Tricks and Traps in the Opening – IM John Watson

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digital productTricks and Traps in the Opening – IM John Watson

Tricks And Traps In The Opening – Im John Watson
Tricks and Traps in the Opening – IM John Watson

How many tricks and traps in the opening have you had to face in your chess career?

From the simplest ones to the more advanced, this amazing new video series by IM John Watson shows you how to fool (or not be fooled by!) your opponent, who might not know the intricacies of an opening.

The course is organized by general opening, and in this 15 video series, our opening guru provides you with tools that will make your opponents exclam “How did this happen?“.

This series is aimed at everyone, from the club player to the master level.

John shows, statistics at hand, that even simple tricks and traps in the opening have caught out of guard FMs, IMs and GMs, some of which are rather famous!

By watching this video series, you’ll sharpen your tactical sense, understand your favorite openings better, and broaden your general knowledge about openings.

About the Author:

John Watson is a recognized chess player, coach, and author. He also holds the title of International Master.

Watson was born in Milwaukee and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. He was educated at Brownell-Talbot, Harvard, and the University of California, San Diego, where he took his degree in engineering. He has won many chess tournaments including the first US National High School Chess Championship and the American Open.

Watson is best known as a chess theorist and author, He has written more than thirty books on many aspects of chess. His 1999 book Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy won the British Chess Federation’s Book of the year award as well as the United States Chess Federation Book of the Year.

The successor volume Chess Strategy in Action was the Chesscafe Book of the Year. These two books explore how radically chess has changed since the early 20th century, and how old and supposedly ‘time-tested’ rules for the conduct of play have been replaced by a broader and revolutionary practice over-the-board.

How do I benefit from this course?

In Tricks and Traps in the Opening, IM Watson employs his breakthrough method and trains you for 9 full hours so that by the end of course…

….your tactical alertness, AND your intuition in the opening…will be completely transformed.

Tricks and traps are everywhere: IM Watson shows how once you’ve learned how a trap works, it can apply not only to the opening phase of the game but also in the middlegame and even in the endgame!

In other words, learn how to use your traps in the opening, and you’ll become a better player all-around.

IM Watson reveals…

  • The Psychological Reason for Missing Traps…
  • Why Even Strong Players Miss “Obvious” Moves…
  • The 3 Blindspots Even GMs Suffer From!

Safe to say… after going through IM Watson’s training I became a convert! You MUST familiarize yourself with these traps and train your pattern recognition…

Because otherwise, sooner or later…you’ll become the VICTIM of them.

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+9 Hours

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Content Outline

Chapter List:

  • Introduction to the course
  • 1.e4 e5 – Part 1
  • 1.e4 e5 – Part 2
  • 1.e4 c5 – Part 1
  • 1.e4 c5 – Part 2
  • The French
  • French and Caro-Kann
  • Caro-Kann and other 1.e4 openings
  • Queen’s Gambit Declined
  • Slav and QGA
  • QGA and London System
  • King’s Indian
  • Nimzo and Queen’s Indian
  • Grunfeld and Benoni
  • Th English Opening