Queen Pawn Opening Mastery (vs g6 setups)



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GM Susan Polgar

The Polgar Method #02

The Polgar Method, as applied to the opening, encourages understanding of the major plans for both sides as opposed to merely memorizing a series of moves. This way, when the game inevitably takes a different course, we still know what to aim for, what to avoid and what to watch out for.

In this volume, GM Susan Polgar shows how to play the London System against the popular …g6 set-ups. There are two general directions the opening can go, depending on whether Black plays …d5 (Grunfeld style) or …d6 (in the style of the King’s Indian Defense).

This small difference has a considerable effect on the game. With …d5, Black makes it tougher for us to play e4 but also restricts his light-squared Bishop. While …d6 reduces the scope of our ‘London Bishop’ but allows us to claim more space.

While each line has its own tricks and traps to be aware of, the general strategy will be the same: open lines for our pieces (especially the b/c-files and b8-h2 diagonal) and expand on the Queenside.

In Queen Pawn Opening Mastery, GM Susan Polgar reveals the best ways to realize your strategic goals and demonstrates the most instructive games played in this opening too, making the ideas easier to remember.
Understanding, you’ll have extra chances to win your games plus improve your strategic and technical play.


  1. London System against Grunfeld set-ups (…g6 and …d5)
  2. London System against Grunfeld set-ups, 7..b6
  3. London System against KID set-ups (…g6 and …d6)
  4. London System against KID set-ups, 7…Qe8

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