Power Play 12: The Hedgehog – GM Daniel King

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Power Play 12: The Hedgehog - GM Daniel King
Power Play 12: The Hedgehog – GM Daniel King

The Hedgehog is not just an opening, it is a system. A system that can be used against 1 c4, against 1 e4, and also 1 d4.

Some players, such as the Swedish Grandmaster Ulf Andersson, appear to play very little else with the black pieces. Black’s pieces curl up behind a row of pawns on the third rank and invite White to attack – at which point they spring out from behind the barricades to give the aggressor a nasty shock. The Hedgehog can easily transform into a tiger… This is modern chess.

Karpov was one of the first great exponents of the counter-attacking Hedgehog. Kasparov was also a great devotee and Kramnik and Anand are also experienced users.

Power Play 12: The Hedgehog - GM Daniel King
Power Play 12: The Hedgehog – GM Daniel King Screenshot

This DVD not only gives you specific theoretical advice on the main Hedgehog lines but also looks at general strategy for both sides.

Whether you play with White or Black, this DVD will help your game.

Throughout this DVD, specially selected positions will enable you to test your understanding of the subject.

The Power Play series is suitable for anyone looking to improve their chess, but also provides ready-made lessons and exercises for a trainer.

GM Daniel King
Grandmaster Daniel King

About the Author:

Daniel King (born 1963) is a Grandmaster. He has been a professional chess player for more than 20 years and has represented his country in numerous competitions, amongst others in the historic win by the English over the Soviet Union in 1990 in Reykjavik.

King is the author of more than 15 chess books and has wealth of experience as a trainer, assisting many of England’s leading players.

He is also well known for his broadcasting on TV, radio, and the internet, commentating on major chess events.

To the delight of chess fans worldwide, he hosts his monthly “Powerplay” show on the world’s largest chess server, Playchess.com. He contributes to ChessBase Magazine, with the popular column “Move by Move”.

King has also produced the highly praised PowerPlay DVD series for ChessBase. King lives in London.

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Recommended: PC Intel i5 (Quadcore), 4 GB RAM, Windows 10, DirectX11, graphics card with 512 MB RAM or more, 100% DirectX10-compatible sound card, Windows Media Player 11, DVD-ROM drive, and internet access for program activation.

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