Tactics & Calculation for the Ambitious Player (The Shankland Method 2)

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Master Method Series #16

The Shankland method preview

Chess tactics win games, which is why we should work on our tactical ability. However, most players just stay sharp by solving random puzzles.

Now you can stand out and get the edge in your games with Tactics & Calculation for the Ambitious Player from Olympiad Gold winner, GM Sam Shankland.

This stunning 16 hour course breaks down the deadliest tactics from top-level play, uniquely splitting them into 6 categories, ranging from Attacking the King to Endgame Tactics.

By challenging students to find the strongest moves then explaining the mechanics of the combination, GM Shankland improves both your calculation and pattern recognition, transforming you into a master tactician!


  • Part 1: Attacking the King
    • Volkov-Socko
    • Kacheishvili-Gareev
    • Lupulescu-Iturrizaga
    • Bellahcene-Shankland
    • Wang-Nakamura
    • Esserman-van Wely
    • Anand-MVL (Anand-Vachier)
    • Christiansen-Shankland
    • Kacheishvili-Shankland
    • Shankland-Lee
    • Pruess-Bogner
    • Shankland-Bick
    • Yifan-Jackson
    • Anand-Svidler
  • Part 2: Explosions in the center
    • Kaidanov-Shankland
    • Shankland-Bajarani
    • Shankland-Hughes
    • Carlsen-Giri
    • Akopian-Giri
    • Ramirez-Gareev
    • Vaibhav-Shankland
    • Shankland-Macieja
    • Shankland-Erenburg
    • Jumabeyev-Shankland
  • Part 3: Tension in the middlegame
    • R Wang-Shankland
    • Ehlvest-Shankland
    • Hermansen-Shankland
    • Harikrishna-Shankland
    • Shankland-Gareev
    • Kramnik-Howell
    • Kamsky-Svidler
    • Aronian-Nakamura
    • Hammer-Navara
    • Shankland-Hector
  • Part 4: Loose pieces
    • Anand-Kasparov
    • Verstraeten-Shankland
    • Karjakin-Carlsen
    • Kasparov-Timman
    • Shankland-Bhat
  • Part 5: Active defense
    • Hansen-Shankland
    • Hess-Shankland
    • Yu Yangyi-So
    • Topalov-Kamsky
    • Shankland-Chandra
  • Part 6: Endgame tactics
    • Shankland-Sevian
    • Carlsen-Gelfand
    • Fikiet-Shankland
    • Ivanchuk-Giri
    • Zherebukh-Shankland
  • Bonus
    • Live Blitz with Sam Shankland
    • iChess Blitz Battle of the Bay Area Beasts!

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16 hours



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Production House