Tactical Motifs 3 – LM Dana Mackenzie

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Life Master Dana Mackenzie introduces the concepts and shows examples of hows how to effectively deal with loose pieces, cross-pins, Alekhine’s block and other blocks and The Hook and Ladder trick.

Content: Over 2.8 hours of instruction and analysis in a series of 5 lectures.

Recommended for: Beginning to Intermediate Players.

Users rated this series: 4.48 out of 5

Chess Fans have said: Just watched this video again after having seen it a couple of times before. I think its a fantastic video that players of all levels can learn from. (Case in point: two of Dana’s examples featured GM’s who fell into this trap).

LM Dr. Dana Mackenzie is a USCF Life Master, a PhD mathematician, and an award-winning mathematics and science journalist and author. LM Dana Mackenzie started playing tournament chess during the “Fischer boom” of 1971-72 and never quit. Champion of North Carolina in 1985 & 1987, and became a master in 1988. Mackenzie now lives in Santa Cruz, CA and runs a chess club for kids at the local library. His passion for chess and his enthusiasm for teaching is unmistakable.


301: Loose Pieces Part I
Run Time: 00:49:28

301: Loose Pieces Part II
Run Time: 00:39:55

302: Cross-Pins
Run Time: 00:40:20

303: Alekhine’s Block and Other Blocks on f3 (f6)
Run Time: 00:30:30

The Hook and the Ladder Trick
Run Time: 00:12:51

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