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The Mega Bundle: Chess Lessons to Become an Expert

The Mega Bundle

Are you looking to improve your chess strength significantly and start winning tournament after tournament?

If you want to get your hands on 500 hours of chess lessons from world-class presenters – plus the extras like the puzzles and PGN files – you’re just one click away from getting exactly what you need.

The Mega Bundle is guaranteed to improve your chess tournament results with high-quality chess video production and analysis from some of the best chess coaches in the world.

The Mega Bundle features an impressive line-up of world-renowned presenters including Grandmasters Sam Shankland (2018 U.S National Champion), GingerGM Simon Wiliams, Eugene Perelshteyn, Dejan Bojkov, Alex Yermolinsky, Melikset Khachiyan and IMs Danny Rensch and David Pruess.

This bundle is a collection of some of the best premium video content from and represents an invaluable guide to learning chess openings, strategy, and tactics.

What this Bundle includes:

Here’s what you’re getting with this extraordinary bundle:

The Danny Rensch Chess Tactics & Endgames Conversion Kit (26 hours)

The Mega Bundle

I’m sure you’ve heard of IM Danny Rensch… he is a world-famous chess coach and is also the man in charge of chess training materials at

Danny’s students often become dangerous players in short order – without the frustration and mind-numbing hard work that most players deal with…

These lessons from IM Danny Rensch focus heavily on two things

  1. Making you tactically superior – so that you can effortlessly achieve winning positions in your games.
  2. Endgame technique – so you can convert those winning positions with the polished technique of a pro.

GingerGM’s Spicy Collection – Spicy Attacks and Spicy Gambits (35 hours)

The Mega Bundle

The GingerGM, Simon Williams, will show you how precious timing can be in an opposite side castling position. The material might as well be forgotten, as it is all about who wins the race.

GM Simon Williams will walk you through some of the most common mistakes the club players make and will also tell you who to overcome those type of mistakes in a 3-part series of videos, included in this package.

Playing the same openings all the time isn’t much fun – and it makes you easy to prepare for. That’s the reason why GM Simon Williams will also talk to you about chess openings and gambits.

You’ll learn:

How to smash the Sicilian with an outlandish early …g5 sac followed by gunning down the g-file! Simon used this to defeat a 2585 Elo-rated GM, preparing the stunning …Bh6!! followed by …Rxg2+!! (Diagram)

Super GM Chess Tools To Force Wins – GM Sam Shankland (25 hours)

The Mega Bundle

Ever wondered what’s so special about Super GMs?

Here’s what happens: a well-seasoned super grandmaster always seems to find the way to force wins from rather drawish positions — where even a regular 2500-rated grandmaster might falter.

What is it that really separates the likes of Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, and Garry Kasparov from everyone else?

Is it that they have a higher IQ?

Is it due to having great genes?

Of course not! None of those things are really what separates such great players from the rest.

In truth, what makes a Super GM is actually a particular set of ‘tools’ or weapons that he hones over time and keeps “ready to fire at will”!

In ‘Super GM Chess Tools To Force Wins’, GM Sam Shankland teaches you how to win at chess using the super grandmaster tools that, when applied correctly, have the potential to take you to 2700 Elo and beyond.

Best Chess Openings for Tournaments (1600-2000+ players) – GM Sam Shankland (16.5 hours)

In this 16.5-hour collection of chess lessons, GM Shankland gives you a powerful chess opening repertoire and explains all the related tactics, positional aims and middlegame ideas.

Watch these chess lessons and you’ll always be able to obtain great positions out of the opening and know exactly what you need to do to turn this edge into a win.

Sam gives you GM insight into the most respected chess openings for tournaments: the super-sharp Sicilian Najdorf, the strategic Ruy Lopez, the Queen’s Gambit, Caro-Kann, and Semi-Slav – openings you can definitely rely on.

Bojkov Boss Moves: Learning From Chess Legends (34 hours)

The Mega Bundle

Any chess coach worth their salt will tell you that if you want to improve your chess skills, you should study the games of the great players of the past.

There is no quicker way to get the intuitive feel for good moves that you need if you’re to be successful in competitive play.

