The Paco Vallejo Method – GM Paco Vallejo

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Master Method Series #04


Winning at chess takes a lot more than just tactical sharpness and theoretical knowledge.

As well as the pieces on the board, a champion takes into account his emotions, those of his opponent, the clock and the art of practical decision-making.

Should you complicate or play solidly? Play fast or slow? These decisions often prove to be just as important as any brilliant combination that’s found or missed.

In this superb 9 hour course, GM Francisco ‘Paco’ Vallejo Pons reveals the most instructive moments from his games, focusing on the practical decisions that won or lost the game.

Paco is one of the world’s top players with a rating over 2700, is a former World Youth Champion and defeated Veselin Topalov in their 2012 match. In The Paco Vallejo Method, he presents his golden rules of practical chess success, tips that will help any player get the most from their ability.

On top of valuable advice on how to avoid time trouble, eliminate blunders and recognize the critical, game-winning moments, Paco gives superb grandmaster insights into popular openings, strategic decisions and techniques to convert an endgame advantage.

This combination of instructive chess content and self-management – a topic rarely discussed elsewhere – make The Paco Vallejo Method the essential improvement course for anyone who competes, whether for their club or in tournaments.

As well as 9 hours of fantastic video coaching from one of the strongest players in the world, you get practical tests to reinforce the ideas and make them part of your natural play plus a detailed course summary picking out the most important ideas from each chapter for quick reference.


Part 1: Winning the opening battle

  1. Rescuing a bad opening: Vallejo Pons-Leko
  2. Instructive mistakes: Vallejo Pons-Bacrot
  3. Taking on an expert in their favorite line: Vallejo Pons-Svidler
  4. Facing unexpected moves: Aronian-Vallejo Pons
  5. Imposing your style: Anand-Vallejo Pons
  6. Understanding the position: Vallejo Pons-Gashimov
  7. Winning preparation: Vallejo Pons-Sadorra

Part 2: Learning from your mistakes

  1. Analysis paralysis: Vallejo Pons-Topalov
  2. Recognizing critical moments: Vallejo Pons-Laznicka
  3. Managing your time and energy: Khismatullin-Vallejo Pons
  4. Recovering from a bad loss: Moskalenko-Vallejo Pons

Part 3: Facing an inspired player

  1. In the zone: Vallejo Pons-Predojevic
  2. Under pressure: Vallejo Pons-Inarkiev
  3. Making better decisions: Jumabayev-Vallejo Pons

Part 4: Eliminating time trouble

  1. Playing with the initiative: Vallejo Pons-Areshchenko
  2. Double-edged positions: Wojtaszek-Valleo Pons
  3. Awareness of your time management: Vallejo Pons-Jobava

Part 5: Banishing blunders

  1. Finding your opponent’s ideas: Caruana-Vallejo Pons
  2. One mistake leads to another: Ivanisevic-Vallejo Pons

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2 reviews for The Paco Vallejo Method – GM Paco Vallejo

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Miguel Ararat

    The Vallejo Method is a DVD presented by GM Francisco Vallejo aimed to advance players.The material in this DVD is well presented and relevant to players facing master opposition on a regular basis. The main value of this DVD is to have the opportunity to listen to what was in Vallejo’s head as he battle 2600+ opposition. Vallejo explains the ideas behind his moves with a combination of concrete thinking and practical approach to over the board play. Importantly, Vallejo demonstrates that one of the main strengths of 2700 rated players is their fighting spirit in worse positions and the surgical conversion of superior positions. Since English is not Vallejo first language he may repeate the same words frequently, but the material and the presentation are good overall. FI. Miguel Ararat (US National Chess Coach)

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Manning

    I give this Master Method a “Perfect” Rating! First of all, Paco is one of the highest rated players in the world, so to have a video series from him available is very intriguing as to what he will present and what can be learned. The thing that really stands out to me about Paco is how honest and introspective he is. I find him easy to relate to and humble which makes this series so absolutely special. The way that he deals with losses is motivational and inspiring which helps me to have a think skin as a player and to confront my own over the board mistakes in a quest to always be sharpening my fighting spirit as a player. As a frequent victim of time pressure woes, having a special section devoted to this is a bonus. Paco is so down to earth and so well grounded with his instruction that I think that any ambitious chess player can gain a lot by going through this course as he is very easy to follow. The only thing that I would change (if I could) would be to lengthen the hours from 9 to 15 as sadly it was too short and ended to quickly. More from Vallejo, please…

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