Secrets of Chess Tactics (Advanced)

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Polgar Chess University: Advanced – Tactics and advanced chess endgames

GM Susan Polgar presents this 14½ hour training program on advanced chess tactics and endgames, designed to sharpen the ability of even the strongest players.

With her background in coaching some of the world’s top chess talent, including Wesley So, Susan Polgar knows exactly what improving players need to learn and the best way to teach it.

In this series Susan looks at deep sacrificial ideas from Grandmaster games, deconstructing them to reveal how they work and how we can find them in our own games. We see increasingly creative ideas and their inner logic plus familiar sacrifices that require an extra layer of subtlety to distract our opponents. Using the games of Anand, Shirov and Kramnik, we learn how to calculate in complicated positions as well as some advanced tactical patterns we can use in our own games.

In order to succeed at the highest levels, a player must have very good endgame technique and Susan draws on the near perfect examples of Anatoly Karpov and Mikhail Tal to teach this. Tal is most well known for his wild attacking chess but his endgame ability was superb too, thanks to his fantastic calculation, and the examples shown are as entertaining as they are memorable and instructive.

You will learn some key endgame formations and defensive resources as well as pick up Bobby Fischer’s approach to developing a winning plan, a skill which will make you a very powerful strategist.

If you already have strong tactical ability and a solid foundation in the endgame and want to learn more advanced material then this series is the logical next step.

Lesson Outline:

Lesson 01 – Unexpected opportunities and tricky pawn endings
Lesson 02 – The Bishop pair and double Bishop sacrifice
Lesson 03 – Connected passed pawns
Lesson 04 – Deflection and removal of the guard
Lesson 05 – Clearance tactics
Lesson 06 – The Bxh7 sacrifice
Lesson 07 – The power of the Rook and Knight combined
Lesson 08 – Important endgame ideas
Lesson 09 – Magic on the chessboard
Lesson 10 – How to use the Knight in the endgame
Lesson 11 – In-between moves
Lesson 12 – Advanced endgame technique
Lesson 13 – Akopian vs Almasi 1997, GM tactics
Lesson 14 – Bishop vs Knight endgames
Lesson 15 – Tactics and endgames from the Spice International GM Tournament
Lesson 16 – Rook vs pawn endgames
Lesson 17 – Instructive endgame examples from recent GM play
Lesson 18 – Tactical ideas from recent GM play
Lesson 19 – Instructive endgames
Lesson 20 – Mikhail Tal’s Magic Endgames
Lesson 21 – Pawn breakthroughs in the endgame
Lesson 22 – Defending in the endgame
Lesson 23 – Humans and computers
Lesson 24 – Exploiting the weakness of the f7 square
Lesson 25 – How to attack in the Sicilian Defense
Lesson 26 – Bobby Fischer and how to find a plan
Lesson 27 – Attacking the King
Lesson 28 – Practical tactics
Lesson 29 – Complicated tactics, Hammer vs Anand
Lesson 30 – Tactics and endgames from the Spice Invitational Tournament
Lesson 31 – Tactics and endgames from recent GM tournaments
Lesson 32 – Endgame brilliance
Lesson 33 – Winning with tactical brilliance, examples from Shirov and Kramnik
Lesson 34 – Karpov’s endgame magic

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