Practical Endgames – IM Asaf Givon

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GM Igor Smirnov
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The endgame is a very important part of a chess game, and equally valued as opening and middlegame. It is true that you can learn the endgame easily, but here is a contradiction; endgame books or other online materials are either difficult or boring.
In this course, IM Asaf Givon teaches you how to study and understand Endgames easily with practical examples.

This course is right for you if you

-> have troubles finding the best move in endgames
-> find the endgame study materials boring or difficult
-> don’t know what, how and how much to study in an endgame
-> want simple and practical methods to learn endgame properly

Understanding Practical Endgames

Asaf begins the course by testing your abilities in evaluating an endgame. He will give you eight positions from the different type of endgames and from the different level of players and different eras of chess.

He then reveals the process of understanding and evaluating the positions.

The un-answered questions

  1. How to evaluate an endgame
  2. What are the principles of weeknesses?
  3. How to use space advantage?
  4. How to activate your king?
  5. What defensive technique to use in Endgames with a material disadvantage?
  6. and much more

Test Your skills

Introducing ‘Test Your skills’, a new and better way to digest the course materials and to have fun along the way.

This section contains 3 video lessons with PGN files where Asaf provides various examples to test your skills.

Powerful Practical tasks

It is necessary to put the received knowledge into practice. There are 8 practical tasks (over 100 games) in this course which will help you to understand and remember the ideas of the course better.

The training program has a detailed explanation on what and exactly how you should do the practical tasks.

Learn anywhere, anytime and on any device

The course can be accessed on ANY device (even in a non-windows device).

We’re providing you with the course in e-book format (PDF) and you can study the video lessons separately as well.


  1. How to evaluate an endgame – This is the starting point of our course about understanding better practical endgames. I think it would be good to start with testing your abilities in evaluating an endgame.
  2. The principle of two weaknesses (karpovs classics) –  This lesson will be dedicated to the principle of two weaknesses with two different examples.
  3. Pawn structure (weaknesses) – In this lesson we are going to talk about pawn structure, more specifically pawn weaknesses.
    In the endgame, one of the most important aspects, maybe besides piece’s activity, is the pawn structure –which side has better or weaker pawns.
  4. Space advantage – In this lesson we are going to see some position from two games. One is a very classical game between Emanuel Lasker and José Raúl Capablanca, two former world champions, in 1914. The second is from a more recent game between Anish Giri with the white pieces and Johan Sebastian Christiansen.
  5. King activity – In this lesson, we are going to talk about the king’s activity and king’s marches in the endgame. So, as we have seen before, the king is the most important piece in the endgame and it’s very important to activate it as much as possible.
  6. Pawn majority – In this lesson, Asaf will show you some plans that you can use when having a queenside pawn majority.
  7. Defensive techniques – We are going to examine situations in which we stand in the inferior positions and we try to hold on, at least, to make a draw.
  8. General tips for successful endgame playing –Here I’m going to talk about some general practical advises and tips about playing the endgame from my experience.The first thing I wanted to teach you is being practical – trying to know which endgame to go with.

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