But where should you start?

There are so many fantastic players and each one of them has played hundreds of games. And what if you miss an important lesson when analyzing one of these games?

Never fear, GM Dejan Bojkov is here, and he’s got you covered with Bojkov Boss Moves: Learning from Chess Legends.

In this extraordinary 34-hour collection of his premium content, GM Dejan Bojkov analyzes the most instructive games of all time, focusing on the pre-computer era.

Bojkov Boss Moves Vol 2: Chess Strategy for Immediate Improvement (35 hours)

Get the skills needed to beat strong players with GM Dejan Bojkov’s 35-hour collection of his premium videos.

Whereas most chess courses teach general chess topics such as “how to attack”, Bulgarian GM Dejan Bojkov has focused on very specific chess skills, giving you the high-level techniques you definitely need in order to beat strong players.

With crystal clear insight, Dejan explains concepts such as when to exchange pieces in your favor, how to get the best out of each piece by understanding their hidden strength, and the potential of the heavy pieces!

And those are just 3 out of the many lessons containing game-winning chess strategy and technique.

How 2700 GMs Study Chess – GM Sam Shankland (+27 hours)

The Mega Bundle

2018 US Chess Champion Sam Shankland has put together a 27-hour series of his analysis and commentary on the most instructive positions and games.

This is how top players study chess and improve: by constantly searching out new ideas and analyzing the best games to understand chess at ever-deeper levels.

And now you get to enjoy the fruit of Sam’s labor!

This super course will give you 2 things:

  1. Hundreds of the most powerful ideas in chess from 2700+ GMs – stuff that 99% of players will never have seen before.
  2. Insight into the thought-process of a world-class GM: what’s important in the position? How much risk should you take? How can you streamline your calculation?

And, crucially, everything sticks in your head as Sam comments on these incredible games like he’s narrating a story.

GM Eugene Perelshteyn Power Chess Bundle (19 hours)

GM Eugene Perelshteyn is here to help you get better results in your chess tournaments and also gain some high-value chess knowledge that will help you skyrocket your rating.

In the first portion of this 19-hour chess bundle, GM Perelshteyn will provide you with highly instructive game analysis from top players. For example, he introduces a very aggressive approach to the Leningrad Dutch, presenting a devastating game by GM Hikaru Nakamura. Along the way, Perelshteyn clearly explains the basis for white’s aggression and the type of play that is likely to result.

You will gain a new sense of how to challenge opponents with creative play right from the opening, as well as a new weapon against the Dutch defense.

How to Beat Higher Rated Opponents – GM Ben Finegold (18 hours)

The Mega Bundle

In the first part of this 18-hour chess video collection, Finegold explains how all his previous experience ultimately helped earn the GM title.

He recalls a particular battle with then-IM Boris Kreiman with an interesting “Berlin Sideline” (that has become Ben’s specialty!) in a critical game in the 2002 World Open. This victory was a key step on his way towards earning his first GM norm.

“How to beat higher rated opponents”  is an 18+ hour chess course to help beginner and intermediate chess players understand how they can prepare to play against higher rated chess players, and win.

Chess Strategy Guide for Club Players – GM Melikset Khachiyan (28 h)

The Mega Bundle

In this 28-hour chess strategy guide, GM Melikset Khachiyan makes use of his own experience and his students’ experience in order to illustrate how to implement dynamic thinking and strategic thinking in your own games.

Sometimes chess relies on the rote study: the rules, normal openings, and some common endgames. But most of the time, winning chess requires imagination — and lots of it.

GM Melikset Khachiyan will teach you how to look out for these game-changing moves, whether there are quiet threats or spectacular sacrifices. GM Khachiyan shows you one of his own games that is filled with potential in-between moves, and it’s your job to spot them.

In the first portion of this bundle, GM Melikset Khachiyan walks you through the key ideas of the positional exchange sacrifice in one of his own instructive games.

Chess Strategy Secrets by IM Danny Rensch (Rensch Bundle #2) (28 hours)

The Mega BundleChess Strategy Secrets by IM Danny Rensch” has been specially designed to help you improve your understanding of chess concepts and strategy. You’ll learn how to implement strategic thinking in your own games.

