Roman’s Lab Chess DVD Entire Collection Volumes 1-117

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Roman’s Lab Chess DVD: The Entire Collection of Chess Videos

Roman’s Lab Chess Dvd Entire Collection Volumes 1-117

Roman’s Lab Chess DVD Entire Collection Volumes 1-117

Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili is a former US and Russian Chess Champion, and coach of the former World Chess Champion and chess legend Garry Kasparov.

This chess DVD collection by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili represents an invaluable guide to learning chess openings, based upon deep understanding rather than shallow memorization.

The Roman’s Lab Chess DVD Series also provides instruction of more general concepts including middlegame strategy, long-term positional understanding, tactical awareness, and endgame mastery.

Viewers are guaranteed to improve their chess ability with the diverse expertise and high-quality production of the Roman’s Lab Chess DVD Series.

This chess DVD series is guaranteed to help the viewer improve by focusing on a variety of topics including deep opening preparation, forcing attacking sequences, dominating chess tactics, deep positional maneuvering, and reinforcing endgame principles.

**This is the lowest price available on the internet for the entire collection of 117 Roman’s Lab Chess videos.**

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Incredible investment”

“Wow already seeing huge changes in my game just by watching the videos “Think and Play like a Grandmaster”. His depth of knowledge and ability to communicate basic knowledge is superb. He is one of the great chess teachers of all time. I got this on a discount and it was an offer I could not refuse!” – Peter S (Canada) – Verified Buyer – 07 Oct 2020

About the Author: 

Roman’s Lab Chess Dvd Entire Collection Volumes 1-117

Roman’s Lab Chess DVD

Roman Dzindzichashvili is a chess Grandmaster, former US, and Russian Chess Champion. He is also a well-known theoretician and a chess coach.

Among his students is 3-time US Chess Champion GM Gata Kamsky, and GM Eugene Perelshteyn.

Due to his encyclopedic chess knowledge, 30 years of coaching experience, and numerous grandmaster pupils, GM Roman Dzindzichashvili charges about $100 for a single hour of chess coaching, which is undoubtedly worth it.

Roman’s chess videos cover the entire spectrum of modern chess theory – from openings to tactical play, strategic mastery, endgames, and much more.

You get every single lesson Roman used to coach pupils like Gata Kamsky to 2700 Elo!

Is this product for me?

If you’re ready to learn from a top trainer (with a proven ability to create grandmasters), this chess DVD collection is just right for you.

The Roman’s Lab Collection consists of 117 individual courses with lessons like:

Positional Mastery:

Learn Karpov’s powerful positional evaluation method which greatly simplifies your thinking process and makes finding accurate moves intuitive and effortless.

Roman’s Lab Chess Dvd Entire Collection Volumes 1-117

Tactical Genius:

Get Roman’s checklist for finding hidden tactics. This checklist replaces lengthy calculation with a rules-based approach, helping you to dominate in tactical positions.

Dominate with Pawn Structures:

Roman explains all the typical pawn structures including the best plans for both sides and where each piece ‘belongs’. You’ll know exactly what to do just from the pawn structure – no need to memorize the opening theory!

How to Use Blitz:

Most club players are weakening their chess by playing blitz online. Dzindzi shares his personal practice for using online blitz to test openings, train your tactical eye, and stay sharp between tournaments. Many fantastic training secrets waiting in this one!

Planning & Attacking Based on Superiority of Pieces:Planning & Attacking Based on Superiority of Pieces:

Roman explains the importance of piece activity and how to handle the transition from the opening to the middlegame.

Lessons included:

Planning & Attacking Based on the Superiority of the Pieces
Planning & Emphasizing Activity of Pieces
The Art of Transition to Middle Game

Rapid and Complete Opening Repertoire for White:

Roman recommends the Queen’s Gambit and gives you lines that will dramatically cut your study time. He guides you through these responses:

-Queen’s Gambit Accepted & Declined
-Queen’s Indian Defense
-The Benko Gambit
-Slav Defense
-Albin Counter-Gambit
-Nimzo-Indian Defense
-Kings Indian Defense
-Grunfeld Defense
-Dutch Defense
-Knight C6 & Bishop F5 lines

Think and Play like a Grandmaster:Think and Play like a Grandmaster:

Roman teaches you how to think and play like a GM by using 20 highly instructional games by GM Karpov, Kamsky, Korchnoi, and Roman’s own games.

These are highly instructional games that are based on a wide range of different openings, simple development, and planning based on your opponents’ weaknesses.

In one of Karpov games, he creates a plan around one weak square and eventually squeezes the life out of his opponent.

Improve your Combinational & Tactical Skills:

Featured topics include thematic combinations, intuition, pattern recognition, most unusual combinations, combinations in the opening that come from nowhere in the Caro-Kann, Dutch, and Grunfeld. Romans best combinational and tactical game ever.

Learn to play the English The Easy Way:

Roman will teach you the unique way he plays White’s most solid and easy to learn repertoire in the English Opening.

Complex theory and variations are replaced with easy to learn plans and strategies that will teach you how to achieve good positions against all of Black’s responses.

Unbeatable Secret Weapons for Black:Unbeatable Secret Weapons for Black:

Roman gives you 2 of his secret opening weapons

1. The New Revolutionary Sicilian – Roman has beaten the top players in the world with this unknown variation of the Sicilian. This is a tested powerful line and gives Black advantage in the opening. Move order 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6 6.Bg5 g6!!

