fischer loved it. Engines hate it. The King’s Indian Defense is an enigma.

Black gives up space and has to tip-toe around, trying to free their pieces. And yet somehow the second player often wins brilliantly.

What is going on?

Openings expert GM Marian Petrov explains that Black’s position is full of hidden power – BUT that power can only be released with perfectly timed breaks and devious maneuvers.

His new 4-hour course aims to teach you the secrets of the Classical King’s Indian Defense (1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nf3 0-0 6.Be2 e5) with a blend of theory, explanations, and model games.

Whether you want better results in this opening as White or Black, this is the training you need.

kings indian defense marian petrov

Is this course for me?

This course focuses on the popular Classical variation where White castles and plays the natural Nf3 and Be2 moves.

GM Petrov explains how to deal with the four main ideas for White in this line, combining theory and strategic explanations with instructive wins by players like Fischer, Kasparov, Aronian, and Nakamura.

Whether you want better results in this opening as White or Black, this training provides everything you need.

It’s one of the few openings where just a little bit of extra knowledge leads to win after win.

Advancing Against the French Defense – GM Jesse Kraai

advanced french defense jesse kraai ichess 1GM Jesse Kraai has produced one of the very best openings courses we’ve seen.

If you have ever struggled against the French Defense (and most of us have) then this is essential viewing.

Instead of loading you up with a million “if Black plays this, you play this” lines, Jesse explains the strategic ideas in the French Defense Advance Variation (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5).

And this transcends the opening…

Jesse explains how to play with a space advantage, how to break down fortresses, and how to deal with attempts to break down your center.

This is a 6½-hour masterclass on playing this structure – and Jesse teaches every point with perfect clarity.

The King’s Gambit – GM Marian Petrov

We don’t care what anyone says… NOBODY likes seeing 2.f4 played against them. Yes, the King’s Gambit is indeed a terrifying chess opening.

“What the devil possessed me to play 1…e5?? I completely forgot that Spassky likes to play the King’s Gambit.”

king gambit
The King’s Gambit initial moves

– David Bronstein, after being on the wrong side of another King’s Gambit brilliancy.

It’s easily the most fun opening in chess… you get insanely fast development, and a simply murderous open f-file to attack along.

Bronstein, Fischer, Anand… they’ve all lost high-profile (and spectacular) games against the King’s Gambit.

And at club level, it’s 100x more dangerous again.

Ready to have some fun?

In response to major demand, we asked openings expert GM Marian Petrov to turn his attention to the King’s Gambit chess opening, and, once again, he’s delivered the goods.

The result: 4 hours of training that takes you from first moves to tournament-ready.

How to Crush Super GMs in Blitz – GM Maxim Dlugy

How To Crush Super Gms In Blitz – Gm Maxim Dlugy

In the fast-paced world of blitz chess there’s little time for deep analysis or strategic decisions but making the right move is still as important as ever.

Success at this speed requires a special set of skills, skills GM Maxim Dlugy has mastered and used to defeat some of the world’s very best players including Kasparov, Aronian, and Nakamura.

In this course, Maxim Dlugy looks at 5 of his finest victories over the world’s elite, revealing precisely how he dealt with each critical moment.

You will learn how to:

  • Simplify decisions to save time
  • Find ‘only moves’ with a tactical technique called elimination
  • Analyze rapidly and accurately by calculating each line only once
  • Overload your opponent’s mind with time-consuming decisions
  • Conceive long-term plans to guide your move selection

Of course, all of these techniques will prove useful at any time control, making you a more efficient thinker and difficult opponent.

2018 World Chess Championship Bundle – GM Ron W. Henley

In this course, GM Ron W. Henley uncovers the secrets behind Magnus Carlsen’s remarkable success, examining his career and explaining the chess secrets hidden in his games.

Henley also retraces Fabiano Caruana’s exceptional career, extracting powerful lessons from his best games and combinations, revealing how he went from amateur to challenge Carlsen in the 2018 World Chess Championship in just a few years.

Attacking Play:

When Fabiano Caruana was younger, he was a feared attacking player.

Even in apparently calm lines, he found ways to go for an attack against the opponent’s king. In the course, GM Henley takes a look at a game Fabiano Caruana played back in 2008, aged 16.

Playing with the White pieces, he faced the French Defense Rubinstein Variation (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 dxe4) which has the reputation of being very solid, leading to calm positions. Yet, Caruana managed to create an impressive attack.

Knockout Moves

2018 World Chess Championship Bundle – Gm Ron W. Henley

If you want to win many games in 25 moves or less, you definitely need to have a killer instinct at the chessboard. Your tactical brain needs to be in good shape and – once you have the initiative – you constantly need to look for knockout punches which finish the game immediately.

