Typical sacrifices – IM Sopiko Guramishvili

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Sacrifices are often necessary to break down your opponent’s defenses and finish off your attack. Knowing how to play them correctly, therefore, is essential to your chess success.

In this 1h 25m series, WGM Sopiko Guramishvili outlines the most useful sacrifices for opening up the King position, those on f2/f7, h2/h7 and h3/h6.

You will learn how to tell when the right moment is to make the sacrifice as well as how to follow it up properly to make sure you checkmate your opponent or win material.

Sopiko provides tons of brilliant examples from real games so you can see exactly how top players hide their intentions and continue their attack with fantastic, often surprising, moves.

Adding these ideas to your attacking repertoire will make you a far more deadly player and bring you many spectacular wins.


1. Introducing Typical Sacrifices
2. Sacrifices on f2 – Part 1
3. Sacrifices on f2 – Part 2
4. Sacrifices on h2 or h7 – Part 1
5. Sacrifices on h2 or h7 – Part 2
6. Sacrifices on h6
7. Wrapping up Typical Sacrifices


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Running Time

1 hour 25 minutes





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