The Shankland Method 01 and 02 – GM Sam Shankland

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Master Method Series #06

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This incredible 16-hour course from Super GM Sam Shankland (2674 Elo) reveals his approach to becoming a master calculator and finding the most forcing, powerful moves at the board.

In each of the 55 chapters, GM Shankland examines an instructive, dynamic game, revealing why and how the winner was able to create chances and convert them into victory.

Sam asks us to consider one question: if we have a strategic or tactical aim but our opponent seems to be preventing it, what happens if we play it anyway?

It’s this consideration that allows us to put maximum pressure on our opponents and opens up a new world of creative possibilities at the board.

Sam has carefully selected the games so that most of them should be new to you, even though they feature some of the biggest names in the game, including Carlsen, Anand, Topalov, Kasparov, and Aronian. Of course, Sam includes plenty of his own games too – losses as well as wins – revealing the secrets he has found in his analysis.

Sam teaches at a fast pace and demands the interaction necessary for you to make real improvement. For any ambitious player looking to take their calculation, attacking play and dynamism to a very high level, there is simply no other course like this.

Includes a 1 hour bonus of GM Shankland playing online blitz, voicing his thoughts and analysis in real time plus a fascinating insight into his personal philosophy and best advice for improving players in a Q&A session!


  1. Topalov-Anand
  2. Shankland-Barbosa
  3. Shankland-Nyzhnyk
  4. Carlsen-Wang Yue
  5. Charbonneau-Yedidia
  6. Shankland-Safarli
  7. Wang Hao-Shankland
  8. Kamsky-Gelfand
  9. Kramnik-Carlsen
  10. Morozevich-Giri
  11. Kramnik-Aronian
  12. Shankland-Esserman
  13. Kaufman-Shankland
  14. Kasparov-Kramnik
  15. Gashimov-Bacrot
  16. Shankland-Kraemer
  17. Morozevich-Leko
  18. Shankland-Kacheishvili
  19. Shankland-Ganguly
  20. Short-Kramnik
  21. Kasparov-J.Polgar
  22. Shankland-Gozzoili
  23. Molner-Shankland
  24. Shankland-Romanenko
  25. Shankland-Sanikidze
  26. Nakamura-Gelfand
  27. Shankland-L’ami
  28. Shankland-Martinez
  29. Dominguez-Svidler
  30. Ivanisevic-Caruana
  31. Kramnik-Anand
  32. Shankland-Dominguez
  33. Shankland-Getz
  34. Kamsky-Seirawan
  35. Ali Marandi-Moiseenko
  36. Shankland-Turov
  37. Shankland-Gopal
  38. Van Wely-Topalov
  39. Carlsen-Gelfand
  40. Shankland-Saric
  41. Carlsen-Karjakin
  42. Nakamura-Shankland
  43. Shankland-Gareev
  44. Ivanchuk-So
  45. Topalov-Kasimdzhanov
  46. Carlsen-Aronian
  47. Shankland-Ortiz 
  48. Shankland-Li
  49. Javakhishvili-Shankland
  50. Karjakin-Anand
  51. Erdogdu-Morozevich
  52. Ponomariov-Shankland
  53. Aronian-Anand
  54. Krasenkow-Nakamura
  55. Shankland-Hernandez

Bonus: Blitz Session

Bonus: Q&A Session


Master Method Series #16

Chess tactics win games, which is why we should work on our tactical ability. However, most players just stay sharp by solving random puzzles.

Now you can stand out and get the edge in your games with Tactics & Calculation for the Ambitious Player from Olympiad Gold winner, GM Sam Shankland.

This stunning 16-hour course breaks down the deadliest tactics from top-level play, uniquely splitting them into 6 categories, ranging from Attacking the King to Endgame Tactics.

By challenging students to find the strongest moves then explaining the mechanics of the combination, GM Shankland improves both your calculation and pattern recognition, transforming you into a master tactician!


  • Part 1: Attacking the King
    • Volkov-Socko
    • Kacheishvili-Gareev
    • Lupulescu-Iturrizaga
    • Bellahcene-Shankland
    • Wang-Nakamura
    • Esserman-van Wely
    • Anand-MVL (Anand-Vachier)
    • Christiansen-Shankland
    • Kacheishvili-Shankland
    • Shankland-Lee
    • Pruess-Bogner
    • Shankland-Bick
    • Yifan-Jackson
    • Anand-Svidler
  • Part 2: Explosions in the center
    • Kaidanov-Shankland
    • Shankland-Bajarani
    • Shankland-Hughes
    • Carlsen-Giri
    • Akopian-Giri
    • Ramirez-Gareev
    • Vaibhav-Shankland
    • Shankland-Macieja
    • Shankland-Erenburg
    • Jumabeyev-Shankland
  • Part 3: Tension in the middlegame
    • R Wang-Shankland
    • Ehlvest-Shankland
    • Hermansen-Shankland
    • Harikrishna-Shankland
    • Shankland-Gareev
    • Kramnik-Howell
    • Kamsky-Svidler
    • Aronian-Nakamura
    • Hammer-Navara
    • Shankland-Hector
  • Part 4: Loose pieces
    • Anand-Kasparov
    • Verstraeten-Shankland
    • Karjakin-Carlsen
    • Kasparov-Timman
    • Shankland-Bhat
  • Part 5: Active defense
    • Hansen-Shankland
    • Hess-Shankland
    • Yu Yangyi-So
    • Topalov-Kamsky
    • Shankland-Chandra
  • Part 6: Endgame tactics
    • Shankland-Sevian
    • Carlsen-Gelfand
    • Fikiet-Shankland
    • Ivanchuk-Giri
    • Zherebukh-Shankland
  • Bonus
    • Live Blitz with Sam Shankland
    • iChess Blitz Battle of the Bay Area Beasts!

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2 reviews for The Shankland Method 01 and 02 – GM Sam Shankland

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Manning (verified owner)

    Sam really goes all the way in providing example after example that are relevant in practical play. Very interactive and really makes you think while going through this course. Truly beneficial and I have seen his recommendations of what to ask my self while playing help me in my over the board games. This is a must have, indeed!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Reigning U.S. Chess Champion does a terrific job of explaining strategies in various situations, many which of which include his own games. I would recommend these courses for the more advanced players as his examples require extreme calculation. He encourages watchers to pause the video at various stages in order try to figure out the variations on your own. His explanations are clear-cut. I would advise watching these courses more than once in order to fully understand the complexities of the exercises. Highly recommended.

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