Secrets Of The Middlegame – IM Valeri Lilov

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Secrets Of The Middlegame – Lilov Chess Institute – Vol 04

Inject more power into your middlegame play with IM Valeri Lilov’s 11 hours intensive course on the 5 skills all successful players must master.

Learn how to create attacks that overload your opponent’s defense. How to improve your pieces with every move and calculate accurately, seeing further ahead than your rivals, allowing you to find that game-winning sting in the tail.

Valeri also reveals his personal approach to devising cunning strategies and gives brilliant insights into the art of managing your emotions… and controlling those of your opponent!

Covering topics as varied as psychology, King hunts and analyzing master games, this is a truly comprehensive course which will pay enormous dividends to any serious student.

Chapter Outline:

Part 1: The Art of Attack

  1. Preparing your attack (Setting Up an Attack)
  2. Attacking the Kingside (How to Attack on the Right Side)
  3. Premature attacks (Premature Attacks)

Part 2: How to calculate quickly and accurately

  1. Understanding candidate moves (Move Candidates and Alternatives)
  2. Candidate moves in the opening (Move Candidates in the Opening)
  3. Candidate moves in the middlegame (Move Candidates in the Middlegame)
  4. Improving your calculation (Improve Your Tactics and Calculation)
  5. Calculation checklist (Checklist Suggestions)

Part 3: Positional Mastery

  1. The 3 key principles (The Three Key Principles)
  2. Opening files (Opening Files)
  3. Evaluating the pieces (Evaluate the Pieces)
  4. Improving your position (Positional Improvement)
  5. Winning with pawn play (Pawn Structure, Weaknesses & Exchanges)
  6. Exploiting pawn weaknesses (Learn to Exploit Pawn Weaknesses)
  7. How to avoid positional mistakes (How to Avoid Positional Mistakes)
  8. Mastering prophylaxis (How to Excel at Prophylaxis)
  9. Positional play in practice (Opening and Middlegame Lesson)

Part 4: Chess Strategy

  1. Post-Opening Strategy (Post-Opening Strategy)
  2. Enforcing your plan (Improve Your Middlegame Planning)
  3. Strategy in action (Strategy for Intermediate Players; Part I)
  4. Endgame strategy (Improve Your Endgame Strategy)

Part 5: Practical play

  1. Becoming psychologically tough (Psychological preparation)
  2. Managing your emotions (Identifying negative emotions)
  3. Taking advantage of your opponent’s emotions (Opponents emotions)
  4. Surviving bad positions (Defending Bad Positions)
  5. How to defend successfully (How to Defend More Successfully)
  6. Learning from master games (Analyse Master Games)

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1 review for Secrets Of The Middlegame – IM Valeri Lilov

  1. brianpalaia (verified owner)

    One of the hardest phases of the game to learn and master – but this video material goes a long way to immersing a player in middle game approaches and concepts from the late opening/early middle game to the middle game to the late middle game detailing in a progressive series of bite size videos the concepts to keep in mind as the phases of the game advance. Great for lower and mid level players who are seeking a better understanding of what can be the most complicated phase of the game – the middle game. Lilov offers insight into middle game principles and provides advice for a successful transition from the opening into the early middle game, and middle game positioning and improving your pieces to convert the win in the endgame. Easy to understand, review, and assimilate into practice. Another successful DVD.

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