Reign Supreme: The King’s Indian Attack – FM Kamil Plichta

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Reign Supreme: The King's Indian Attack - Fm Kamil Plichta

The King’s Indian Attack with FM Kamil Plichta

Dodging prep, avoiding main lines, and getting Black straight out of the book is the name of the game in the King’s Indian Attack.

And if it’s a good enough system for the great Bobby Fischer and the best chess coach in history, Mark Dvoretsky, you can rest assured it’s good enough for you.

Reign Supreme: The King's Indian Attack - Fm Kamil Plichta

FM Kamil Plichta presents his full repertoire based on Fischer’s favorite, the modern King’s Indian Attack with 1.e4, he utilizes his skills to bring you a complete learning package that comes with everything you need to adopt this system with ease.

But, this is also a great addition for any 1. e4 player looking to spice up their repertoire with a simplified, positional set-up against the Sicilian or French!

What’s great about the King’s Indian Attack?

King safety – guaranteed!

The KIA with 1.e4 is an approach brimming with a flexibility that can be used to blunt Black’s prep while sticking to your favorite lines.

White totally avoids the complications of 1. Nf3 d5, which are not to everyone’s taste. Instead, we allow 1…e5, the Scandinavian and Alekhine’s Defense – but come armed with plans against them.

Reign Supreme: The King’s Indian Attack makes clear all the positive reasons to choose the KIA – and prepares you for the downsides.

✔️ Very few forced lines: meaning your opponent won’t be able to prepare with computer-like variations and you can outplay him or her in the middlegame and endgame.

✔️ Easy to learn: this opening is based more on plans and understanding than precise calculations.

✔️King safety guaranteed: yes, you read that right! In the lines FM Plichta has chosen, attacks on your monarch are always objectively bad for your opponent.

✔️Hard to go wrong: if you make an inaccuracy or a mistake it usually means that you either lose the initiative or just guarantee equal chances for your opponent. On the other hand, if Black goes wrong – he is often mated!

About the author:

FM Kamil Plitcha, from Poland, is a FIDE Master with a peak rating of 2400 and 2 International Master Norms, he’s one of Chessable’s most popular authors. His range of courses on chess openings includes several which have attracted a cult following, including the Trompowsky and the Budapest Gambit.

His top displays have been winning the Polish Team Academic Championship in 2016, second place in the 2018 Polish Blitz Championship, and third place in the Polish Rapidplay Championship of 2019.

What you will learn from this course:

FM Plichta also argues his KIA based on 1. e4 2. d3 3. Nd2 4. Ngf3 5. g3 6. Bg2 7. O-O is the perfect weapon for beating lower-rated players because:

– Your opponent can’t easily simplify the position;
– It leaves a ton of chances to outplay in the middlegame or in the endgame.

The author has taken inspiration not just from Fischer but from GM Hikaru Nakamura’s online blitz games – in which he uses the KIA a lot – and the Egyptian GM Amin Bassem, the first African to pass 2700 Fide.

But, that’s not all! FM Plichta has also added a chapter of 16 of his own games played in tournaments over recent years – which he promises are a lot of fun.

Stun Your Opponents with:

  • Reign Supreme: The King's Indian Attack - Fm Kamil PlichtaLong-diagonal Domination. The g2 bishop is going to be your favorite piece! So many squares come under threat: a8, c6, even h7 via e4. You will see how quickly attacks can take shape after stunning sacrifices like Nxc4! (diagram) – even letting the queen be taken!


  • Deep Prophylaxis. Every time your opponent gets a tactical idea… they realize it doesn’t work! FM Plichta has cleverly designed this repertoire to prevent any nasty tactical tricks – each one is fully explained so you don’t have to rely on memorizing move-orders.


  • Killer Formations. The standard King’s Indian Attack formation stays the same 80% of the time. What you will learn is how to optimize that formation to combat Black’s setup (Sicilian, French, etc.) in the most effective way. All plans and attacks explained.

So, choose FM Kamil Plichta’s King’s Indian Attack and reign supreme.

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