Tips from a World Champion – GM Viswanathan Anand

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42 Tips from a World Champion


Former World Champion Viswanathan Anand talks you through examples from his own games to illustrate a wide range of tactical and strategic themes in this 3h 46m course.

Learn how a GM attacks his opponent’s King, how to evaluate a position, when to exchange pieces and how to play Rook and pawn endings in this advanced chess primer for players rated 1400-2000 .

The fantastic instructive material is made even more memorable by being presented in the context of some of Anand’s most brilliant games, including wins over Magnus Carlsen and Teimour Radjabov.

If you want to make sure there are no gaps in your middlegame and endgame knowledge whilst learning from the very best, study “Tips from a World Champion” and get new insights into chess.


1. Introduction
2. Tactics: Common themes
3. Tactics: Combining themes
4. Tactics: Intermezzo 1
5. Tactics: Intermezzo 2
6. Tactics: King hunts
7. Tactics: Exploiting weak squares
8. Tactics: Trapped pieces
9. Tactics: More common themes
10. Evaluation: Complex middlegames
11. Evaluation: Anand vs. Carlsen (2010)
12. Evaluation: Anand vs. Radjabov (2009)
13. Strategy: Raking bishops
14. Strategy: Misplaced pieces 1
15. Strategy: Misplaced pieces 2
16. Strategy: Misplaced pieces 3
17. Strategy: Which piece to keep?
18. Positional play: Using all your pieces
19. Positional play: Counterattack!
20. Positional play: Mixed themes
21. Positional play: A rook manoeuvre
22. Positional play: Pawn breaks
23. Endgames: Passed pawns
24. Endgames: Rook and pawns
25. Endgames: Bishop vs. Knight
26. Endgames: Rook vs. Bishop
27. Endgames: Queen and pawns

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3 hours 46 minutes





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