Playing Practically: Tips to improve your results – IM Lawrence Trent

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IM Lawrence Trent presents a 2-hour course on a very important but often ignored aspect of chess strength – the ability to play practical chess – that is, chess that gets results.

As well as positional, tactical and strategic questions, the competitive player has a number of other factors to consider when sat at the board.

From the psychological pressures of feeling like we must beat a lower rated player, to excessive caution when playing a higher rated player, it is easy to have our thoughts influenced.

Add the restraints of the clock – should we play fast when our opponent is in time trouble? Should we play non-committal moves when we’re low on time? – and it’s clear we have to take into account much more than evaluation and calculations.

IM Lawrence Trent draws on his own competitive experience to give you some sound advice that will help you win when the opportunity presents itself and safeguard you against defeat in tough situations.

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1. What you’ll learn from this series
2. Weaker Opponents
3. Stronger Opponents
4. When your opponent is in time trouble
5. What to do when you’re in time trouble
6. Keep Calm!
7. Do what you do best
8. It’s a miracle! Saving a hopeless position
9. Admitting when you’re wrong
10. Summary

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1 hour 51 minutes



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