IM Danny Rensch will take you through the methods available to fight against the isolated queen pawn. He covers topics as: When do you want to trade the queens? What is a waiting move, and should you use them?

In this fundamental video series, you’ll also enjoy a crash course in pawn structure for every main-line chess opening. In this fast-paced lesson, IM Rensch surveys the key elements of the openings and shows you the crucial ideas for each arising structure.

If you’re a chess beginner, there isn’t a better video for your opening repertoire. If you’re a more advanced player, take this as a refresher course.

Yermolinsky’s Brilliancy Bombs – GM Alex Yermolinsky (23 hours)

The Mega BundleGM Alex Yermolinsky is here to bring you in-depth, hard-hitting GM analyses of the games in his brilliancy collection.

In this bundle, we have a huge number of games that were selected by a panel of experts as the best games from a series of tournaments –  and Yermolinsky analyzes them with his trademark wit and refined cynicism.

GM Yermolinsky gives a more in-depth look at what happened to the betting favorite at the 2014 Candidates Tournament. In his words, GM Aronian is “too driven by his emotions” and that got him into trouble after the tournament began to go sour.

Yermo will show you how GM Mamedyarov capitalizes on this weakness by playing a topical line in the Nimzo and sacking the exchange for great counterplay. You have to see this popular system in action!

Technical Chess PlayBook – GM Melikset Khachiyan (23 hours)

The Mega BundleIn this 23-hour technical chess guide, GM Melikset Khachiyan makes use of his vast experience in order to illustrate how to implement correct planning, evaluation, and calculation techniques in your own games.

GM Khachiyan uses practical examples to show you how simple chess can be once you master positional elements and have a solid tactical foundation.

Each video of this series tackles a specific topic, from helping you to understand why “dynamics” are more important than “the material count” in the middlegame, how to maneuver your pieces and calculation techniques, to teaching you how to attack when the Kings are castled on opposite sides of the board.

You’d better get ready to take notes because this video collection is full of Melik’s positional advice. Learn everything you need to know about how to play technical chess on both sides of the board.

Tighten The Screws in Your Opponents Mistakes – IM Danny Rensch (27 hours)

The Mega BundleDanny Rensch is BACK again…this time with 27 more hours of invaluable chess training on how to take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes in order to become a much stronger player!

In the first part of this bundle, IM Danny Rensch tries to apply his “multi-tasking rambling skills” to someone else’s chess games! You will see some of the most common errors that players make repeatedly and learn how to avoid them, and punish your opponents when they make them!

One of the tips that you will hear from top-level players over and over again is that you MUST study your own games.

IM Danny Rensch is here to do some of the hard work for you, as he goes over member games. He will highlight the most important errors on both sides of the board and provide solutions for improvement.

Master 1.e4 The Open Game: Sicilian, Spanish, and French (23 hours)

The Mega Bundle

GM Melikset Khachiyan is here again to provide you with some incredible opening ideas for 1.e4 open games, so that you can be more prepared when the Sicilian, Spanish, and French Defense pop up on the board.

In the first part of this bundle, GM Khachiyan talks about Sicilian methods. He analyzes some tournament games in order to illustrate the great impact of the e4-e5 push in the Sicilian Defense.

He clearly explains the reasons for moves in this line, showing for example why Black develops their queen knight to c6 or d7.

Then he moves on to share with us one of four games he played in an important mainline of the Italian game… in one tournament!! He includes his recommendations for opening lines, explanations of key middlegame maneuvers and concepts, advice for your thought process, and more.

GM Khachiyan also introduces a very important strategic consideration in the Ruy Lopez (Chigorin lines): the Black knight which can get stuck on a5. He shows a classic example of White taking advantage of that piece, and teaches several other strategic lessons along the way.

How to Build a Million Dollar Attack! – IM Keaton Kiewra (24 hours)

The Mega Bundle

Keaton Kiewra is on the charge! With more than 24 hours of pure attacking chess enlightenment meant to make you a strong attacking player!

