2018 US Chess Champions Bundle – GM Sam Shankland & IM Nazi Paikidze

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2018 US Chess Champions Bundle – Sam Shankland & Nazi Paikidze

2018 Us Chess Champions Bundle - Gm Sam Shankland & Im Nazi Paikidze
2018 US Chess Champions Bundle

When it comes to chess, if you’re going to learn from anybody, it makes sense to listen to those who are actually proving their ideas in competitive play.

People like the current US chess champions, GM Sam Shankland and IM Nazi Paikidze!

Sam dominated 2018’s championship, finishing ahead of Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So.

Nazi Paikidze was similarly impressive, finishing undefeated as she won the women’s title by a clear point – ahead of 7-times winner GM Irina Krush.

This is a fantastic opportunity to improve your game with 38 hours of coaching from the current US Chess champions.

Each of the 3 courses come with a PDF summary for quick reference of the main ideas, the complete PGN file of all the featured games and PDF puzzle sheets so you can test your progress.

About the Authors:

Nazí Paikidze

Nazí Paikidze-Barnes is a Georgian American chess player who holds the titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster (WGM).

She has won the US Women’s Chess Championship on two occasions, in 2016 and in 2018.

By the age of 16, Paikidze had attained a rating of 2455 Elo and was rated 35th in the world’s top FIDE-rated women list.

Sam Shankland

Sam Shankland is a mainstay of the US Olympic Team, a two-time Olympiad Gold Medallist (2014 and 2016), a former World U-18 co-champion (2008), and the winner of several international events.

He has worked as an analyst for the reigning World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, training with him to prepare for the 2014 and 2016 World Championship matches.

As of 2018, he’s ranked #27 in the world, with a Fide rating of 2727, which is also the highest rating of his chess career.

Is this product for me?

If you want to improve your chess, you really want to learn from those who have already shown tremendous improvement and demonstrated it over the board.

This is a 47-hours, 6-course collection from the Men’s and Women’s US Champions: GM Sam Shankland and IM Nazi Paikidze.

Here are the courses you’ll get in this collection:

The Shankland Master Method (16 hours).

2018 Us Chess Champions Bundle - Gm Sam Shankland & Im Nazi PaikidzeThe secrets of ultra-dynamism are revealed as Sam unlocks the treasure chest of chess genius with the question what happens if I play it anyway?” Discover how to find extraordinary moves like …Qxf2+!!

The Shankland Method 2: Tactics and Calculation for the Ambitious Player (16 hours).

Become a ruthless finisher by developing razor-sharp tactical skills like Kasparov’s “triple-threat” system for taking advantage of loose pieces and start forcing those early resignations!

Endgame Renaissance: Endgame Memorization Shortcuts (6 hours).

IM Nazi Paikidze makes it easy to remember what to do when you reach specific endgames. She covers general principles, imbalances, rook/minor piece/pawn endings, and the crucial endgame transition phase.

Imagine the effect on your play, results, and rating after 38 hours of coaching on dynamic play, calculation, and endgames from both of the US chess champions!

Stomping the Sicilian Defense – GM Sam Shankland (3 hours)

2018 Us Chess Champions Bundle - Gm Sam Shankland & Im Nazi Paikidze

In this DVD series, we will review seven carefully chosen games in which white mounted a successful attack against the Sicilian Defense.

The critical theme that ties all the games together is that white is best advised to develop his pieces to active squares and create a sound, harmonious position that limits counterplay before launching the trademark pawn storm to break down the defenses to the black king.

While opening theory is not the main subject of the series, the seven games come from many different Sicilians, most prominently the Dragon, Taimanov, Sveshnikov, and Najdorf variations. All of the chosen games are discussed in their entirety, and all of them were played by world-class players.

Crushing White with the Schliemann Gambit – GM Sam Shankland (3 hours)

2018 Us Chess Champions Bundle - Gm Sam Shankland & Im Nazi Paikidze

This DVD is aimed at presenting a repertoire based on meeting 1. e4 with 1… e5 for the club player. Coverage starts after 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 when GM Shankland recommends the Schliemann variation, but played in a more classical way, aiming to take advantage of the extra central pawn in the long term instead of seeking immediate confrontation. All relevant side-lines from move 3 onward are also covered.

The main appeal of choosing the Schliemann is that White does not have many credible side-lines; advocates of this repertoire will be able to play the presented analysis over the board.

This DVD will provide club level players with a strong repertoire that they can rely on.

How To Beat the King’s Indian Defense – IM Nazi Paikidze (3 hours)

2018 Us Chess Champions Bundle - Gm Sam Shankland & Im Nazi Paikidze

IM Paikidze analyzes the best ways to counter this dynamic opening, providing you with several easy-to-learn and effective setups to crush those King’s Indian players!

