Secrets of Chess Tactics (Beginner)

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Polgar Chess University: Secrets of Chess Tactics – Improving Chess Tactics

“Chess is 99% tactics.” declared Richard Teichmann, one of the leading players from the 19th century and, whilst we can debate about the exact percentage, he has a point. Particularly for players under 1800 (which is most), the deciding moment in a game usually comes down to chess tactics. Who saw further, who missed a combination or who just got lucky.

In this 15 hour bundle, Grandmaster and elite coach Susan Polgar provides intensive training on chess tactics. Starting with the essential checkmate patterns and tactical motifs like the pin, skewer and fork, the material quickly advances to cover more complicated combinations – but with Susan breaking them down to show exactly how they work and the logic in the position that makes them possible.

This course will make it much easier for you to spot potential tactics: an unguarded Bishop on one side of the board, a Rook without any squares to move to, 2 pieces on the same rank or file. Each of these will give you a signal and, with the patterns learned in this bundle, you will know exactly how to take advantage of them.

Knowing what to look out for in your opponent’s position will also help you avoid tactical blunders yourself, saving you from painful losses.

Improving chess tactics is the quickest way for the beginner to increase their chess strength and this course is the best training available on essential tactics.

Lesson Outline:

Lesson 01 – Checkmate with K Q v K
Lesson 02 – The back-rank checkmate
Lesson 03 – Checkmating with the Rook
Lesson 04 – Checkmating with a Pawn
Lesson 05 – Checkmate with Rook and Bishop
Lesson 06 – Important checkmate patterns
Lesson 07 – The weakness of the back-rank
Lesson 08 – Chess combinations
Lesson 09 – Forks and double-attacks
Lesson 10 – Not all forks work
Lesson 11 – The pin (part 1)
Lesson 12 – How to get out of pins
Lesson 13 – Discovered checks
Lesson 14 – Discovered attacks
Lesson 15 – Double-check
Lesson 16 – The skewer (part 1)
Lesson 17 – Over-loaded pieces
Lesson 18 – Removing the guard
Lesson 19 – Epaulette mate (part 1)
Lesson 20 – Trapping pieces
Lesson 21 – Calculating tactics
Lesson 22 – The Knight fork
Lesson 23 – The pin (part 2)
Lesson 24 – The pin (part 3)
Lesson 25 – Discovered check and attacks
Lesson 26 – The skewer (part 2)
Lesson 27 – Epaulette mate (part 2)
Lesson 28 – The pin (part 4)
Lesson 29 – Discovered check and attacks (part 2)
Lesson 30 – Important tactical patterns
Lesson 31 – Trapping pieces (part 2)
Lesson 32 – Double-check (part 2)
Lesson 33 – Smothered mate
Lesson 34 – The pin (part 5)
Lesson 35 – Important tactics to know
Lesson 36 – Advanced forks

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