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In this 52+ hour bundle on chess openings to play with and against 1.d4, you will enjoy 12 chess courses.

The topics covered in this bundle include the London System, Bogo-Indian Defense, Dutch Defense, Grunfeld Defense, Trompowsky Attack, and many more.

These chess courses are presented by GM Viswanathan Anand, GM Peter Svidler, GM Roeland Pruijssers, IM Lawrence Trent, and more.

Courses Included

Learn the Bogo-Indian – GM Niclas Huschenbeth

Bogo-Indian gm

Grandmaster Niclas Huschenbeth offers a complete opening repertoire in the Bogo-Indian Defense from Black’s perspective.

The Bogo-Indian – named after Efim Bogoljubov, Alekhine’s great rival – is closely related to the Nimzo-Indian and players need to know both openings.

Over the course of 2 hours, GM Huschenbeth looks at the most popular formations, advising on move orders, pawn breaks, tactics and strategic aims.

Careful study of this course will equip you to handle the Black side of the Bogo-Indian with confidence against any opposition.

The Dutch Defense – GM Roeland Pruijssers

The Dutch Defence (1.d4 f5) is gaining in popularity at all levels of chess. In this series, Dutch GM Roeland Pruijssers shares his in-depth analysis and personal take on what is his main weapon against 1.d4.

GM Pruijssers covers everything you need to know against all of White’s options, including White’s move 2 options, the Leningrad variation, and the sidelines you’ll face from time to time.

Crush The Dutch with 2.Bg5 – FM Kamil Plichta

Crush The Dutch With 2.bg5 - Fm Kamil Plichta

This course is designed for players who want to combat the Dutch Defence without learning a ton of theory. The move 2.Bg5 avoids all of Black’s main lines such as the Stonewall, Leningrad, or Classical Dutch. The Polish FM brings you many fresh lines and novelties which will guide you through the jungle of sharp variations.

FM Kamil Plitcha, from Poland, is a FIDE Master with a peak rating of 2400 and 2 International Master Norms. His range of courses on chess openings includes several which have attracted a cult following, including the Trompowsky and the Budapest Gambit.

His top displays have been winning the Polish Team Academic Championship in 2016, second place in the 2018 Polish Blitz Championship, and third place in the Polish Rapidplay Championship of 2019.

This course provides students with a dangerous line against the Dutch Defence while avoiding heavy theory, you won’t have to invest tons of hours studying endless lines but instead, you will learn schemes and concepts that will give Dutch players nightmares.

Meet the most interesting and at the same time not too theoretical line against the Dutch Defence!

Cutting Edge King’s Indian Defense – GM Robin van Kampen

Cutting Edge King's Indian Defense - Gm Robin Van Kampen

A comprehensive guide to modern King’s Indian Defense theory! Dutch star GM Robin van Kampen will teach you everything he knows about this dynamic defense against 1.d4.

Gain a deep understanding of the King’s Indian Defence and be prepared for all the critical lines.

GM Robin van Kampen shows us all about the most aggressive response against White’s 1.d4 opening. It is the ultra-aggressive King’s Indian Defense.

This opening starts off with the series of moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nf3 0-0 and is considered one of the most challenging responses to 1.d4.

Usually, White wants to play a quiet, positional game when playing 1.d4 but this opening quickly takes the game into attacking waters with little chance for white to slow the game down. Especially if he is not prepared to face this opening, it will give him plenty of problems.

This course is an excellent resource to study the King’s Indian Defense theory, and the opening is very well explained by the black side. Robin shows the viewer all of the different variations and move orders that both sides can play. You’ll be learning all about this counter-attack opening and how you can crush white in many of the lines. It is an opening that is used by many of the top Grandmasters nowadays and is held in high esteem by them.

Here are some of the lessons you’ll find in this course:

The Bayonet Attack

Cutting Edge King's Indian Defense - Gm Robin Van Kampen

The Bayonet Attack with 9.b4, against the King’s Indian Defense, has been considered for many years the main continuation and possibly black’s biggest problem in the whole Mar del Plata variation.

