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gingergm collection

GM Simon Williams – The GingerGM Collection 2

All the GingerGM Collection 2 DVDs are for download at an unbelievable price! With 70+ hours of tuition, improvement is a given after purchasing this package.

Is this product for me?

This chess video collection is a 9 DVD set designed to help the beginner player learn the fundamentals of serious play and the average club player get some killer weapons in the opening.

If you’d like to improve your overall chess skills then this collection is just right for you.

gingergm collection

A collection definitely not to be missed, including presenters such as WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni, IM Alex Astaneh Lopez, IM Robert Ris, Blair Connell, GM Tiger Hillarp Persson, GM Roeland Pruijssers, and the GingerGM himself! GM Simon Williams.

Fiona’s Fundamentals – WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni & GM Simon Williams

WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni’s Fiona’s Fundamentals is a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of chess. Suitable for beginners to advanced club players on the tournament circuit, Fiona’s Fundamentals covers an extensive repertoire of essential principles, ideal for anyone wishing to develop or strengthen their existing skills and refresh their chess. Presented in the Double Tuition format with GM Simon Williams aka GingerGM, every fundamental is illustrated with examples from Fiona’s own games spanning years from her debut at international competitions aged 11, to an Olympiad Gold board medalist aged 17.

In five full chapters spanning 7.5 hours, Fiona and Simon will take you through the crucial principles necessary for the improving player, including time management, intuition, calculation, avoiding mistakes, reacting under pressure, and seeing one move further. Your chess: refreshed!

To end the DVD, Fiona and Simon present their favorite games from their many years of tournament play.

The Dynamic Caro-Kann – Alex Astanah, Fiona Steil-Antoni

The Dynamic Caro-Kann presents the viewer with an active repertoire against 1.e4. The suggested lines are as ambitious as they are sound! The DVD is both aimed at club players wishing to take up the opening for the first time, and Caro-Kann aficionados who are looking for new lines and ideas.

The material is divided into eight sections, covering all of White’s main responses:

  • The Advance Variation
  • The Exchange Variation
  • The Classical Variation
  • The Two Knights Variation
  • The Fantasy Variation
  • The Panov-Botvinnik
  • The Accelerated Panov
  • The Breyer Variation


This Double Tuition DVD sees WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni join forces with IM Alex Astaneh Lopez to present the content in an interactive way, with Fiona studying the Caro-Kann for the first time and asking Alex questions along the way.

Killer Scandinavian – IM Robert Ris

The basis of our repertoire is 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qa5 4.d4 Nf6. Despite ignoring the basic opening rules by bringing out the queen early, the Scandinavian is considered to be an excellent counter opening. And, as the name of the DVD, Killer Scandinavian suggests, rather than aiming to equalize with Black, we are out for blood! In about 5 hours of tuition, you’ll be presented a complete fighting repertoire for Black against 1.e4!

The Jobava London System – Simon Williams, Blair Connell

If you’re looking for a super simple system to play with White, perhaps the simplest of any openings, then the Jobava London System is the must-buy DVD for your repertoire!

Your first three moves will follow the line 1.d4, 2.Nc3 and 3.Bf4; Black has few concrete setups to play against this. The London System is renowned by club players for requiring minimal preparation against openings such as the King’s Indian Defence, Grunfeld, Nimzo, Benko, Benoni, Budapest Gambit… the list goes on!

The Jobava London System is perfect for both the club player and GMs alike. Names such as Carlsen, Aronian, Rapport, and of course Baadur Jobava are now playing this exciting and attacking opening regularly.

Presented in the Double Tuition format, your hosts are GM Simon Williams and Blair “Switcheroo” Connell.

Tiger on the Modern with GM Tiger Hillarp Persson

In 2004, Tiger Hillarp Persson published one of the most influential opening books of our times – Tiger’s Modern. Tiger’s book on his version of the Modern Defence was praised throughout the chess world for providing a complete repertoire for 1…g6 against all opening moves, particularly 1.e4.

For the first time, Tiger has recorded a course based on the material presented within that modern classic, with new analysis bringing the viewer up to date with the latest theory. Novice and advanced alike will enjoy this accessible and informative course which provides both an introduction and refresher to the theory developed in the original Tiger’s Modern and beyond.

This 5 1/2 hour video course is presented in a new format, with TWO grandmaster presenters; on hand is Simon Williams (aka Ginger GM) to ask the questions relevant to viewers, with the Swedish Grandmaster here to provide you with all the options and answers that the casual or club player could possibly need.

After completing this video course the viewer will feel confident to play this exciting and flexible opening, that is well suited for players who like living on the creative or adventurous side of the board. It is an honor for Ginger GM to produce and share this work with the world.

The Leningrad Dutch – GM Roeland Pruijssers & GM Simon Williams

Leningrad Dutch, the third installment in the Ginger GM ‘Double Tuition’ series, presents a fresh and up-to-date repertoire in what might be one of the most comprehensive DVDs on the Dutch to date.

