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This book is not about how I became a Grandmaster rather, about how a GM overcame various obstacles in his chess journey.

Promoted pawn: My Chess Journey  summarizes the most valuable lessons from 20 years of GM Smirnov’s extensive chess practice, both as a player and a coach.

You’ll learn what does work best for your chess progress. Also, you’ll be warned of typical pitfalls or will see the way out if you already stuck.

Finally, you’ll definitely enjoy reading a book full of interesting stories and witty advice. It may give a whole new meaning to your own chess study…

What will you learn from the book?


This is not my life story.. It is the lessons I have learnt.

My goal was to share with you the best ideas I discovered about chess and training. I’m showing you how I came to those conclusions, and why they are so.

Hence, you’ll be able to digest the most powerful techniques for chess training/playing and use them in your own practice.


Learn the most Effective Training Techniques

  • How to develop solid and effective training?
  • In order to make your training effective, you should use active learning.
  • The book analyses the two main components of Active learning.

Learn how to overcome the difficulties of your chess journey.

  • I actually abandoned chess at one point in my career, but then decided to return to the path of chess and am proud of that.
  • In this book, I am going to share with you the real story of being a strong chess player.
  • And lots more…


1.  The First Lessons

2.  Inconsistent Results

3.  The Art of Attack

4.  Is Chess for Everyone? – The Weakness Trap

5.  How I Abandoned Chess

6.  Time Troubles

7.  Time Troubles: Aid from the Soviet Chess School

8.  The Easiest Way to Become a Titled Player

9.  My Favorite Book and The Art of Limitation

10.  Stuck In Progress

11.  Typical Genius: Anti-blunder Technique

12.  Why Information Does Not Help

13.  The System of Chess Understanding

14.  That Nice Local Chess Club

15.  How to Beat Strong Opponents?

16.  The Art of Planning

17.  How I Became a Chess Coach

18.  How to Find a Good Chess Coach?

19.  Preparation and Performing

20.  Lessons from Garry Kasparov

21.  Effective Training

22.  The Secret of Chinese Chess Success

23.  Chess Players

24.  How to Become a Chess Prodigy

25.  How to Make Good Use of Your Computer

26.  Evolutionary Change

27.  Physical Preparation

28.  Powerful Opening Preparation

29.  The Art of the Endgame

30.  What have you got from Chess?

31.  Personal Development

32.  Conclusion: The Key Factors for Success in Chess


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GM Igor Smirnov

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