GM Robin Van Kampen will show you how to face this very sharp variation with the black pieces so that you can be fully prepared to respond White’s rapid queenside attack.

The Petrosian Variation

Petrosian System against the King’s Indian Defense comes up after the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nf3 0-0 6.Be2 e5 7.d5, after this move black has tried different moves, 7…Na6, 7…c5, 7…Nbd7 but neither of them have managed to bring an improvement to the main move 7…a5! To which white responds with 8.Bg5.

Learn more about the opening that your opponent will know and you will be better prepared to launch quick attacks and crush them in the middlegame!

The Petrosian Variation against the KID – GM Pepe Cuenca

kid petrosian

In this video series, Spanish Grandmaster Pepe Cuenca presents the Petrosian Variation against the King’s Indian, a positional approach, but one with a lot of venom as you will learn from this great coach!

To be ready to fight the King’s Indian with a solid and dangerous repertoire. In the first video GM Pepe Cuenca introduces the Petrosian Variation against the KID, learning the ropes of this variation with the idea of getting ready for tournament practice as quick as possible, let’s get you started!

About the Author:

José Fernando Cuenca Jiménez (Pepe Cuenca) is a chess Grandmaster from Spain.

At the age of 19 he obtained his title of International Master of FIDE at the Motril International Open in December 2006 and in 2015 he was able to obtain the title of International Grand Master. His highest Elo was 2541 points, in August 2016.

Cuenca has been absolute champion of Andalusia in 2005, and in the championships by ages of has been champion of Andalusia in the sub-12 categories in 1999, in sub-14 in 2000 and 2001, in sub-16 in 2002 and 2003, in sub-18s in 2004 and 2005. He also won the Andalusian Cup sub-16 in 2000.

Champion of Spain of Autonomous Selections in 2001, representing the Andalusian Chess Federation. Runner-up in Andalusia for Honor Division Teams in 2005 with the Caja Granada Chess Club team.

What to expect from this course?

This course covers one of the most aggressive attempts for Black, 7…Nh5, intending to jump to f4 and strike in the center with a quick f5. Then we will take a deep look at 7…Na6. Our idea will be to play the prophylactic move 8.Nd2!?, stopping 8…Nc5 because of 9.b4! Then we will analyze 7…Nbd7, perhaps one of the most natural moves for Black in the position.

The move 7…a5 is also covered, along with situations where Black allows the perfect white setup with Be3 and Nd2. Then comes the mainline. Warning, the variations will get sharp!!

Waste no time and get this course now!

London System – GM Adrien Demuth


World Champion Magnus Carlsen recently brought the London System back into fashion. Grandmaster Adrien Demuth, a helper of the French national team at the last couple of Olympiads, provides a complete repertoire for White. Get your opponent out of his or her comfort zone while avoiding long theoretical lines!

Come and learn the many different subtleties of the London System and build a reliable repertoire as White.

About the Author

Adrien Demuth is an International Chess Grandmaster from France. He has been the trainer of the French National Team at the Olympiads and has published books on the Reti and the Dutch.

Satisfied Customers

“This is a fantastic course on the London System! Definitely one of the very best out there!” – Aaron J. (verified buyer) – 09 Jan 2021

“Very methodic approach to obtain an advantage with London System. He goes through each variation in detail to fully prepare you to respond to black’s response. Highly recommend.” – Krishnarao V. (verified buyer) – 16 Dec 2020

“As a complete beginner to the game, I am finding this course easy to follow and improving my game already.” – Jack M. (verified buyer) – 29 Jan 2021

Tricky Trompowsky – IM Lawrence Trent

trick trompowsky

The Tromposwky (1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5) is enduringly popular at club and tournament level, making knowledge of its subtleties a must.

IM Lawrence Trent presets a near 5-hour course giving you a complete Tromposky repertoire, regardless of Black’s approach.

Featuring analysis of full games as well as common tactics, long-term plans, and even endgames, Tricky Trompowsky will prepare you to a very high level, giving you the necessary knowledge to confidently overcome any opposition.

