Secrets of Chess Tactics (Intermediate)

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Polgar Chess University: Secrets of Chess Tactics – Chess tactics and endgames

Chess tactics and endgames are quite similar in that both require precise calculation and a good knowledge of typical patterns is very helpful.

In this 15½ hour bundle, GM Susan Polgar provides you with some of the more advanced ideas you will need as you play stronger opponents. With more games likely to reach the final phase, experience of these positions will pay dividends.

Advanced pawn endings are examined with themes like breakthroughs, outside passed pawns, triangulation and zugzwang clearly explained so you can use them to your advantage. You will also learn some of the technical Bishop and Rook endings which can be tricky to win if you don’t know the correct strategy.

Susan also teaches some of the more advanced tactical ideas in this series, including the powerful Knight sacrifice on d5 in the Sicilian – a move that will crush the opponent if they are unfamiliar with it. She also reveals the different sacrifices on the squares around the King: f7, g7, h7 and h6. These lessons will enable you to work out at a glance whether the sacrifice has a good chance of success or not – useful in both attack and defense.

Finally you get to combine tactics and endings with some spectacular endgame tactical ideas including those from the games of “the Magician from Riga” Mikhail Tal and the awrd-winning, and highly instructive endgame studies of Troitsky.

Working with this training program will greatly enrich your knowledge of chess patterns as well as improve your ability to calculate variations.

Lesson Outline:

Lesson 01 – Exceptions to opening principles K P endgames
Lesson 02 – Space advantage and the opposition in K P endgames
Lesson 03 – Winning with open files K P endgames
Lesson 04 – Essential R P v R endgames
Lesson 05 – Protected passed pawns the wrong corner Bishop
Lesson 06 – Exploiting loose pieces
Lesson 07 – King chases checkmating the exposed King
Lesson 08 – Exploiting the weakness of the f7 square
Lesson 09 – Mastering the Bh7 sacrifice
Lesson 10 – Winning with attacks on g7
Lesson 11 – Sacrificing on h6
Lesson 12 – The power of the pin
Lesson 13 – Theoretically drawn endgames
Lesson 14 – Winning endgame tactics
Lesson 15 – Key ideas in pawn endgames
Lesson 16 – Winning with in-between moves
Lesson 17 – Understanding Bishop vs Knight in the endgame
Lesson 18 – Early f7 sacrifices
Lesson 19 – Exploiting the weakness of the back-rank
Lesson 20 – Troitsky’s chess studies
Lesson 21 – Doubled pawns and outside passed pawns in the endgame
Lesson 22 – Blunders and how to avoid them
Lesson 23 – Winning with in-between moves
Lesson 24 – Winning with the Kings Indian Defense
Lesson 25 – Instructive endgame studies
Lesson 26 – Mikhail Tal’s magic endgames
Lesson 27 – Deflection and removal of the guard
Lesson 28 – Important tactical patterns
Lesson 29 – Forks
Lesson 30 – Tactical ideas in endgames
Lesson 31 – Trapping pieces
Lesson 32 – Sacrifices on g7
Lesson 33 – Learning from GM blunders
Lesson 34 – Instructive tactics and technical endgames
Lesson 35 – Important examples of in-between moves
Lesson 36 – The Nd5 sacrifice in the Sicilian

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