Tactics Fundamentals – IM Valeri Lilov

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It is no surprise that TACTICS is the key to winning chess games all the way up to 2200 elo. If you are under 1800 rated, tactics is absolutely must-study element! Many chess players don’t have the foundation that they can build upon. Fundamental tactics is a HUGE part of that foundation. Not only you need to understand tactical elements, but you also should be able to apply them in your games.

That’s where majority of chess players struggle. They know what pins and forks are, but they miss bigger picture: how it all works together.

Have you ever been wondering how chess masters find those tactics FAST and EASY?

That’s because masters perfected those elements and see the patterns. They see the big picture, not just pieces. They see the painting, not just the brush strokes. By learning tactics fundamentals you will start seeing it too.

Wouldn’t it feel great to…

-Just look at a position and instantly identify important tactics
-See 2x or even 3x tactics your regular opponent sees
-Save even hopeless positions by “tactical miracles”
-Execute a brilliant tactical combination winning the game
-Understand the most important mating patterns that only Grandmasters use
-International Master Valeri Lilov believes that tactics is something that separates winners from losers. IM
-Lilov cracked the code to becoming a better tactician and will REVEAL his secrets in this 3 hour long video course.

If you were losing games because of tactical oversights this is your instant cure. If tactics isn’t your strength… this course can change that. This course is something that CAN and WILL make all the difference in your chess by making you a much stronger tactical player!


CHAPTER 1: Pins, Forks, and Skewers
CHAPTER 2: Poisoned Pawn
CHAPTER 3: Decoy Mechanism
CHAPTER 4: Deflection Technique
CHAPTER 5: Removing of the Defender Method
CHAPTER 6: Typical Bishop Sacrifice
CHAPTER 7: Open vs. Closed Positions
CHAPTER 8: X-ray Attack
CHAPTER 9: Typical Mating Patterns

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