Opening Tips from a World Champion – GM Viswanathan Anand

Opening Tips From A World Champion – Gm Viswanathan Anand
Former World Champion Viswanathan Anand

Can you imagine yourself getting chess opening tips from a former world champion like Vishy Anand?

You would be able to outplay your opponents from the very beginning of the game.

About the Author:

Viswanathan Anand (Vishy Anand) was the FIDE World Chess Champion during the years 2000-2002 and 2007-2013.

He is the only player who has been able to win the world championship via the knockout tournament system, round-robin and match.

He’s also a former #1 in the FIDE rating list, with a peak rating of 2820 Elo, which puts him in an exclusive club as one of the highest-rated players of all time.

His Achievements:

If there was a Hall of Fame for chess players, we’d all have to admit that Vishy Anand has already earned his right to be there. Here are just some of Vishy’s most notable accomplishments:

  • FIDE World Champion 2000-2002
  • 15th undisputed World Champion 2007-2013
  • World Junior Champion 1987
  • Indian National Champion 1986, 1987 and 1988
  • Interzonals: 1990, 1993 (FIDE), 1993 (PCA)
  • Candidate in 1991, 1994 (FIDE), 1995 (PCA), 2014 and 2016
  • Won the World Championship Knockout Tournament 2000
  • World Championship Challenger 1995 (vs Kasparov), 1998 (vs Karpov), 2014 (vs Carlsen)
Opening Tips From A World Champion – Gm Viswanathan Anand
Vishy Anand’s Rating Progress Chart

How is this going to help me?

Getting out of the opening with a good position gives you excellent chances of obtaining an advantage during the middle game. The opposite is also true.

Early mistakes are easy to make, so getting chess opening tips from a former World Champion with the strength of Anand will definitely give you an advantage over your opponents, and will help you take your game to a whole different level.

GM Viswanathan “Vishy” Anand opens this 1h 26m course, explaining the main objectives you should try to accomplish during the opening. He teaches you how to master topics like obtaining space and developing your pieces in harmony.

Then, Anand covers the fundamental strategies from very popular openings such as the Ruy Lopez, Sicilian Defense, French Defense, King’s Gambit, Nimzo and the King’s Indian Defense, explaining what he likes about each of these openings and the key ideas to follow.

You will be able to learn what to play, what not to play, and why, obtaining a great foundation for success in your own games.

The Grunfeld according to Svidler – GM Peter SvidlerThe Grunfeld According To Svidler – Gm Peter Svidler

The Grunfeld defense has fast become one of Black’s most popular choices when playing for a win thanks to its sharp nature and rich possibilities.

Played everywhere from club level to the World Championship, it is one of the best chess openings for black and one that repays its devotees with many memorable victories.

In this superb 12-hour course, GM Peter Svidler, one of the strongest players in the world with a peak rating of 2769 and a Grunfeld Defense expert, gives you a complete repertoire for this defense.

After listening to Peter’s clear explanations of every mainline, sideline, and anti-Grünfeld attempt, you will have a world-class understanding of the Grünfeld and a major advantage over your opponents.

About the Author:

Peter Svidler is a chess grandmaster from Russia and also and 8 times Russian chess champion.

GM Svidler has competed in three World Championship tournaments—in the period with the split title, the FIDE World Chess Championship 2002 and 2005, and after reunification the World Chess Championship 2007.

He also played in three Candidates Tournaments, in 2013, 2014 and 2016. Svidler assisted Vladimir Kramnik at the Classical World Championship matches in 2000 and 2004.

He has represented Russia at the Chess Olympiad ten times (1994-2010, 2014) winning five team gold medals, two team silvers, and an individual bronze.

GM Peter Svidler won the Chess World Cup 2011 and was runner-up in the World Blitz Championship in 2006 and won at Fontys Tilburg, Biel, and Gibraltar.

Is this course for me?

If you have been looking for a new system that will give you excellent chances of a win as Black, or you already play the Grunfeld Defense and want to enhance your knowledge then this is, without doubt, the course you need.

