Crushing White with the Sicilian Najdorf – GM Rafael Leitao

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Crushing White with the Sicilian Najdorf – GM Rafael Leitao

Crushing White With The Sicilian Najdorf - Gm Rafael Leitao

Empire Chess – Vol 16

If you are looking for an opening for black against 1. e4 where you are guaranteed to be able to fight for a win in every variation, look no further! The Sicilian Najdorf is the most aggressive weapon for black against 1. e4.

The Sicilian Defense has been consistently providing the most double-edged positions in chess over the last 70 years.

From the very first moves, the Sicilian Najdorf presents a level of danger for both sides that is unseen in any other chess opening – providing an exceptionally high percentage of decisive results.

The reasons for this are simple – the Sicilian Najdorf creates huge imbalances by the very nature of the structure. In most variations, black makes long-term positional concessions in the form of a backward d6 pawn and a permanent weakness on the d5 square.

In exchange, black gets immediate and long-term tactical compensation and activity in the form of rapid minor piece development, strong counterplay on the half-open c-file, and constant opportunities to bust the game open via thematic pawn breaks such as ..d6-d5 and ..b7-b5.

About the Author:

At 2631 FIDE, Grandmaster Rafael Leitao is the highest rated player in Brazil and South America and continues to dominate in numerous recent tournaments, practically running the table in all of South America.

GM Rafael Leitao has played the Sicilian Defense, especially de Najdorf variation for nearly 20 years and in this 3-hour chess DVD, he provides the viewers with the positional foundation that is required to achieve consistent success with this complicated defense against 1. e4.

GM Leitao explains that you should understand the positional concepts associated with mainline theory, but that doesn’t mean you have to memorize every single line.

How is this course going to help me?

In this chess DVD, the Brazilian Grandmaster presents his recommended variations in every mainline and sideline of the Najdorf variation so that viewers will have a complete, narrowly focused arsenal with black against 1. e4!

Crushing White With The Sicilian Najdorf - Gm Rafael Leitao

The Sicilian Defense, especially the Najdorf variation is truly an opening where black maintains opportunities for active play and winning chances in every single line. There are no easy ways for white to choose a dull line and try to force a drawish position from the opening.

This exactly why the Sicilian Defense is one of the most popular chess openings at the Grandmaster and world chess champion level – it has been employed frequently by legendary players like Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, Viswanathan Anand, Veselin Topalov, Boris Gelfand, and more.

The only downside of the Sicilian Najdorf is that you must be familiar with the theory to achieve great success. However, that doesn’t mean you need to memorize 10 different main lines and sidelines to get good positions from the opening.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn with this course:

Thematic pawn breaks

Black typically aims for the pawn breaks involving ..d6-d5 and ..b7-b5 to liberate his position, combined with strong pressure on the half-open c-file.

Play Against 7.Bg5

GM Leitao will show you fashionable ways to play against the most tactical variation of the Najdof Sicilian, as well as the very popular English attack with 7.Be3 and g4.

Bobby Fischer’s favorite line

Learn how to play against the Sicilian Najdorf yourself, using the variation that was the longtime favorite of former world champion, GM Bobby Fischer, 7.Bc4.

As presenter GM Rafael Leitao explains, you must understand the reasons behind the moves to be truly successful with the black pieces when playing the Sicilian Najdorf.

Get ready to win against 1.e4 with the black pieces!

Enjoy this course! 

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3 hours 14 minutes


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Chapter List

Chapter Outline:

1.) Introduction

2.) 6. Bg5 – Main Line

3.) 6. Be3 – English Attack

4.) 6. Bc4 – Fischer-Sozin attack

5.) 6. Be2 – Opocensky Variation

6.) Sidelines – 6. f4; 6. g3

7.) Sidelines – 6. Be3 e5 7. Nf3; 6. a4; 6. h3