GM Susan Polgar

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  • Polgar’s Tactical Secrets – Learn Gm Susan Polgar’s Best Tactics

    Polgar's Tactical Secrets - Learn GM Susan Polgar's Best Tactics

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  • My Students’ Games – Gm Susan Polgar

    My Students' Games - GM Susan Polgar

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  • Chess Endgames – Convert Your Material Advantage!

    Chess Endgames - Convert your Material Advantage!

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  • Defensive Play – Counterattack Polgar Style!

    Defensive Play - Counterattack Polgar style!

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  • Attacking Play – Attacking Secrets From A World Renowned Chess Coach

    Attacking Play - Attacking Secrets from a World Renowned Chess Coach

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  • Positional Play – The Polgar Method For Positional Play

    Positional Play - The Polgar Method for Positional Play

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  • Opening Traps – Avoiding The Most Common Chess Traps

    Opening Traps - Avoiding the Most Common Chess Traps

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  • How To Play Black Against 1.d4 & C4/nf3 (chess Opening Course)

    How to Play Black against 1.d4 & c4/Nf3 (Chess opening course)

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