Opening Traps – Avoiding the Most Common Chess Traps


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digital_downloadGM Susan Polgar

The Polgar Method #05

In Opening Traps, GM Susan Polgar reveals some of the more surprising traps to be found in the early stage of the game. The tactical patterns in this course will help you spot opportunities in similar positions and, of course, avoid making the same mistakes yourself.

Susan has selected traps based on the 3 types of opening: semi-open games (1.e4 c5, 1.e4 d5); open games (1.e4 e5) and closed (1.d4). By grouping them in this way, you get to see which combinations tend to appear in different positions.

The traps are also based on themes, such as the weak f7 square, pins that aren’t pins and removal of the guard. This means you don’t have to just hope somebody plays a certain sequence of moves, you’re able to spot the potential for the trap and play it when the opportunity appears.


  1. Opening Traps in Semi-Open Games (1.e4 c5, 1.e4 d5)
  2. Opening Traps in Open Games (1.e4 e5)
  3. Opening Traps in Closed Games (1.d4 d5)


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1 hour 10 minutes