The Sniper! 5 Volume Set – GM Ron W Henley

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Paul Azzurro
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GM Ron HenleyThe Sniper Opening is one of the most flexible opening schemes ever invented, as black opens with 1. ..g6 and 2. ..Bg7 against almost any initial opening moves played by the white pieces.

In fact, you can play the Sniper Opening against every white set-up that does not involve 1. b3 or 1. b4 (two very rare opening moves).

The Sniper Opening is a perfect example of Hypermodern opening theory, as black willingly allows white to gain space in the center – inviting white to ¨over-extend¨ so that black can strike with deadly force at white’s central ¨space advantage¨ early in the opening and middlegame.

The Sniper Opening closely resembles the Modern Defense and Pirc Defense, however, there is a HUGE difference in that the opening theory in the Sniper Opening system is much less developed and much less popular – meaning that you are almost definitely going to surprise your opponent very early in the game!

The Sniper is a dynamic and universal opening system that is easy to learn and play at any level. This 5-Volume set features over 15 hours of elite Grandmaster content and deeply reviews opening systems that frequently result from the Sniper set-up, including the Accelerated Dragon, the Dzindzi-Indian, and other powerful black Fianchetto defenses.

The Sniper Opening is a perfect opening system because you can play it against 1. e4, 1. d4, 1. c4, 1. Nf3, etc., and the basic principles for black are going to be very similar: give white the big center while black develops rapidly to attack and break down white’s center from the flanks!

Grandmaster Ron W. Henley maintains over 20 years of experience as a high-powered chess trainer. GM Henley’s former students include Hikaru Nakamura, Irina Krush, and other strong professional players in today’s game.

For the last 20 years, GM Henley has worked as a second, analyst, and trainer for former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov in numerous matches. Grandmaster Henley’s impeccable qualities as a chess instructor are unquestionable, as his experience is varied and his presentation style is exceptionally clear.

In this 5-Volume set, GM Henley covers all of the main lines and common themes of the Sniper Opening system in great detail. This chess DVD series is intended for chess players of intermediate and advanced levels, examining one of the real hidden gems in modern opening theory.

If you are a chess player looking to drastically improve your results with the black pieces via a comprehensive opening system, ¨The Sniper! 5 Volume Set¨ is guaranteed to make your results and rating shoot through the roof!

Thank you (Review by FM William Stewart)

Run-time: 15 hours 8 minutes

This 5 Volume course is part of the Foxy Openings Mega Bundle.

Originally Produced by Paul Azzurro | © ChessDVDs

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