Secrets of Chess Strategy (Advanced)

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Secrets Of Chess Strategy (advanced)

Secrets Of Chess Strategy (advanced)
GM Susan Polgar

Polgar Chess University: Secrets of Chess Strategy – Advanced Positional Chess and Strategy

In this 15½ hour bundle, former Women’s World Champion GM Susan Polgar discusses the more advanced chess topics of positional chess and strategy. Some of the concepts, such as using open files and weak color complexes, might be familiar which will help as Susan shows how they are used at the elite level.

Now we will see how top chess players navigate the strategic complications as they battle for control of lines or seek to exchange off a particular pair of Bishops. The importance of these decisions is apparent in the often quick finish to chess games where one side has achieved its strategic goals.

Susan analyzes the most instructive chess games to reveal the long term techniques chess players like Bobby Fischer and Capablanca use to improve their position.

You will learn how to maneuver in closed positions, how to win control of key squares for your pieces, how to play chess using openings like the Ruy Lopez, how to work with pawn structures (when to move pawns, when not to), and how to convert one advantage to another with a timely trade of pieces on the chess board.

Secrets Of Chess Strategy (advanced)
Position from a Bobby Fischer game

As well as learning advanced chess patterns and techniques of positional chess, the student will pick up detailed knowledge of the ideas behind the chess openings, many of which will help in positions with similar pawn structures. Knowing the most effective chess strategies in these positions will enable you to find a strong middlegame plan and instinctively know where to put your pieces for maximum effect.

If you have a decent understanding of positional chess already but wish to deepen it as well as learn how to achieve your strategy when your opponent is trying their best to stop you, this is the ideal course.Secrets Of Chess Strategy (advanced)

Lesson Outline:

Lesson 01 – How to use the space advantage S. Polgar vs Xie Jun
Lesson 02 – Winning with open files and passed pawns
Lesson 03 – The 7th rank and pawn races
Lesson 04 – Weak squares, Knight outposts and King activity
Lesson 05 – Smyslov vs Tal, doubled pawns
Lesson 06 – The power of protected passed pawns
Lesson 07 – Exploiting the long diagonal
Lesson 08 – How to recognize critical moments
Lesson 09 – When to simplify (part 1)
Lesson 10 – Understanding Bishops and Knights (Black Knights and White Knights)
Lesson 11 – The Stonewall Dutch
Lesson 12 – How to play closed positions
Lesson 13 – How to create weaknesses for your opponent
Lesson 14 – When to simplify (part 2)
Lesson 15 – Bobby Fischer’s chess games, when to trade
Lesson 16 – Critical moments in chess (part 1)
Lesson 17 – Critical moments in chess (part 2)
Lesson 18 – Opening files
Lesson 19 – More thoughts on open files
Lesson 20 – Open files and space advantage
Lesson 21 – Understanding the Ruy Lopez Jaenisch Gambit
Lesson 22 – Good vs Bad Bishop
Lesson 23 – Creating winning plans improving calculation
Lesson 24 – Capablanca’s Outposts
Lesson 25 – Winning with the Sicilian Accelerated Dragon (good chess opening for Black)
Lesson 26 – Capablanca vs Scott 1919, space advantage and creating plans
Lesson 27 – Pawn structures, isolated and doubled pawns
Lesson 28 – Positional exchange sacrifice
Lesson 29 – Further examples of position exchange sacrifices
Lesson 30 – How to limit your opponent’s piece activity
Lesson 31 – How to convert a better position into a win
Lesson 32 – How to win with a space advantage
Lesson 33 – Chess Strategy – Karpov vs Yusupov
Lesson 34 – Finding a plan in symmetrical positions
Lesson 35 – Evans Gambit – attacking and defensive ideas
Lesson 36 – Attacking ideas in the Italian Game – Rombaldoni vs Garcia Palermo

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