2. The Scandinavian …Nf6 – A forgotten opening, solid, and a great surprise weapon. This opening according to Roman is as good as the French, Caro-Kann, and some variations of the Sicilian.

Understanding & Dominating your chess game with Pawn Structures:

Pawn structures are involved in all aspects of your chess game and re the most important part of strategic planning.

Roman will guide you through all the various pawn structures and by understanding pawn structures you will be able to achieve better positions and dominate your chess games.

The King’s Indian Defense:

The King’s Indian is one of the biggest openings in modern chess theory. Roman will give you the best lines for Black to play against all of White’s responses.

The Scotch and Giuoco Piano:This will get you reasonable positions and a clear plan to follow. Roman will teach you how to play one of the most aggressive openings for Black.

The Scotch and Giuoco Piano:

Scotch Gambit (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4) and Giuoco Piano (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5). The Scotch & Giuoco openings give White an aggressive tactical repertoire.

Roman has revived old lines giving them new ideas. These openings are hard to meet at even the highest level; so sit back and let Roman show you how to get great results with these rarely used openings.

Easy Way to Beat The Pirc Modern Defense:

On this DVD Roman will give you an easy to follow an opening plan where you will get a clear advantage against Pirc Modern defense and at the same time severely limit your opponent’s counterplay.

Roman uses a timely a4 and h3 line to achieve fantastic results at the highest level.

Easy Way to Learn The Kings Indian Attack:

On this DVD Roman will teach the King’s Indian Attack for White that will help you achieve a clear middle game plan while avoiding complex variations and simplification.

Roman has over 20 years of experience playing this opening and will pass his knowledge on to you. White can either start play with 1.e4 or 1.Nf3, followed by d3, g3, Bg2, 0-0. Black cannot prevent this flexible system.

The Art of Defence:This DVD also includes 5 highly instructional games analyzed by Roman.

The Art of Defence:

Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili presents instructions on how to defend difficult positions, a much-undervalued chess skill.

New Lines & Novelties against the Caro Kann, Alekhine & French:

Covering new lines and novelties for White against the Caro Kann, Alekhine & French Defense. Roman gives you ideas and concepts taken from his own games.

New Lines for Black in the Accelerated Dragon and Kings Indian:

On this DVD Roman recommends the Accelerated Dragon for black against e4.

Roman has achieved great success at the highest level using the Accelerated Dragon. Now Roman brings you his unpublished updates, new ideas, and novelties.

This is a great follow up to Romans’s earlier coverage of the Accelerated Dragon. These new lines and ideas will give you the winning edge in your games. Roman follows with similar unique ideas within the Kings Indian Defense.

Most Incredible Tactics and Combinations Ever in the Endgame:

On this DVD Roman will bring to you 13 of the most incredible tactical endgames ever.

Some of these Tactical shockers will come out of nowhere demonstrating regardless of how bad a position may look there may be a hidden win or saving draw.

Building Powerful Attacks by Learning Piece CoordinationEnlightened by these examples you will be able to apply these ideas to your own games. So before you resign in the endgame watch this DVD you may be able to salvage your game.

Building Powerful Attacks by Learning Piece Coordination:

On this DVD Roman will demonstrate through several games how to dominate your opponent through piece coordination.

You will see how cohesive piece coordination will double or even triple the value of your pieces.

This DVD will also show you the quick demise of your position if your pieces are not working together.

Finding Tactical Solutions in Overwhelming Positions:

Tactics and Combinations are the essentials of every chess game and are easier to find when you know the tactical themes, for example, mate in 3, pins, forks, etc.

On this DVD Roman explains how to find over the board tactics & combinations by recognizing weakness in your opponent’s position and with logical thinking you will be able to exploit these weaknesses.

Improve Your Ability to Calculate Variations:

There is no exact theory on how to calculate. On this DVD, Roman will give you instructional examples on calculating critical positions and why to avoid wishful thinking and the importance of calculating from both sides.

This will help you narrow your search on what variations to play.

Without intuition, there is no calculating.

Capitalizing on Your Opponents WeaknessesCapitalizing on Your Opponents Weaknesses:

On this DVD Roman will help you recognize, exploit, and capitalize on your opponent’s weakness. Also, you will be able to avoid these mistakes in your own games.

Some of the highly instructional lessons on this DVD cover:

-How to play with queens and opposite color bishops Strategy of blocking weak squares
-Good and bad Isolated Pawns
-Playing the weak squares and how to exploit them
-Voluntarily creating weaknesses
-Criteria to access a weakness
-Using Tactics to create weakness

A Tribute to Bobby Fischer:

On this DVD Roman pays tribute to the greatest pure chess genius of all time, Bobby Fischer.

Included on this DVD:

– Never published and never revealed commentary and facts about Fischer’s life * Evolution of Fischer from age 12.
– How Russia ordered all their greatest GMs to prepare Spassky to beat Fischer in their 1972 WC match.
– Fischer requested to meet and play Roman in the eighties.
– Roman will show you his favorite Fischer games – these games are fantastic and rarely analyzed.
– Roman comments on Fischer vs Karpov and who was better Fischer or Kasparov?
– Bonus including an interview from Karpov on Fischer and he annotates Game 3 of 1972 WC.
– Extremely Rare footage from the Fischer Spassky 1992 rematch.

These courses alone are enough to significantly boost your rating – and there are another 113 titles included in this collection!

Click Here for more information on each individual DVD that is part of the 117 Volume set of the Roman’s Lab Chess DVD Series.

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186 hours


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