Studying Magnus’ miniatures, it becomes clear that once Magnus has his opponents on the ropes, he doesn’t let them off the hook.

The series is intended for chess players of all levels, as the content is extremely diverse and covers a wide range of topics from specific chess openings to general topics like positional sacrifices and developing tactical awareness.

The Grandmasters were encouraged to provide instruction on topics where they were most knowledgeable and could display their highest level of expertise.

We aim to give you a genuine chance at mastery with our unique content strategy comprising of:

  • Video Lessons – Pause and re-watch lessons; benefits visual and auditory learners; no need to set up
    a board.
  • GM/IM Coaches – Save years of hard effort by learning directly from proven masters and seasoned
  • All key topics covered – Become strong in the opening, endgame, tactically and strategically with
    hundreds of hours of master level coaching.
  • Challenging Puzzles – Test your newly acquired knowledge with puzzles relevant to each topic.

And to make things even easier for you, you can work your way through the Empire Chess library at your own pace, focusing “buffet style” only on the areas you most want to improve at any given time.

Dominate with the Pirc/Modern Defense with GM Fabien Libiszewski

Grandmaster and opening theoretician Fabien Libiszewski turns his attention to the Pirc Defense and Modern Defense for Black in this comprehensive 8 hour training.

fabien libiszewskiThe Pirc (1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6) is a hypermodern opening with a deceptively deadly attacking edge. Black’s g7 bishop and queen on a5 shred White’s position, setting a ton of tactical and strategic problems that will overwhelm most players.

The Modern Defense is similar to the Pirc but we delay the development of the knight to f6, staying flexible and giving White more opportunity to make mistakes.

These closely-related openings contain multiple ways for Black to play for the win – all of which are revealed in GM Libiszewski’s complete training.

You get the perfect mix of plans and theory as Fabien explains the strongest strategies against each of White’s favored variations. Typical tactics that can win you the game on the spot, GM-level attacking ideas your opponents will struggle to resist… it’s all here.

Playable against 1.e4, 1.d4 and most other first moves, this is a complete repertoire you can use for the rest of your playing days.

Other Series

In this collection you will find:

Henley Files: The London System

henley london system product imageGM Ron Henley is a walking, talking, Encyclopedia of Chess Openings.

The guy has probably forgotten more than most GMs ever know.

Anatoly Karpov chose Ron as his openings analyst for his World Championship matches, and even GM Damian Lemos has been lucky enough to get Ron’s advice over the years too.

But he’s much more than a machine spitting out 20-move variations and a +0.21 evaluation at the end of it.

Ron is a proper coach… explaining ideas so you really get what you’re doing and why. What works and what doesn’t.

And now he’s back with his latest Henley Files course – 5 hours of training on the London System!

Played by Capablanca, Carlsen, and countless champions in-between, the London System (where White aims for this kind of setup – diagram), is as powerful as it is flexible.

london system
London System main setup

If you want to add the London System to your repertoire, this is the perfect place to start.

You’ll learn how to attack Black’s different formations, all the move-order tricks, opening traps, typical tactics, and more.

Learn the London System with GM Ron Henley!

The Susan Polgar Method for Scholastic Chess Training (Vols. 1 & 2)

susan polgar beginner chess course screen capture

To be the parent or coach of a young chess player is a wonderful feeling…

Playing chess raises a child’s IQ, improves math skills, develops critical thinking…and gives them a ton of joy as well!

But what’s the best way to teach them so that they not only enjoy the game but also reach the full depth of their potential?

Imagine watching your clever little chess nut gradually become smarter, do much better at school, win the occasional chess tournament — AND have tons of fun!

It’s possible and here’s how to make it happen:

Grandmaster Susan Polgar is a former World Chess Champion and World Class Chess Trainer with FORTY FIVE plus years of chess experience…

…and she knows how to bring children the benefits and joys of chess.

After all, she herself won the Girls’ Budapest Championship under 11 at the age of 4 with a perfect 10-0 score!

Susan has now distilled her 45+ years of experience into what she considers the ULTIMATE training system for ambitious kids.

With her groundbreaking course, you are handed a comprehensive chess training curriculum comprised of video lessons, puzzles, and a detailed teacher’s manual created by Grandmaster Susan herself.

The King Hunt Bundle

the king hunt matojelic

For all the talk of strategy, checkmate ends the game. And hunting the enemy king is the first and final love for many chess players, the ultimate essence of the game.

The high stake sacrifice, tenacious defense, and the brilliant finishing move are a major part of many of the most beloved games in history.

