Positional Chess Masterclass – GM Damian Lemos



Masterclass #02


Discover the secrets of positional chess with this new, 9½ hour course from GM Damian Lemos!

Through the analysis of 16 carefully chosen games, Damian explains how we can build winning positions, move by move, without our opponent having to make a tactical mistake!

Every aspect of positional play is studied, including GM methods for consistently improving your pieces, building unbearable pressure and targeting a weakness.

The techniques you learn in this course will enable you to win in any type of position and notice the strongest ideas at a glance – perfect for blitz games!

Take the Positional Chess Masterclass and transform your understanding of chess.

Chapter Summary:

  1. Transforming the advantage: Lautier-Karpov
  2. Positional technique: Greenfeld-Anand
  3. Improving the pieces: Aagaard-Akesson
  4. Punishing passive pieces: Obregon Rivero-Martinez Lopez
  5. Building pressure: Bauer-Korchnoi
  6. Positional paralysis: Kasparov-Petrosian
  7. Positional tactics: Petrosian-Geller
  8. Playing with the isolated pawn: Kudrin-Kaidanov
  9. Playing against the isolated pawn: Adams-Yusupov
  10. Centralization: Kogan-Avrukh
  11. Over-extended pawns: Sanguineti-Petrosian
  12. Superior minor pieces: Carlsen-Karjakin
  13. Targeting a weakness: Bellini-Mantovani
  14. Opposite-side castling: Wojtkiewicz-Andersson
  15. Powerful pawns: Uritzky-Alterman
  16. Open lines: Gelfand-Salov

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9½ hours




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