Starting Out: Pawn Endgames

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Starting Out: Pawn Endgames Chess Endings
Starting Out: Pawn Endgames Front Cover

Endgames involving only kings and pawns are the most fundamental of all chess positions. And a firm understanding of them is required in order to become confident in tackling more complex chess endings that preceded them.

In this easy-to-read guide, Grandmaster and distinguished endgames expert Glenn Flear focuses on the very basics of pawn chess endings. Beginning with the simplest of positions and only gradually working through to more challenging material, Flear outlines the key principles and rules. He also demonstrates how these work in practical examples.

As one of the priorities of such endings is to promote pawns to queens, Flear additionally deals with queen chess endings that arise naturally from the simpler form. As is commonplace with the renowned Starting Out series, there are an abundance of notes, tips, and warnings throughout the book to help the improving player.

Starting Out: Pawn Endgames is perfect for those who have previously honed their chess skills with the earlier books Starting Out in Chess, Tips for Young Players, and Improve Your Endgame Play.

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