Now Mato Jelic, the hugely popular chess coach, has produced an extraordinary 28-hour investigation and training into the art of King Hunt.

Almost 600 games are examined as Mato deconstructs some of the greatest attacks on the king ever played, teaching you how to win games in the most satisfying way imaginable!

By the end of this two-part course, you will have absorbed hundreds of tactical ideas and patterns for winning with attacks on the castled king and sacrifices on each of the classic target squares h7/h2, f6/f3, g6/g3, and h6/h3.

Want to win more games with exciting onslaughts and create works of art you’re proud to show to others? Learn the art of attacking the king in chess with The King Hunt (Part 1 and 2) with Mato Jelic!

The Henley Files: The French Rubinstein – GM Ron Henley

henley french rubinstein product image

You sit down at the board. You’ve got Black. Your opponent plays 1.e4… what are you going to do?

1…c5 and 1…e5 are for the players with a ton of time to study. White can steer the game in wildly different directions… and you better be prepared for all of them.

GM Ron Henley insists that, up to the 1700-1800 level, players should focus almost exclusively on tactics and building a repertoire they can rely on.

His recommendation against 1.e4? The Rubinstein French (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Ncd3/Nd2 dxe4!)

Now, in the first volume of his brand new The Henley Files series, Ron explains how to wreck White’s plans and pile on the pressure with this hugely underestimated opening.


Style Bender: Magnus Carlsen’s 50 Best Games – GM Arkadij Naiditsch

magnus carlsen 50 best games

Magnus Carlsen – World Champion and the highest-rated player of all time – dominates the strongest players in the world because of his immense strength in all types of positions.

Tactical or positional, kingside attack or queenside squeeze, technical endgame or dynamic defense… Carlsen is willing and able to do whatever it takes to win.

In this 16-hour course, GM Arkadij Naiditsch (peak rating 2737 and 17th in the world) examines 50 of Magnus Carlsen’s best games, grouping them into categories such as Positional Masterpieces, Attacking Play, Endgames, and World Championship Clashes.

Naiditsch’s analysis and explanations will open your eyes to possibilities that even elite grandmasters missed before Carlsen played them.

You will learn how to make progress in quiet positions, ramp up the pressure in attack, and create winning chances in level endgames.

Everything you see is practical and can be applied in your own games, and each winning strategy and psychological ploy is made memorable by following the cut and thrust of the play.

Study all 50 games with Arkadij’s expert explanations and you will be armed with some of the most powerful chess ideas ever seen on the board.


VECO – Vol#12 The Triangle Slav for Black

For an opening with a reputation for being super-solid, the Slav somehow manages to be one of the most dangerous “defenses” around.

The Triangle Slav for Black Product Image 300x300 1

Vishy Anand used it to stun Aronian in one of the most brilliant games ever played, and legendary attacker Alexei Shirov is a career-long devotee.

With 18-year-old phenom Alireza Firouzja winning games with the Triangle System recently (pawn triangle on c6-d5-e6) it’s a great time to add it to your repertoire.

IM Robert Ris presents his 3-hour VECO (Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings) course on the Triangle Slav, covering the Noteboom and Stonewall variations plus the fascinating Marshall Gambit.

Ready to follow in Shirov and Firouzja’s footsteps?

Included Products

Product Outline:

