The Melekhina Method – FM Alisa Melekhina

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Master Method Series #07

Understanding Pawn Structures: The Melekina Master Method

The Melekhina Method – Fm Alisa Melekhina

The Melekhina Method – FM Alisa Melekhina

In this Master Method series #07, FM Alisa Melekhina will help you cultivate your chess style of play based on fundamentals such as pawn structures, rather than just focusing on opening theory.

Melekhina’s comprehensive course on the practical power play is essential for any tournament players looking to improve their results and reach the next level in their chess career.

Over the course of 15 hours, she equips the audience with the fundamentals of chess understanding, and, more importantly, a clear method of self-improvement.

First, Alisa provides a not-to-be-missed survey of various chess styles, from attacking to positional to universal, helping players to choose the style best suited for their individual play.

Using this as a building block, Alisa goes on to cover the essential pawn structures such as the ones conducive to the attacking f4-f5 break and Caro-Slav structures.

The goal is to arm you with plans you can use when in unfamiliar territory as well as providing guidance on structures you can build an opening repertoire around.

About the Author:

The Melekhina Method – Fm Alisa Melekhina

FM Alisa Melekhina

Alisa Melekhina is a Fide Master and women’s International Chess Master, her top rating is 2304.

Alisa is no stranger to having little time to study, with a full time career as a patent attorney in New York, she needs to get the maximum amount of return per hour of study.

She has consistently been ranked among the top ten female chess players in the country and has been a perennial member of the national team.

Alisa won a gold medal representing the United States in the World Team Championships held in Ningbo, China in 2009.

Alisa is also a prolific author. Along with numerous articles, Alisa has contributed videos on chess theory.

Her popular video on How to win in the c3 Sicilian in 21 moves or Less, depicting a win over a Grandmaster, has garnered over 400,000 views on Youtube.

Is this course for me?

The Melekhina Mather Method sees FM Alisa Melekhina giving you an arsenal of unusual, yet powerful chess weapons we promise you haven’t seen before.

The Melekhina Method will help you cultivate your chess style of play based on fundamentals, rather than focusing an opening repertoire that may be a bad fit. Along the way, you’ll be encouraged to introspect on your chess preferences in shaping your practical play for ultimate success.

Alisa gives you the battle-tested techniques and resourceful mindset necessary for this.

What’s inside this course?

The Melekhina Method – Fm Alisa Melekhina

Aron Nimzowitsch – Jose Raul Capablanca. New York, 1927.

Whether your opponent is a tactical player or positional monster you MUST be prepared to play both styles if you want to improve.

In part 1, Chess Styles, Alisa shows you how to adopt a combination Capablanca’s positional elegance combined with Tal’s tactical brilliance so you can win games regardless of your opponent’s chess style.

Ever wondered how GMs can easily find strong moves, even in an opening they’ve never played?

In part 2 Alisa will reveal a special unique way to understanding pawn structures, You too will learn how to recognize the structure before saying “ah huh! I know exactly where my pieces belong!” without ever having to memorize specific positions. This will also save you in major time trouble.

In part 3, FM Melekhina reveals her method for finding “second best, but messy” ideas, instead of the “best but clearly losing” alternatives. Applying this tactic forces opponents to be super- accurate (impossible for most!) or lose, and will result in dozens of extra wins for you!

Do you know how to analyze your games to get the most ROI on your improvement? What are your errors in thinking? What specifically made you lose from a better position? In part 4 learn Alisa’s methods for identifying mistakes in her own game (hint its not with a chess engine) to make sure they don’t occur again.

The second part of the course focuses on chess skills that you won’t get just from learning theory. The true tournament player must be able to fight back from tough positions and convert advantages into extra points.

Finally, Alisa completes the series by revealing how to apply the ultimate key to improvement – self-analysis, and critique.

Enjoy this awesome course!

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1 review for The Melekhina Method – FM Alisa Melekhina

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thomas (verified owner)

    Alisa conveys a thoroughly engaging analysis of how to go about playing chess while keeping a healthy and helpful bird’s eye view of the board. She is candid and surprisingly revealing about her own predilections at play and uses her personal over the board experiences to aid the user in his or her own self analysis and development. This is not a re-hash of her you tube or other instructional videos. It is a thoroughly researched and planned conveyance of ideas that arise from Master level play. Her fluidity and directness of concept(s) enable the viewer to grasp ideas that extend beyond calculation, opening repertoire and tactics. Her video series offers you the pleasure of learning from a great, no nonsense communicator who is clearly aiming at helping you get closer to the mile stones she has already achieved. If you are wondering how it is that some people get to where they are, Alisa will more than give you a clue.

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