Opening Repertoire: The Grünfeld Defence

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Opening Repertoire: The Grunfeld Defense
Opening Repertoire: The Grünfeld Defence Front Cover

The Grunfeld Defense is a combative reply to 1 d4 which has been favored by many world champions. These include those two legends of the game, Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov.

It is an opening in the hypermodern style. That means Black generally allows White to build a strong center early on in the expectation of being able to undermine it in the middlegame play.

This book cuts through the dense theory that surrounds this opening. It also establishes a straightforward repertoire is based on consistent strategies and concepts.

This book has all the information necessary to enable the reader to begin playing the Grunfeld Defense with confidence. There are also “Grünfeld-type” suggestions to counter White systems based on the English and Réti openings.

In Opening Repertoire: The Grünfeld Defence, Nigel Davies guides the reader through the complexities of the Grünfeld and carves out a repertoire for Black. He also examines all aspects of this highly complex opening and provides the reader with well-researched, fresh, and innovative analysis.

Each annotated game has valuable lessons on how to play the Grunfeld Defense. It also contains instructive commentary on typical middlegame plans.

  • A complete repertoire for Black against 1 d4.
  • A question and answer approach provide an excellent study method.

Nigel Davies is an International Grandmaster and respected coach. He is the author of numerous books and DVDs on the game and is known for the clarity of his explanations.

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