By diving deep into 5 different variations for White, ranging from the super-solid Fianchetto System to the wildly complicated Classical Variation, IM Paikidze helps you choose the ideal setup for your playing style, the tournament situation, and other personal preferences.

Studying these five variations will give you a complete understanding of battling the King’s Indian Defense and IM Paikidze trains you in all the typical recurring tactical and positional patterns for both sides.

Don’t lose this unique opportunity of being coached by some of the strongest players in the world and current national chess champions of the United States. 

Chapter List

Chapter Outline:

The Shankland Method 01 & 02

  • Part 1: Attacking the King
    • Volkov-Socko
    • Kacheishvili-Gareev
    • Lupulescu-Iturrizaga
    • Bellahcene-Shankland
    • Wang-Nakamura
    • Esserman-van Wely
    • Anand-MVL (Anand-Vachier)
    • Christiansen-Shankland
    • Kacheishvili-Shankland
    • Shankland-Lee
    • Pruess-Bogner
    • Shankland-Bick
    • Yifan-Jackson
    • Anand-Svidler
  • Part 2: Explosions in the center
    • Kaidanov-Shankland
    • Shankland-Bajarani
    • Shankland-Hughes
    • Carlsen-Giri
    • Akopian-Giri
    • Ramirez-Gareev
    • Vaibhav-Shankland
    • Shankland-Macieja
    • Shankland-Erenburg
    • Jumabeyev-Shankland
  • Part 3: Tension in the middlegame
    • R Wang-Shankland
    • Ehlvest-Shankland
    • Hermansen-Shankland
    • Harikrishna-Shankland
    • Shankland-Gareev
    • Kramnik-Howell
    • Kamsky-Svidler
    • Aronian-Nakamura
    • Hammer-Navara
    • Shankland-Hector
  • Part 4: Loose pieces
    • Anand-Kasparov
    • Verstraeten-Shankland
    • Karjakin-Carlsen
    • Kasparov-Timman
    • Shankland-Bhat
  • Part 5: Active defense
    • Hansen-Shankland
    • Hess-Shankland
    • Yu Yangyi-So
    • Topalov-Kamsky
    • Shankland-Chandra
  • Part 6: Endgame tactics
    • Shankland-Sevian
    • Carlsen-Gelfand
    • Fikiet-Shankland
    • Ivanchuk-Giri
    • Zherebukh-Shankland
  • Bonus
    • Live Blitz with Sam Shankland
    • iChess Blitz Battle of the Bay Area Beasts!

Endgame Memorization Shortcuts

  • Intro
  • Chapter 1: General Endgame Principles
  • Chapter 2: Material Imbalances
  • Chapter 3: Rook Endings
  • Chapter 4: Minor Piece Endings
  • Chapter 5: Pawn Endings
  • Chapter 6: Transition to the Endgame
  • Outro

Stomping the Sicilian Defense – GM Sam Shankland

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Fischer-Larsen (Dragon)
  • Chapter 3: Topalov-Carlsen (Dragon)
  • Chapter 4: Karjakin-Morozevich (Taimanov)
  • Chapter 5: Erenburg-Sammalvuo (Najdorf with e6)
  • Chapter 6: Carlsen-Nakamura (Najdorf with e5)
  • Chapter 7: Topalov-Van Wely (Najdorf with e5)
  • Chapter 8: Anand-Radjabov (Sveshnikov)

Crushing White with the Schliemann Gambit – GM Sam Shankland

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. 4th move side-lines
  • 3. 4. d3 Part 1
  • 4. 4. d3 Part 2
  • 5. 4. Nc3 Part 1
  • 6. Illustrative game
  • 7. 4. Nc3 Part 2
  • 8. Italian Game
  • 9. Illustrative game (Ivanchuk-Karjakin)
  • 10. Gambits
  • 11. Illustrative game (Jones-Howell)
  • 12. Scotch Game
  • 13. Illustrative game (Shirov-Kramnik)
  • 14. Ponziani
  • 15. Illustrative game (Hou-Carlsen)

How To Beat the King’s Indian Defense – IM Nazi Paikidze

Chapter 1: The Four Pawns Attack

Chapter 2: Saemisch Variation

Chapter 3: Fianchetto Variation

Chapter 4: The Classical Variation

  • Part 1: The Classical Variation – Sidelines
  • Part 2: The Classical Variation – Mainlines

Chapter 5: The Makogonov Variation

  • Part 1: The Makogonov Variation – Sidelines
  • Part 2: The Makogonov Variation – Mainlines