Presented by GM Roeland Pruijssers and GM Simon Williams, two of the world’s leading Grandmaster experts on the Dutch, all the main and critical lines are covered, filling you with confidence to play this exciting opening, and ensuring you take away a lifetime’s worth of tips, tricks, and secrets that Roeland has dedicated decades to prepare.

Part one of the two DVDs worth of material covers the Leningrad Dutch mainlines where white plays g3.  A theoretical volume, this DVD does not skimp on the essential theory, but that is what you need in order to beat the best!

The second part of Leningrad Dutch aims to prepare you against all of white’s alternative set-ups, including the London System, 2nd move options, and numerous gambits.

Killer Alekhine – GM Roeland Pruijssers

The Alekhine opening is known to be one of the oldest weapons for black against 1.e4. The opening takes its name from the former World Chess Champion Alexander Alekhine, who implemented this opening with great success.

V-09 Chapter 21 Four Pawns Attack part 1

Nowadays, the Alekhine is regarded as an interesting option for black if you want to avoid openings that get huge attention like the Sicilian opening or 1…e5.

Even the world champion Magnus Carlsen took an interest and implemented this opening in his (online) blitz repertoire!

GingerGM welcomes you into the world of the non-standard and dangerous Killer Alekhine opening!

Killer Scotch – IM Robert Ris

Bored of the slow maneuvering play in the Ruy Lopez and Italian Opening? Try the Scotch! It’s simple, as White is aiming for an open game – develop the pieces as quickly as possible in order to launch an attack.

V-01 Chapter 0 Introduction

It all starts with the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Nxd4 and in about 5 hours of video presentation you’ll become familiar with everything you need to know with White against 1…e5! The lines are sharp (Yes, it’s the Killer Scotch!) as we are planning to get an exciting game.

Lazy Sicilian Najdorf – GM Simon Williams

In this 6+ hour DVD hosted by GM Simon Williams and GM Danny Gormally, we aim to teach you one of the most aggressive replies to 1.e4, the Sicilian Najdorf.

GingerGM is pleased to present a long-time Sicilian Najdorf aficionado GM Danny Gormally, who will provide you with expert analysis and theoretical knowledge on one of the sharpest and most popular chess openings of all time.

Also on hand is GM Simon Williams, who utilizes 20+ years of teaching to ask questions relevant to the casual or club player, ensuring that there is no stone left unturned in helping you learn this aggressive and historically-respected variation of the classic Sicilian Defence, frequently employed by world champions, Bobby Fischer and Gary Kasparov.

About the Authors:

GM Simon Williams (aka Ginger GM) is an English chess grandmaster, author, and commentator.

He obtained the Grandmaster title 2008, by accomplishing the final norm at the Hastings International Chess Congress 2005/2006 and the 2500+ rating at Hastings 2007/2008.

His highest rating so far is 2550, achieved in November 2009. In 2009, he organized the Big Slick International in Purley, London, which comprised an invitational GM tournament and FIDE Rated Open.

Fiona Steil-Antoni (born 10 January 1989) is a Luxembourgish chess player. She was awarded the title of Woman International Master by FIDE in 2010. In 2006, at the Women’s Chess Olympiad in Turin, she won the individual gold medal on board two thanks to a score of 10/12 points. She was awarded the Woman FIDE Master (WFM) title for this result.

She was awarded the title of Woman International Master (WIM) by FIDE in April 2010. Steil-Antoni has won the Women’s Luxembourg Chess Championship several times.

WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni is best known as a passionate international tournament player, commentator, streamer, and journalist. Fiona has commentated at top tournaments across the world including the Reykjavik Open, IoM Chess, and Tata Steel.

IM Alex Astaneh Lopez was born in Spain and went to Ireland at the age of seven.In 2010 he won the Irish chess championship for the first time. In December of the same year, he passed his third IM standard at the London Chess Classic and was awarded the FIDE title of International Master in 2011. He has played for the Irish team in the 2010, 2014 and 2018 Chess Olympiads.

Robert Ris is a Dutch International Master.

Ris learned how to play chess from his father when he was eight years old, and started playing in SV Amstelveen. In 2002 he started playing for SC Utrecht, and, later, in other clubs.

In the same year, he also won the Open Dutch Youth Chess Championship, which he had also won the D category (up to 12 years) in 1999. Ris has been an international chess coach since 2007. He was also part of the selection of Young Orange.

GM Roeland Pruijssers is a Dutch grandmaster who earned his international master title in 2007 and his grandmaster title in 2012. He won the Leiden Open in 2016.

Included Courses

  • The Dynamic Caro Kann
  • Killer Scandinavian
  • The Jobava London System
  • Tiger on the Modern
  • Leningrad Dutch 1&2
  • Killer Alekhine
  • Killer Scotch
  • Fiona’s Fundamentals
  • The Lazy Najdorf