The Master Method Collection

  1. The Polgar Method – GM Susan Polgar’s Complete Course for Club Players
  2. The Naroditsky Method – GM Daniel Naroditsky
  3. The Lenderman Method – GM Aleksandr Lenderman
  4. The Le Quang Method – GM Liem Le Quang
  5. The Shankland Method – GM Sam Shankland
  6. The Melekhina Method – FM Alisa Melekhina
  7. The Paco Vallejo Method – GM Paco Vallejo
  8. Time, Space and Harmony – The Krush Method
  9. The 5 Elements of Chess Mastery – The Lemos Method
  10. Judit Polgar’s Secrets of the Sicilian  – The Judit Polgar method
  11. Naiditsch’s Tournament Preparation Guide – The Naiditsch Method
  12. Chess Improvement Secrets for the Busy Player (The GingerGM Method)
  13. Dynamic Chess Secrets (Sokolov Method)
  14. The 4 Pillars of Chess Strength (Bryan Smith Method)
  15. Killer Chess Skills (The Kosintseva Method)
  16. Tactics & Calculation for the Ambitious Player (The Shankland Method 2)
  17. Achieving your Chess Potential (The Naroditsky Method 2)
  18. Secrets of Modern Masterpieces (The Balogh Method)
  19. From Amateur to Master (The Lilov Method)
  20. The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash the Barriers to your Chess Success!
  21. Revolutionize your Chess (The GingerGM Method 2)
  22. Chess Secrets of the World Champions (Lenderman Method 2)
  23. Naiditsch’s Dojo – Tournament Training for the Attacking Player  (Naiditsch Method 2)
  24. The DNA of a Chess Champion (The Edouard Method)
  25. Mihail Marin’s Attacking Academy (The Marin Method)
  26. How I Became an IM (The Bulmaga Method)
  27. The Bulletproof French Defense (The Libiszewski Method)
  28. The Deadly Sicilian Dragon (The Henley Method)
  29. Grivas’ Advanced Chess School (The Grivas Method)
  30. Master of Sacrifice (The Bryan Smith Method 2)
  31. Modern Chess Fundamentals (The Delorme Method)
  32. The Gormally Method – Secrets of The Middlegame
  33. Practical Chess Improvement for the Aspiring Club Player (Robert Ris Method)
  34. London System Reloaded – Henley Method #2
  35. The Anatoly Karpov Comprehensive Chess Course (The Karpov Method) 
  36. Train Like a Chameleon: The Sethuraman Master Method
  37. Atalik’s All-Around Guide for Club Players – The Atalik Method
  38. Practical Chess Common Sense For Paehtzers: The Paehtz Method

Video Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Mega Bundle

  1. Vol#1 The English Opening
  2. Vol#2 The Nimzo-Indian Defense
  3. Vol#3 The King’s Indian Defense
  4. Vol#4 The Open Catalan
  5. Vol#5 The Reti Opening
  6. Vol#6 The Ruy Lopez Arkhangelsk Variation
  7. Vol #7 The French Tarrasch
  8. Vol #8 The Caro-Kann Defense
  9. VECO – Vol#9 Beat the Slav Defense
  10. VECO – Vol#10 The Reti with 2.e3
  11. VECO – Vol#11 The Najdorf for White
  12. VECO – Vol#12 The Triangle Slav for Black

Intuition Navigates Chaos Collection

  1. Club Player’s Manifesto 2K – GM Damian Lemos
  2. Super GM Skill Set – GM Sam Shankland
  3. Accelerate your Chess – GM Simon Williams “GingerGM”
  4. Evaluation & Strategy – GM Damian Lemos
  5. The Squeeze – Converting Advantages in Chess – IM Kostya Kavutskiy
  6. Evaluation & Strategy – IM Robert Ris
  7. Sacrifices & Navigating Chaos – IM Alina Kashlinskaya
  8. Fundamentals of Strategy – GM Georg Meier
  9. Naiditsch’s Knockouts – GM Arkadij Naiditsch
  10. Prophylaxis = Control – GM Aleksandr Lenderman
  11. Forcing Moves Force Wins – IM Kostya Kavutskiy
  12. Prophylaxis = Control – GM Fabien Libiszewski
  13. Thought Process & Calculation – GM Damian Lemos (3h)
  14. SuperGM Chess Revelations – GM Arkadij Naiditsch

Lemos Masterclass Collection

  1. Damian Lemos’ Attacking Masterclass
  2. Positional Chess Masterclass
  3. Chess Strategy Masterclass
  4. Chess Tactics Masterclass
  5. Middlegame Masterclass
  6. Endgame Masterclass

80/20 Tactics Multiplier Collection

  1. The Sicilian Dragon – IM Valeri Lilov [80/20 Tactics]
  2. The Grunfeld – GM Sam Shankland [80/20 Tactics]
  3. The King’s Indian Defense – GM Bryan Smith [80/20 Tactics]
  4. The London System – IM Eric Rosen [80/20 Tactics]
  5. The Scotch Opening – IM Irina Bulmaga
  6. Tactics the Sicilian Najdorf – GM Niclas Huschenbeth
  7. The Trompowsky Attack – IM Levy Rozman
  8. Common Tactics in The French Defense – GM Mihail Marin
  9. Chess Tactics in The Benko Gambit – IM Robert Ris
  10. Evans Gambit – GM Marian Petrov
  11. The Bb5 Sicilian – IM Lawrence Trent
  12. Queen’s Indian Defense – IM Hans Niemann
  13. Play Against the Paulsen Sicilian – GM Rashad Babaev
  14. 80/20 Tactics Multiplier: Positional Sacrifices – GM Bryan Smith
  15. 80/20 Tactics Multiplier: The Catalan Opening – IM Mat Kolosowski

