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These 7 chess courses are well suitable for all chess players under 2200 elo, who want to improve all major elements of chess: calculation, positional understanding, endgames, evaluation of positions, attacking chess, etc. The course includes over 19 hours of premium chess content by prominent Grandmasters such as GM Misa Pap, GM Alex Ipatov, GM Mikhaylo Oleksienko, GM Sipke Ernst, GM Victor Mikhalevski and GM Daniel Gormally.

Give me 21 Days and I’ll Show You How to Become a Dramatically Better Chess Player… Guaranteed”

The Bundle Includes The Following Courses:

Grandmaster Level Calculation with GM Daniel Gormally

In this video, England’s top grandmaster Daniel Gormally, a calculation expert, shares the insider’s secrets of how one should proceed about calculating variations in the most complicated positions that often arise over-the-board. GM Gormally breaks down the entire calculation process into a few simple bites that virtually anyone can understand and master.

GM Gormally does a superb job explaining in great detail, backing up with Grandmaster chess examples, how one should proceed about calculating the moves.


CHAPTER 1 – Calculating moves and variations
CHAPTER 2 – Finding the strongest candidate moves
CHAPTER 3 – Getting to the key position
CHAPTER 4 – Calculating variations deeper
CHAPTER 5 – Checking your variations for mistakes
CHAPTER 6 – Using your visualization skills

Dominating Open Positions with GM Victor Mikhalevski

In this 3-hour video course, GM Mikhalevski will show you how the most elite chess players think and play in open positions. GM Mikhalevski will share his expertise by analyzing the games of the world’s best players such as Magnus Carlsen, Baadur Jobava, Ian Nepomniachtchi, etc.

After carefully studying this video course and going through the exercises, your understanding of open positions will greatly increase. That, in turn, will convert into a healthy gain of rating points.


CHAPTER 1 –  Attacking The King in The Center
CHAPTER 2 – The c-file Attack
CHAPTER 3 – King’s Side Attack Through f4
CHAPTER 4 – Using Space and Activity of Pieces
CHAPTER 5 – Using Open Files and Diagonals
CHAPTER 6 – Getting an Edge with Tension
CHAPTER 7 – Fighting Under-developed Pieces

Winning with Positional Sacrifice by GM Victor Mikhalevski

Positional sacrifice is a very delicate, yet very powerful technique that most advanced chess players perform. Some of the greatest chess minds in the history of the game employed the positional sacrifice as the weapon of choice to win tournaments, matches, and even World Championship titles.

Number one chess player and the reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen is no exception. He proves over and over again, against the toughest competition that the positional sacrifice is something that can blow up an otherwise equally looking position and score a crucial win. The amateur players typically DO NOT understand the relative value of chess pieces well enough and prefer to simply keep the material.


CHAPTER 1 – Positional Exchange Sacrifice
CHAPTER 2 – Positional Pawn Sacrifice
CHAPTER 3 – Positional Piece Sacrifice

The Art Of Attacking Chess with GM Sipke Ernst

“Attacking chess is something that truly separates the greatest minds of all time from the rest: Mikhail Tal, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and now Magnus Carlsen…”

In this 3-hour long video course, GM Sipke Ernst, a strong attacking player himself, will teach you the art of attacking chess. He goes in great detail analyzing the attacking techniques that players such as Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand, Mikhail Tal, Sergey Karjakin, Boris Spassky, and Veselin Topalov have successfully used to win games.

GM Ernst will show exactly how Grandmasters think in complex, razor-sharp positions when everything depends on a single move. In such positions, any little inaccuracy can cause a defeat. It’s like walking on the minefield, along with your opponent, and waiting for someone to make a single wrong step.

The good news is that after going over this course you will have a map in your mind that will guide you through the labyrinth of move choices reducing the possibility of mistakes. That’s something your opponent may not have.

After carefully studying this course you will gain an edge over your competition, which will allow you to become a much better attacking player while picking up a handful of rating points in the process!


CHAPTER 1 – Attacking on The Queen’s Side Castled King
CHAPTER 2 – Attacking on The Opposite Side Castled King
CHAPTER 3 – Attacking Taimanov Structure
CHAPTER 4 – Attacking d6-e5 Structures
CHAPTER 5 – Attacking e6-d6 Structures
CHAPTER 6 – Classical Examples
CHAPTER 7 – The Dragon Setup

Grandmaster Level Positional Understanding with GM Mikhaylo Oleksienko

“What is the main difference between a Grandmaster and an amateur? It is the understanding of positions on a very fundamental level, or what’s called the positional understanding.”

A good positional understanding allows to:

  • Rapidly evaluate any kinds of chess positions
  • Instantly come up with a winning game plan
  • Assess which pieces should be left alone, and which need to be exchanged
  • Determine which pieces need to be improved and how that can be done
  • Find weaknesses in the opponent’s position and exploit them

The problem that most amateur players face nowadays is the lack of positional understanding. Most players work on tactics, openings, and endgames but fail to improve perhaps the most important part of the game: the Middlegame. That’s quite illogical, taking into account that the majority of chess games are decided in this stage.


CHAPTER 1 – Improving Your Worst Piece
CHAPTER 2 – Knight vs. Bishop
CHAPTER 3 – Aiming for the Weakness
CHAPTER 4 – The Problem of Queen’s Exchange
CHAPTER 5 – Advanced Techniques

Dominate Rook Endgames with GM Alex Ipatov

GM Alexander Ipatov does an excellent job explaining complicated concepts in an easy to follow manner. While, the most chess books and DVDs will only teach you the move order and nothing else, Alexander in his 3-hour lecture goes through 36 most critical rook endgame positions that any player from an amateur to a Grandmaster must know.

In this DVD, GM Ipatov teaches you how to think and how to make right decisions in the endgame. Not only you will learn the right moves, but also you will get a high-quality Grandmaster’s explanation of why that is the case. It will help you to structure your thinking and you will be able to play not only these but also other similar endgames much more precisely and effectively.

After watching this DVD, you won’t have to worry about rook endgames anymore. You will learn the most effective PLANS and IDEAS that can be used to win or draw positions that you previously considered drawn or lost.


CHAPTER 1 – Basic Positions
CHAPTER 2 – Typical Techniques
CHAPTER 3 – Intermediate Rook and Pawn Endgames
CHAPTER 4 – Advanced Rook and Pawn Endgames
CHAPTER 5 – Practical Examples

Grandmaster Level Evaluation of Positions with GM Misa Pap

That’s a good strategy if you are already 2400-2500 rated. If not, then intuition is a very dangerous thing to trust. Most under 2200 rated players can achieve dramatically better results if they evaluate the positions using the same algorithm over and over again.

To help you with mastering the evaluation of positions we have invited GM Misa Pap, who is sharing over two decades of position analysis expertise in this video course.


CHAPTER 1 – Introduction
CHAPTER 2 – King Safety
CHAPTER 3 – Material Correlation
CHAPTER 4 – Piece Activity
CHAPTER 5 – Pawn Structure
CHAPTER 6 – Queen’s Exchange
CHAPTER 7 – Complex Positions