GM Peter Svidler has decided to give away all of his prep in the Grunfeld defense and, given that he’s the world’s leading specialist in the opening (ahead of Kasparov, Anand or anyone!), this is something to take notice of.

In “The Grunfeld according to Svidler”, Svidler gives you a step-by-step training course in this dynamic attacking chess opening for black.

With 12 hours of premium lessons, GM Svidler leaves you armed to the teeth with all the Grunfeld Defense theory, plans, tactics, and tricks. You can now be confident whenever an opponent dares to play 1.d4 against you!

Here are some highlights from the course:

GM Svidler shares his personal story of battling Kasparov, Anand, and Karpov in the same year, in the same Grunfeld Defense line (discover what he learned from it and why you should no longer fear the line they all chose against him!)

The pawn sacrifice that greedy white players always go for, but soon leaves them struggling in hot water (you’ll learn several structures where black gives a pawn for absolute positional domination!).

Why despite the Grunfeld being super dynamic and topical, there is actually very little memorization required these days (you’ll discover GM Svidler’s shortcut lines for cutting your learning in half, whilst still retaining all the attacking options).

So if you’re ready to take the fight to those 1.d4 players with a brand new and dynamic weapon, taught to you by the expert in the line, GM Svidler here is waiting for you!

Play The Benoni – GM Romain EdouardPlay The Benoni - Gm Romain Edouard

Romain Edouard, a member of the French Olympic team and a former second of Veselin Topalov, offers you a full repertoire for one of the most dynamic replies to 1.d4: The Benoni Defense!

GM Edouard will ensure that you Master The Benoni Defense and can play for a win Vs 1.d4!

About the Author

GM Romain Edouard is a French chess grandmaster, Edouard has been playing chess since the age of five. He was trained by fellow French Grandmaster Olivier Renet during his adolescence. He won the 2006 European Youth Chess Championship U16 category.

Edouard has played for the French national team at the Chess Olympiads of 2010, 2012, and 2014, and at the European Team Chess Championships of 2009, 2013, and 2015. In the 2013 event, he won the team silver medal and the individual gold on board three.

Recently Edouard has enjoyed a successful career as a trainer, having produced excellent courses like The DNA of a Chess Champion (The Edouard Method).

Learn from AlphaZero and Beat the Queen’s Indian – GM Jan Gustafsson


Google’s AlphaZero AI convincingly defeated Stockfish, the strongest chess engine we knew. The 10 games published made quite an impression on the chess world, and six of those happened to feature AlphaZero on the white side of the popular Queen’s Indian arising after 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 b6 with the main move 4.g3.

In this series, Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson tries to kill two birds with one stone:


1. Cover six of the most spectacular and highest-level chess games we’ve ever seen, played by AlphaZero against Stockfish.
2. Give the viewer a complete White repertoire against the Queen’s Indian.

As a bonus, the final video features a discussion with Super-GM Peter Svidler on all things AlphaZero.

Latest Trends in the Marshall – GM Jan Gustafsson

The Marshall Attack in the Spanish Opening (Ruy Lopez) is one of the most dangerous weapons Black has at his disposal when facing 1.e4.

Black gives up a pawn to rapidly develop his pieces, lining them up against the White King who often finds himself without many protecting pieces.

Knowledge of the key sacrifices and the subtle pawn moves and piece maneuvers that set them up is critical for players of both colors in this exciting opening.

Even with best play from White, Black achieves good positions and one slip by the first player can lead to spectacular victories. The great Garry Kasparov famously would make an early deviation so as not to allow the Marshall Attack, believing it to give Black too much play.

In this course, Marshall expert Jan Gustafsson takes a look at the latest developments and primes us to win with this deadly opening.

The Triangle Slav – IM Sopiko Guramishvili

Sopiko Guramishvili

International Master Sopiko Guramishvili introduces “The Triangle” – Black puts pawns on c6, d5, and e6 against 1.d4 – which she describes as “tricky, very easy to understand and full of chances for counterplay”.

The goal is to give you the tools and confidence you need to play one of Black’s most trustworthy responses to 1.d4, whatever White throws at you!