Endgame Renaissance Collection

  1. Practical Chess Endgames for Club Players – IM Valeri Lilov
  2. Converting Imbalances for Club Players – IM Keaton Kiewra
  3. Endgame Memorization Shortcuts from the 2018 US Champion – IM Nazi Paikidze
  4. The Azerbaijani Endgame School – GM Rashad Babaev
  5. Middlegame To Endgame Transition Mastery – GM Bryan Smith
  6. 21st Century Chess Endgame Technique – GM Marian Petrov
  7. Anna’s Essential Endgames Course – IM Anna Rudolf

Lemos Deep Dive Collection

  1. Vol.01 – Double Fianchetto Domination
  2. Vol.02 – The London System
  3. Vol.03 – The Taimanov Sicilian
  4. Vol.04 – The Accelerated Dragon
  5. Vol.05 – The Chigorin Defense
  6. Vol. 06 – The King’s Indian Defense
  7. Vol. 07 – The King’s Indian Attack
  8. Vol. 08 – The Pirc Defense
  9. Vol. 09 – The Petroff Defense
  10. Vol. 10 – The English Opening
  11. Vol. 11 – The Scandinavian Defense
  12. Vol. 12 – The Slav Defense
  13. Vol. 13 – The King’s Gambit
  14. Vol. 14 – 1.e4 e5 Beating Sidelines & Gambits with Black
  15. Vol 15 – The French Defense
  16. Vol 16 – The Modern Defense
  17. Vol 17 – The Ruy Lopez Part 1
  18. Vol 18 – 1.e4 e5 Beating Italian and Ruy Lopez with Black
  19. The Alekhine Defense (Deep Dive Vol. 19)
  20. Larsen’s Opening 1.b3 (Deep Dive Vol. 20)
  21. The Queen’s Gambit Vol.1 (Deep Dive Vol. 21)
  22. The Queen’s Gambit Vol.2 (Deep Dive Vol. 22)
  23. The Ruy Lopez Part 2 (Deep Dive Vol. 23)

Lilov Chess Institute

  1. Openings for Club Players (Opening Repertoire for White & Black)
  2. Ideas Behind the Openings
  3. Middlegame Mastery
  4. Secrets Of The Middlegame

Empire Chess Series

  1. Empire Chess Volumes 1-10
  2. Empire Chess Volumes 11-20
  3. Empire Chess Volumes 21-30
  4. Empire Chess Volumes 31-40
  5. Empire Chess Volumes 41-50
  6. Empire Chess Volumes 51-60
  7. Empire Chess Volumes 61-70
  8. Empire Chess Volumes 71-80
  9. Empire Chess Volumes 81-90
  10. Empire Chess Volumes 91-100
  11. Tournament Winner’s Toolbox – IM Alexander Belezky
  12. Classical Chess Weapons: The Most Important Ideas in Chess – IM Martha Fierro
  13. How To Beat the King’s Indian Defense – IM Nazi Paikidze
  14. Smashing 1.d4 Players with The Kings Indian Defense – GM Bryan Smith
  15. Magnus Carlsen’s Miniatures – GM Ron W. Henley
  16. How To Beat the King’s Indian Defense – IM Nazi Paikidze
  17. Dominate 1.d4 with The Dzindzi Indian – GM Ron W. Henley
  18. Beating 1.e4 with The Classical Sicilian – GM Bryan Smith
  19. How to Crush Super GMs in Blitz
  20. Classical Chess Weapons: The Most Important Ideas in Chess
  21. Tournament Winner’s Toolbox – IM Alexander Belezky
  22. The Fabulous Fabiano Caruana – GM Ron Henley
  23. Magnus Carlsen The Magnificent – GM Ron Henley
  24. Libiszewski’s Pirc & Modern – GM Fabien Libiszewski
  25. Modern GM Miniatures – GM Eugene Perelshteyn
  26. Classical King’s Indian Defense – GM Marian Petrov
  27. Advancing Against the French Defense – GM Jesse Kraai
  28. The King’s Gambit – GM Marian Petrov
  29. Alekhine’s Defense – GM Marian Petrov

Other Series

  1. The Susan Polgar Method for Scholastic Chess Training Vol. 1
  2. The Susan Polgar Method for Scholastic Chess Training Vol. 2
  3. The King Hunt Bundle: Part 1 – Mato Jelic
  4. The King Hunt Bundle: Part 2 – Mato Jelic
  5. The Henley Files: The French Rubinstein – GM Ron Henley
  6. Henley Files: The Stonewall Dutch – GM Ron Henley
  7. Henley Files: The London System
  8. Style Bender: Magnus Carlsen’s 50 Best Games – GM Arkadij Naiditsch
  9. Boost Your Chess IQ – IM Boroljub Zlatanovic