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digital_download_noticeThis is the second compilation of popular training programs for studying all phases of the chess game: the opening, middlegame and endgame. Here you can find five new programs not included in the first Total Chess Training package:

Encyclopedia of Middlegame II: a program for studying the opening plans and playing techniques of the middlegame. A theoretical section includes over 600 games/lectures, each of them illustrating typical plans and methods in the popular openings. A special training section includes more than 500 exercises for a user to solve and 150 training positions. This course was composed by GM Kalinin.

Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players: the program includes more than 1,180 tactical exercises, classified by themes and difficulty.

Mate Studies: about 5,000 exercises and problems. This is an excellent program for perfection of your combinative skills!

Theory and Practice of Chess Endings: the best program for studying the endgame! The author, a well-known coach and grandmaster Panchenko, worked through this chess material for over 20 years. Many experts regard his endgame handbook as the best in the field. Thousands of chess players in Russia used it to study the endgame and many of them are now grandmasters. The theoretical section includes 700 lectures and a training section with 300 exercises and 180 examples.

Chess Endgame Training: this program consists of more than 2,450 endgame exercises taken from practical games, endgame studies as well as training examples, all classified according to no less than 500 endgame themes.

Total Chess Training II includes more than 11,000 study examples and exercises for chess players with ELO from 1700 to 2400!

Windows Vista Users: If there is a problem running Chess Assistant programs with Vista, there is a free patch available. The patch may be downloaded, and the very simple instructions for using it are available here

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