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Can’t decide which one of Andrew Martin’s incredible Busy Man DVD’s to purchase? Then get them all at this ridiculously low price. Each video comes with exciting and secret and unknown sidelines that you can use to completely throw off your opponent in any situation with both the white and black piece.

These videos differ from other chess videos for 2 reasons. Firstly instead of going over known lines, they go over some lesser known and very powerful sidelines for well-known openings. Secondly, Andrew Martin is a FIDE Senior Chess trainer that explains these concepts in a clarity unmatched by other chess commentators!

$39.95 $27.95 $27.95 $17.95 $15.99 = $129.79 Own them all for $98.99!

IM Andrew Martin introduces you to:

Volume 1:

• The Colle Koltanowski (3 hours)
• A “wicked” variation of the Rubinstein French (and others, 2 hours)
• The 1…b6 Defence (2.5 hours)

Volume 2 – Black Shockers:

• A Queen’s Gambit Double Declined
• A Slippery Sicilian
• The French Fort Knox
• An Old Benoni which defies and even improves on ECO!

Volume 3 – White Shockers:

• The Ruy Lopez Exchange
• Closed Sicilian Defense Extended
• 1.a3; Don’t laugh-see the wins
• Caro-Kann a la N. Short
• Scandinavian “new”
• Old Speckled Hen (after a beer)
• Polar Bear (Reversed Leningrad Dutch)

Center Counter Rising

• The Modern Scandinavian
• Twelve Games Through 2010 Three BONUS games
• How White Can Beat the Center Counter
• How Black Can Win with the Center Counter

A Chess Clinic

This chess DVD is unlike any you have ever watched before because IM Andrew Martin has specifically designed the entire course and all of the material for the targeted improvement of beginner and intermediate players.

¨A Chess Clinic¨ focuses primarily on the following topics: A Sense of Danger, Thinking, Complications, Winning is an Art, Planning, and Drift, Strong vs. Weak, Inspiration, The Price, Guess, New Ideas, Later Moves

Total run-time: 25 hours

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