Judit Polgar’s Secrets of the Sicilian – The Judit Polgar method

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Master Method Series #10

Play The Sicilian Defense: Secrets of the Sicilian by GM Judit Polgar

Judit Polgar’s Secrets Of The Sicilian – The Judit Polgar Method

The Judit Polgar Master Method

Would you like to learn how to play the Sicilian Defense like one of the strongest players ever?

The Judit Polgar Method is a new 15-hour course by GM Judit Polgar, and also her first video course ever.

In this course, Judit will transform you into a Sicilian Defense master player whether you’re playing with the white or black pieces. She’ll go over all her masterpieces including some beautiful games against Kasparov.

You’ll be able to discover the secrets of the Sicilian Defense directly from one of the opening’s greatest experts, the strongest woman ever to have played chess, Judit Polgar.

In this 15 hour course, Judit reveals everything she learned from an entire career spent playing both sides of the always dangerous Sicilian Defense.

About the Author:

Judit Polgar’s Secrets Of The Sicilian – The Judit Polgar Method

GM Judit Polgar

Judit Polgár is a Hungarian chess grandmaster and also the strongest female chess player of all time. She achieved the title of Grandmaster at the age of 15 years and 4 months, at the time the youngest GM ever, breaking the record previously established by former World Champion Bobby Fischer.

She was the youngest ever player to join the top 100 players rating list, ranking No. 55 in the January 1989 rating list, at the age of 12.

She is the first woman, and so far the only one who has reached the 2700 Elo, being her peak rating of 2735 and peak world ranking of No. 8, both achieved in 2005.

She was the #1 rated woman in the world from January 1989 to March 2015, when she was overtaken by Hou Yifan; she was the No. 1 again in the August 2015 women’s rating list, in her last appearance in the FIDE World Rankings.

Is this course for me?

If you would like to learn the same ideas that allowed GM Judit Polgar, when she was only a ten-year-old girl, to astonish masters with her prodigious tactical wizardry, then you are just in the right place.

Later in life, these same ideas allowed Judit to reach number 8 in the world… are you ready to benefit from the very same training?

Here’s what Will You Learn in Judit’s 15-Hour Course:

  • Judit Polgar’s Secrets Of The Sicilian – The Judit Polgar Method

    Judit Polgar’s Secrets Of The Sicilian – The Judit Polgar Method

    Positional Chess: How to exploit weak squares, using them to create dominating outposts for your pieces. You’ll learn to encircle the weak square, remove its defenders, establish the outpost, and strangle your opponents! (Examples from Judit herself, plus Fischer, Tal and Karpov included!)

  • Tactical Chess: Judit reveals her favorite sacrifices so you can model them to score brilliant attacking wins (piece sacrifices on the d5, e6 and f5 squares are all explained in detail, giving you a tactical toolbox that’ll devastate opponents at your next event!)
  • Attacking Skills: Judit’s attacking “templates” are all revealed – from trapping the King in the center (chapter 9) to dynamic pawn play (chapter 10) and crushing exchange sacrifices (chapter 6). Theme-by-theme analysis makes certain you’ll absorb these strategies logically and efficiently for overnight improvement.
  • Sicilian Defense Secrets This course is a holy grail for Sicilian players as Judit shares elite level tactics and strategies you can use to win your games – they were good enough to beat Anand, Kasparov, and Shirov!

Plus, you get the complete PGN file; challenging puzzles to test your ability; PDF course summary for quick reminders; exclusive Q&A video with Judit; video of her live blitz match against GM Ron Henley AND 18 HD photos too!

What makes this course unique?

Every chapter covers a different theme, each one illustrated with fantastic, instructive games from the likes of Tal and Fischer. How to handle the hole on d5; when to play the e5 advance and how to create winning chances with spectacular sacrifices.

On top of that, Judit analyzes her games against her biggest rivals, including Kasparov, Anand, Topalov, and Ivanchuk.

Secrets of the Sicilian teaches chess, not opening theory, and is a fascinating insight into the world of top-level chess.

Enjoy your lessons with the best female player and an all-time chess legend!

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Judit Polgar was one of the gr

Judit Polgar was one of the greatest players of the Sicilian. Being successful with it made her one of if not the greatest women players of all time, even ranking extremely highly against the men's top players. Of course she has played all of the top players up until 2014 when she retired from competitive chess. In this DVD Judit gives us a deep insight into how to study the Sicilian Defence and how to play it, illustrating the key ideas, principles and moves using her own games against other masters.For example, in Game 1 Judit makes the point that Qc7 is a common move for Black and why Black makes this move, the implications for White because of playing f4 and what to do with the king to counter this, how White can prevent Black from expanding on the queenside, the best square for White's queen in the Sheveningen, and how Black would love to advance his centre pawns. Gems like these are what you get in this course and they are what makes it so good. Highly recommended for intermediate/advanced players.


First of all, Judit speaks Eng

First of all, Judit speaks English with accent and pronounciation which is easy to understand. I'm not sure, but this is probably first course prepared by Judit and I can say that she is a natural teacher and excellent communicator. I always was fascinated with her play, and I really enjoyed it. She played Sicilian with both colors, so she gives remarks how to play with white and with black. She knows plans and details and points out what you shoud be aware of when you play Sicilian. Video course contains some attacking templates, standard sacrifices e.g. on d5, e6, exchange sacrifices and what is important in typical **** structure. She always underlines that you must be precise especially in winning positions. She shows even beautiful game, which she lost against Shirov (in this game Shirov did two standard sacrifices on d5 and e6). It is unusual, because presenters often skips games which they lost. I really recomend this course for every player who likes and plays Sicilian.


Sicilian Defense is my main re

Sicilian Defense is my main repertoire. I also know how to play with Anti-Sicilian defense. So, to improve my skills in Sicilian defense much further, I purchased this product. This product is superb. If you are a Sicilian Defense player, there are many positional and attacking ideas for GM Polgar to learn. The benefits that I've learn for here lectures is much greater than its cost. It worth much. There are 56 games in the PGN file, and the selected games are good examples and there are so many patterns to learn from. Games of the champions of the Sicilian Defense were also included such as games of Kasparov, Fischer, Tal, Anand and Judith herself to name a few. I prefer to check every detail of her lecture. I learn a lot from these. Judith also teach how to spot weak square, remove its defenders and establish outpost for pieces for your advantage. There are many critical lines in which I needed to review in the lectures. She also revealed tactical sacrifices miniatures and attacking templates. Nevertheless, she reveals Sicilian deepest secrets of this counter-attacking defense. Although I admit I want more on an anti-Sicilian. Overall verdict: Super great! I agree that this course is a holy grail for Sicilian players. But this course is not only for Black, it is for White as well. The ideas presented can be actually use in practical games and in tournament play.


This course by the greatest wo

This course by the greatest woman player ever is a true gem. If you are a Sicilian player, then this course is one of the best at helping you navigate through the myriad of variations in one of the most played openings against 1.e4. Judit Polgar needs no introduction and her first ever video course (anywhere) does not disappoint. Her explanations are very easy to follow and the examples she chooses are excellent. Unlike most other videos on the Sicilian, she also explains how to play the white side of the Sicilian. Learn Sicilian **** structures as well as tactics in one of the most comprehensive courses on a single opening.