If you are a fan of Sicilian Dragons, be ready to take in one hell of a ride! Through the teaching of many must-know lines, Keaton is devoted to make you a feared player with the Dragon.

You will also witness some of the most famous miniatures, mating attacks and several positions that have become part of the classical knowledge a chess student must-have.

How to Think Like a Chess Master – IM Danny Rensch (29 hours)

The Mega BundleDanny Rensch is BACK again…this time with 29 more hours of invaluable chess training showing you the thinking process a Master employs whenever he evaluates a position or calculates a certain line.

“How to Think Like a Chess Master by IM Danny Rensch” has been specifically developed to help you improve your game by learning the fine aspects of the game you should evaluate before choosing a plan. You will also benefit by looking at the most common mistakes you and your opponent usually make when playing a game.

Find the answer to the questions: How do chess masters seemingly find incredible tactics effortlessly? How do they win complex looking endgames with ease? How many moves in advance do you have to calculate in order to be a player of “master-level”?

How Boa Constrictor Chess Squeezes Wins – GM Melikset Khachiyan (27 hours)

The Mega Bundle

Squeeze play — that is, making positional moves that reduce your opponent’s mobility to the point that he feels like his pieces can’t move…like he is being positionally strangled…

This was the true secret of guys like Petrosian and Karpov and why Iron Tigran got the nickname “Boa Constrictor”!

Inside this bundle you’ll find 27 hours of lectures giving you deep knowledge and a skill set strong enough to squeeze opponents in a way that’d make even Petrosian proud.

Powerful Precision Chess – IM David Pruess (27 hours)

The Mega Bundle

Currently rated 1100-1500? Want quality training that will get you to 1700 and beyond?

IM David Pruess has recorded 27 hours of lessons designed to get you there fast!

This outstanding collection of 60 of David’s premium videos is all about making the most of your every move – rapid development in the opening, then constant pressure until your opponent cracks.

If you want a shortcut to 1700, this collection is for you!

IM David Pruess is an American international master and a chess coach with over 20 years of experience.

How do I benefit from this Bundle?

With around 250 hours of to-the-point training material, these chess lessons are purposely designed to help you understand chess better and find the right move at the board.

The Mega Bundle will be all the training material you’ll need for at least the next 6 months.

Here are some chess lessons you’ll find in this bundle:

Play Powerful Positional Chess Like Magnus Carlsen

You know that Magnus Carlsen is a brilliant positional player, but do you know why? GM Eugene Perelshteyn reviews an instructive Carlsen win against Vishy Anand from the 2013 Tal Memorial tournament.

Find out GM Perelshteyn’s advice on how to play against the “hanging pawns” that Anand took pains to avoid in the game.

One move ahead

The Mega Bundle

Playing for equality? Stop playing natural moves! Start looking at weirder moves instead to wring initiative out of your opponent’s “perfect” position.

See why Shankland denied a piece sacrifice for a more unnatural Nc5! in this North American Open game.

Kasparov’s secrets

Sam’s fascinating 10-part series on his favorite player. Learn all about Garry’s mastery of the initiative, attacking play and far-sighted moves. If this doesn’t add more fire to your play, it’s time to give up!

When to Exchange Pieces

This well prepared and well-articulated lesson is going to improve your technical skills and knowledge regarding the exchange of pieces… big time!

This video is broken down into specific aspects of the art of exchanging pieces and will help you make better decisions in your own critical moments at the board.

Positional Compensation: Active Pieces

Grandmaster Dejan Bojkov reviews a game played by Nana Dzagnidze. After sacrificing an exchange, her pieces gained superpowers and they never looked back!

This interesting demonstration provides proof that the Bishop pair can provide more than enough compensation against the Rook and Knight tandem. After a brilliant pawn move at a critical moment, Dzagnidze was able to beat Super-GM Vallejo-Pons in style.

The Mega Bundle is guaranteed to help the viewer improve by focusing on a variety of topics including deep opening preparation, forcing attacking sequences, chess tactics, classic game analysis, endgame principles, and much more.