Play Positional Chess like A Grandmaster (Beginner DVD) – GM Damian Lemos

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Empire Chess Volume 28

Understanding positional chess is one of the most difficult concepts for beginner chess players because there are no concrete rules that apply to any given position. There are general guidelines, such as avoid placing your pawns on the same color as your bishop, however there are always exceptions and every position is different. So how can beginner players improve their understanding and use of positional chess? Grandmaster Damian Lemos explains numerous basic principles for positional chess, providing the beginner player with a strong platform to start employing deeper ideas in their own games.

Improve your Middlegame with Positional Play

After watching this chess, beginner players will feel much more comfortable in the middlgame as you will truly understand how to apply different concepts in different positions. This method that is presented by GM Lemos is exponentially more effective than simple memorization of common rules. If you are a beginner chess player that is trying to improve your tournament results but currently lack the deeper understanding of positional chess that is required to succeed at higher levels, this chess DVD is guaranteed to push you towards more profound plans and better results immediately!


1. Polugayevsky vs Petrosian
2. Bondarevsky vs Botvinnik
3. Taimanov vs Persitz
4. Spassky vs Fischer
5. Karpov vs Uddenfeldt

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GM Damian Lemos


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3 reviews for Play Positional Chess like A Grandmaster (Beginner DVD) – GM Damian Lemos

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Calvin Hori

    Another aspect of chess that is lacking in terms of instructional DVDs for beginners is Positional Chess. Many top players like to wear down their opponents by gradually strangling them through superior piece placement. Former World Champions Tigran Petrosian and Anatoly Karopve were masters at this technique. It’s fun to attack but when the situation does not warrant tactics, it is essential to know what to do to improve your position or make it difficult for your opponent to break through to your king. GM Lemos again uses illustrative games from top positional GMs to show the burgeoning chess player how to slowly gain the advantage through patience and proper piece placement. Very highly recommended.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Monica Miller

    I bought this DVD for my children, and now we are learning as a family. They are so excited about this game, and I have to confess I thought it was bored, nevertheless I’m spending my time learning and practicing with my kids. Thank you very much for making this happen.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joey Wilson

    GM Damian surprised me one more time. Positional chess had been very difficult to learn for me, now I’m practicing step by step and giving me the opportunity of seeing how a grandmaster plays this technique.

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