Planning Unveiled: A guide for improvement – International Master Lawrence Trent

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trick trompowskyA guide for the improving player. IM Lawrence Trent presents a series which is “by far the most important” he will publish at chess24. Planning is one of the most difficult parts of chess; without it you cannot succeed in improving your level beyond a certain point.

Through careful examination of some model strategic games, IM Trent reveals the planning process and shows how the very best players make critical decisions, which factors they base their decisions on and how they ensure the perfect execution.

This 2 hour course will help you make better choices and understand chess at a much deeper level.


1. Intro to Planning Unveiled
2. The How to Guide to Evaluating a Position
3. Kramnik vs. Mamedyarov (2014)
4. Anand vs. Aronian (2014)
5. Karpov vs. Spassky (1979)
6. Botvinnik vs. Kan (1939)
7. Trent-Colpe
8. Trent-Sutovsky (2014)

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