The Scandinavian: The Easy Way – IM Andrew Martin

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The Scandinavian: The Easy Way - IM Andrew Martin
The Scandinavian: The Easy Way – IM Andrew Martin

It’s easy-to-learn and easy-to-play. Here is an opening for Black which will furnish good results in the shortest possible time. Which other opening could we be referring to apart from the Scandinavian or Centre-Counter Defense; 1 e4 d5!

International Master Andrew Martin has written extensively on the Centre-Counter and here he turns his attention to 1 e4 d5 2 exd5 Qxd5 3 Nc3 Qd6!? Playing flat out for the win against 1 e4 is never easy, but here we encounter a variation where Black can do just that! All relevant second and third move alternatives for White are covered too!

The Scandinavian: The Easy Way - IM Andrew Martin
The Scandinavian: The Easy Way – IM Andrew Martin Screenshot

This DVD will be a boon to all chess players, but particularly to the busy person with limited time for study or those who wish to incorporate a new defense into their Black repertoire with the minimum possible hassle.

This really is the Scandinavian Defense – the easy way! Since the first edition of this DVD, the Scandinavian with 3…Qd6 has become very popular. Rightly so, because it ticks a lot of boxes for the competitive chess player.

Important games are being played in this line frequently all over the world at all levels. In this new, updated ‘Scandinavian: The Easy Way’, Andrew Martin casts his eye over recent trends and offers solutions for Black in the critical lines. He reworks 3…Qd6 and modernizes the variation where necessary. Black can still play 3…Qd6 with confidence!

IM Andrew Martin
International Master Andrew Martin

About the Author:

Andrew David Martin (born 18th May 1957 in West Ham, London) is an English chess player with the title of international master.

Martin received his title as international master in1984. He earned his first grandmaster norm in the British Championship of 1997 in Brighton. Martin was a commentator at the chess world championship between Kasparov and Kramnik in 2000 and commentated at the British Championship for 20 years, before retiring in 2017.

On the 21st of February 2004, Martin set a new world record for simultaneous chess. He faced 321 chess players at the same time. His result was: 294 wins, 26 draws, and only one loss.

Martin is known as a professional chess teacher and is the former Head of the ECF Academy. Martin is a chess columnist, an author of chess books, and the author of various instructional videos. He is also a FIDE Senior Trainer and the current ECF Manager of Coaches.

Martin lives in Bramley, England, and still teaches extensively.

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