Positional Play – The Polgar Method for Positional Play



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digital_downloadGM Susan Polgar

The Polgar Method #07

Positional play is the art of improving your piece activity and control of the board. It involves planning, understanding positional factors and taking advantage of tactical opportunities to progress.

In The Polgar Method for Positional Play, Susan Polgar analyzes 6 instructive Grandmaster games. Each one shows how a particular, small advantage can be increased until we reach a completely won position.

You will learn how to put pressure on one weakness then attack somewhere else to overload your opponent’s defense. You’ll learn how to improve your position by trading your opponent’s best piece and when it actually makes sense to swap your good Bishop for their bad Bishop.

This course will help you with often overlooked decisions like which pieces to recapture with and when to maintain the tension. At the end of this course, you will see the less obvious factors in the position and know how to make the best use of them.


  1. The Queenside Pawn Majority, Marshall – Capablanca
  2. Strategic Play
  3. Dominating Open Files, Karpov – Kasparov
  4. Winning with a Superior Minor Piece
  5. The Power of the Fianchettoed Bishop, Rubinstein – von Holzhausen

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Running Time

1 hour 23 minutes