Regulation Tournament Chess Pieces and Chess Board Combo

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**Exceeds all US Chess Federation and FIDE requirements for Official Tournament Use**


Regulation Plastic Chessmen – 3.75″ King

If you’re looking for an affordable, yet high-quality set of plastic Chessmen, look no further than our single weighted and solid plastic Regulation Plastic Chessmen.

These Chessmen are ideal for schools, chess clubs, and tournament play as they EXCEED all US Chess Federation Tournament Requirements. These are the exact same chess pieces that the US Chess Federation uses at all of its National Chess Tournaments.

Chess Pieces and Chess Board Combo Single Weighted Burgundy
Chess Pieces and Chess Board Combo – Single-Weighted – Burgundy

In addition, each set of Chessmen comes with 34 pieces instead of the traditional 32 – We included 2 Additional Queens to be used in the event of Pawn promotion.

The Regulation Plastic Chessmen were designed specifically with serious chess play in mind! While these are Staunton Pattern Chessmen, the look and feel of the chessmen were designed to minimize the possibility of the pieces being damaged during both play and transport.

And because it is manufactured out of the highest grade plastic, it will withstand many years of use (and abuse). You simply can not go wrong with our Regulation Plastic Chessmen.

  • 3.75″ King Height with 1.5″ King Base Diameter
  • Select: Single Weighted or Solid Plastic
  • Exceeds all US Chess Federation Tournament Requirements
  • Includes 34 Pieces – Including 2 Additional Queens for Pawn Promotion.
  • Virtually Unbreakable – Designed to Withstand Years of Use and Abuse!

Regulation Vinyl Tournament Chessboard – 2.25″ Squares

Our Regulation Vinyl Tournament Chessboard – 2.25″ measures 20″ x 20″, features 2.25″ squares, squared corners, Algebraic Notation on all sides, and is made of durable vinyl for long life.

These boards roll up and unroll easily for storage, and resist tears, spills, and the most demanding abuse. Great for use with either the Standard Chess Bag or Deluxe Chess Bag.

  • 20″ x 20″ in size
  • Features rank and file labels on all four sides – ideal for beginners!
  • Manufactured out of high-grade vinyl and will resist dirt, tearing, and spills
  • Rolls up into a tight tube shape for easy transport

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Single Weighted, Solid Plastic

King Height

3.75'' inch / 9.53 cm

King Base Diameter

1.5'' inch / 3.81 cm

Square Size

2.25'' inch / 5.7 cm

Chess Board Footprint

20" x 20"

Median Set Weight

14.6 ounces

Total Number of Pieces

34 Chess Pieces, including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)