The Player’s Choice Chess Bag

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The Player’s Choice Chess Bag

The Player's Choice Chess Bag
The Player’s Choice Chess Bag

Our Player’s Choice Chess Bag features a radical new design in Chess Bags. Unlike traditional chess bags, the Player’s Choice Chess Bag does not open up. Rather, it features separate compartments for the clock, vinyl board, and chess pieces that are directly accessible from the outside of the bag. While a simple change, it radically changes the function of this bag and makes it extremely easy to access your chess items while on the go!

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The Player’s Choice Chess Bag

Made from durable nylon, this 21″ x 9″ will hold a rolled-up vinyl chess board, a full set of 34 pieces (with a separate compartment for each army) as well as your chess clock. It is a nicely padded bag and comes with a removable shoulder strap.

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21" x 9"

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